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Milking the Situation

This made me smile today. Thanks to the Ethicurean for tipping us off to this.

Milk Billboard VandalizedAlex Avery, the research director for the Hudson Institute’s Center for Global Food Issues, expressed frustration today with raw milk activists’ vandalism of a California billboard. You may remeber my post about the CGFI awhile back…they are a big agricorp supporter…heck they are agricorp (ConAgra, Archer Daniels, Monsanto, and Midland).

Under the guise of “protecting” consumers from misleading labeling, like “rBGH free,” Avery and his Center for Global Food Issues have launched one of the most transparently ridiculous campaigns ever seen. Milk is Milk.

Milk is Milk

Well of course the CGFI hates organic milk advertising that boasts of being free of Monsanto’s synthetic bovine growth hormones — used to increase milk production at the expense of our health. Since Monsanto is one of the companies behind this bogus organization I can’t believe they expect us to think that the CGFI is interested in anything other than profit.

This is what Mr. Avery had to say: “Clearly the culprit behind this vandalism does not value his or her life, engaging in two very dangerous activities: defacing private property, and advocating for raw milk. The benefits of milk pasteurization have been proved time and time again. Consuming unpasteurized dairy products poses a serious health risk, especially for children and those with weak immune systems. More information on the dangers of raw milk can be found on our Milk is Milk Web site.” 

This is so laughable. I really hope others can see how patently ridiculous the CGFI and the Averys are.

Monday, January 15th, 2007

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