Colon Cleansing: A Part of Good Health

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

Although the colon plays several roles in the body in aiding proper digestion, its primary role is extracting water from the feces that your body builds up in the course of consuming food and water throughout the day. Most of what you consume is absorbed before it reaches the large intestine, but what is not absorbed is left for the colon, whose duty is to flush from the body the remaining nutrients.

While the colon and its several parts—i.e. caecum, ascending, transverse, descending, sigmoid and rectum—almost always does its job properly in flushing from the body waste, it occasionally falters. Toxins and chemicals in our food, occasionally, are such that they cannot be broken down along the winding course in our digestive system. These undigested toxins are stored in the colon, never being excreted, thus adversely affecting how the body absorbs essential nutrients due to the build up and blockage of these indigestibles. Constipation often results from said build up, leading to other potentially harmful diseases. It is no wonder, then, that doctors advise people (men, in particular) to make an appointment with their physician for a colonoscopy as they get older.

There are several things one can do to avoid long-term problems that result from build-up inside the colon. The aforementioned colonoscopy, while invasive, is perhaps the most effective way in which to ensure there is no build-up on the colorectal walls. Other methods include following a diet rich in fiber, limiting alcohol consumption and exercising regularly.

Another way to help cleanse the body of excess fecal build-up in the colon is through a process called colon cleansing. By using a series of natural herbs, the body is able to “cleanse” itself of this excess build up, flushing away dangerous toxins in the body that could lead to diseases like Crohn’s Disease, Colon Cancer and Diverticulitis.

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My Personal Health and Wellness Struggle

by Tiffany in Health & Healing, Tidbits

As many of my friends both online and off now know I am facing a dramatic health struggle right now. Despite efforts to educate myself and lead a healthy life I came up against a major roadblock recently. It is a roadblock that has been affecting me for awhile now but circumstances prevented a definitive diagnosis and earlier treatment. So here is my personal struggle with health and wellness I am 28 years old and I have stage three colon cancer.

During these last few weeks my fight against this giant began when I had major abdominal surgery to remove my sigmoid colon, my appendix, and about 15 lymph nodes, which were also malignant. During this surgery the Doctors also checked my liver for cancerous lesions or tumors and thankfully none were found. The surgery went very well and other then a nasty scar from my belly button to my groin and the inability to lift anything over 5 pounds because my abdominal muscles are severed, I am already feeling good. In fact, I might almost say I feel better then before the surgery since chronic pain had plagued me for a year. That pain is gone now and the pain from my surgery will be gone soon too. And I need to feel good now because I have a bigger battle ahead and I need to regain all my strength both physical and emotional.

My battle is too continue shortly after a brief recovery period with chemotherapy treatments. For this next phase of the battle I have chosen to go to Arizona and the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea. I am also researching alternative and complimentary therapies that are available there.

All in all this is a very scary time for me. There is nothing like cancer to get you thinking about your own mortality and what would happen to your loved ones if you were to die. I have felt a wide range of emotions lately including sadness, panic, depression, and anger. I made a last ditch effort to get financial things in order for my children in case my surgery went badly and I had teary eyed discussions with my mom about my wishes for them after I was gone.

BUT this is also a hopeful time. It has to be really because when cancer has you backed against a wall you need to fight back and be unrelenting in your pursuit of health and wellness. What better wake up call is there! This whole experience has taught me not to take health for granted. The health and wellness of my whole family should always be front and center in my life because we want to be together for a long, long time. So what other pursuits can come before that?

In the future I hope to post more topics about cancer prevention and treatment because it is important for us all and yes it is especially important to me now. And if my blog has gone unattended for any length of time you all will know that I am finding my battle a little stressful at the moment but will be back again soon!

Anyway there is my health struggle confession. Please leave me a comment with your healing messages. I will need them!


How To Store Your Garden Produce

by Tiffany in Gardening, Self Sufficiency

I just finished another great book, How to Store Your Garden Produce by Piers Warren. This book shows you how you can eat home grown goodness all year round by preserving your garden produce. In the opening paragraphs it points out that an acre of land can provide food for a family of four for the entire year. BUT much of that produce will become ripe and available for eating at pretty much the same time (during summer), so this is where food storage comes in. If we don’t find a way to store our produce for consumption at other times during the year then we find ourselves needing to make unnecessary trips to the grocery store. Food storage helps us avoid waste and develop self sufficiency.

The first half of the book provides instructions and tips for the following food preservation methods:

Pickles and Chutneys

The second half of the book is more of a reference section and discusses which preservation methods are applicable and preferred for the majority of fruits and veggies that we grow.

I devoured this book in short time and the illustrations by Chris Winn had me rolling on the floor laughing. I found it to be a great resource for those who want to preserve their own garden produce. The only part of the book that I felt needed more exploration was the section on clamping. It had so-so directions and no pictures and for anyone who wants to keep potatoes you must know this method of storage so a little better explanation was needed. But don’t let that stop you from reading this book. I would just suggest reading up on clamping in John Seymour’s book A Self Sufficient Life and How to Live It. No gardener should be without that book anyway.

I especially appreciate How to Store Your Garden Produce because it shows you how you can eat local all year round. If you grow your own food and make it last all year round then there is no need to go to the supermarket and buy produce that is no doubt flown in from various other parts of the world. You don’t even have to grow it yourself really. If you buy local produce at harvest time you are still able to store it for future consumption and eat local all year long.

Store Your Garden Produce - The Key to Self Sufficiency