Breastfeed to Protect Against Cold and Flu

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby, Health & Healing

So why exactly IS the breast the best food for your baby? Why is breastmilk especially important during the cold and flu season?

Breastmilk is a live substance that CAN NOT BE DUPLICATED EVER and when you and/or the baby get exposed to something your body starts making antibodies to help protect the baby. Maybe even keep them from getting sick at all. This IS NOT something that formula can do. If mom comes down with cold or flu-like symptoms: body aches, congestion, etc. her immune system fights the illness with immune properties that pass into her milk. In this way, the baby receives protection from the specific illness to which he may have been exposed.

During cold and flu season, oftentimes a breastfed baby is the only one in the family to remain free of symptoms. If the baby does show symptoms, they are usually less severe and pass more quickly than in other family members. I know this from personal experience. My daughter Paige has been breastfed for almost 2 years now. She has never been sick despite the fact that all other family members have had several cold or flu bugs. This is the greatest proof for me that breastmilk is truly a “gift” that you can give your children.


Dangers of Aluminum in Deodorant

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

Danger of Aluminum in DeodorantDid you know that aluminum can be found in many popular antiperspirant deodorants? Did you know that the link between your deodorant and breast cancer may not be an urban legend?

A study was conducted by Dr. Kris McGrath, a Chicago allergist who claims to have found a connection between antiperspirants, underarm shaving and cancer. He believes the culprits in these antiperspirants are the toxins in aluminum salts such as aluminum chlorohydrate. He says they don’t normally penetrate the skin enough to cause a problem–unless the skin is shaven. If you disrupt the skin by shaving, it can open up the door, because just under the skin is the lymphatic system, which is connected to the breast.

In this study, more than 400 Chicago-area breast cancer survivors recalled their lifetime history of using antiperspirants and underarm shaving. He found that women who perform underarm shaving more aggressively had a diagnosis of breast cancer 22 years earlier than the non-users.

Now with the study above, British researchers have found traces of chemicals called parabens in tissue taken from women with breast cancer. These researchers also published a study last year in the Journal of Toxicology that suggested underarm cosmetics might be a cause of breast cancer. It is unclear how valid this proposed mechanism is, but it would sure seem safe to avoid all antiperspirants and deodorants just to be safe.

At the very least, if you are using a deodorant in order to avoid the aluminum in antiperspirant, you will also want to be certain that the deodorant you choose does not contain parabens.

In my own family we have given up antiperspirants all together, and when we select a deodorant we make sure it is preservative and paraben free.

Some good ones to try:

Pit Paste

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

And just a heads up…some of these same nasty ingredients can be found in popular shampoos and hair care products.


Ten Things You Should Never Buy Again

by Tiffany in Environment

Never Buy These AgainStyrofoam cups – It’s not biodegradable. Use reusable mugs or paper cups instead.

Paper towels – A waste of forest resources, landfill space, and your money. Buy dishtowels or rags to wash and reuse

Bleached coffee filters – Dioxins, chemicals formed during the chlorine bleaching process, contaminate groundwater and air and are linked to cancer in humans and animals. Use unbleached instead.

Overpackaged foods and other products – Excess packaging wastes resources and costs you much more.

Teak and mahogany – Every year, 27 million acres of tropical rainforest (an area the size of Ohio) are destroyed.

Chemical pesticides and herbicides – American households use 80 million pounds of pesticides each year.

Conventional household cleaners – Household products can contain hazardous ingredients such as organic solvents and petroleum-based chemicals that can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your indoor environment, positing a particular danger for children.

Higher octane gas than you need – Only one car in ten manufactured since 1982 requires high-octane gasoline.

Toys made with PVC plastic – 70% of PVC is used in construction, but it is also found in everyday plastics, including some childrenÂ’s toys. Vinyl chloride, the chemical used to make PVC, is a known human carcinogen. Buy wood toys instead.

Plastic forks and spoons – Disposable plastic utensils are not biodegradeable and not recyclable in most areas.


Alba Clear Enzyme Deodorant Sticks

by Tiffany in Natural Product Reviews

Alba Clear Enzyme Deodorant Sticks receive an A+ in my book! This is a new product that I introduced to the family a few weeks ago. I gave up the Secret solid stick I have beeb buying since I was a teenager and I couldn’t be more pleased. Alba deodorant sticks provide skin friendly, long lasting protection without preservatives, methylparaben, propylparaben, aluminum or propylene glycol. AND they are nature’s assurance against odor.

Alba Clear Enzyme Deodorant Sticks have a hypo-allergenic, dermatologist tested formula that is over three times milder than the leading national brand with certified organic aloe vera to soothe sensitive skin. The antibacterial properties of lavender, tea tree and alpine lichen along with the absorbent properties of baking soda work together as nature’s odor-deterrents — providing safe, long-lasting protection without harsh chemical additives. I have come to the love the Lavender scent myself. Next up I will try Manadarin Spice and I KNOW I will love it!