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Follow Your Own Parenting Instincts

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby, Children

Most moms have a sixth sense when it comes to parenting. Beginning with the birth of a child, or sometimes before, an immediate instinct; a signal if you will, instantly hones in on the baby’s every need. While there are some who do not have the ability to take on the role of parent; the majority however, do. The confidence to follow your own parenting instincts is an inherent trait.

Long before Dr. Spock, whether confident or not, parenting skills were instinctual. Moms could sense, merely by a child’s cry, what needed to be done. There weren’t any books or instructions that came with the baby; nor were there any video tapes on how to be a good parent. What did exist were friends and family members who a mom could reach out to if she felt she couldn’t handle a specific situation.

Today, there are many tools available to help moms and dads become good parents. Is it necessary? Perhaps too much information can contribute to the lack of confidence a parent may have. Instead of relying on their own instincts, they are immediately thrust into the world of information overload. In addition, the advice given is sometimes conflicting and confusing, which frustrates the parents even more. Faced with the many decisions they have to make, parents’ responsibility for the child becomes pressure-packed, thus producing indecisiveness and an inability to cope.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If you learn to trust your own maternal instincts, you will never be led astray. Throw away the books; learn to be flexible, and try other methods and approaches when parenting. While you may think you’re alone, you’re not. There are family members and professionals who are there to help in any case scenario. Relax.
Don’t take things too seriously. Enjoy being a parent; yes you’ll make mistakes, but what you learn from them will be invaluable. Whether you believe it or not, you do have the confidence to follow your own parenting instincts; that’s all you’ll ever need.


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