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Green Way of Paying Your Bills

by Tiffany in Environment, Tidbits

I was taking care of my bills and finances this morning and this got me to thinking about ways in which you can be environmentally responsible while doing something as mundane as paying your bills or magaing your finances. Here are three things I do to keep this process “green”.

1. Use online banking and bill pay. I pay all of my bills electronically or have them automatically debited from my account so that I do not have to write and send checks. If I am working with a company that does not have this capability I pay them over the phone with my debit card. It is no cost (usually) and paper free. I do this with both personal and business accounts and bills.

2. Stop receiving paper statements. I have contacted all companies that send me paper statements like my banks and my phone service providers. If I need to see the statements I access them online.

3. Electronically file tax returns and accept refunds via direct deposit. Using a program like Tax Cut to do this yourself saves money too.

What are some of your green finance tips? Leave me a comment!