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You Beautiful Cheapskate

by Tiffany in Beauty

beautiful-cheapskateWhen I asked moms recently what kind of natural mom they were green, instinctive, frugal, or health nutty I found that 27% of moms were living natural lives for monetary reasons. A natural way of life is often a more frugal way of life so if you happen to be pinching your pennies then this is good news. So what natural practices can save you some dough? I will be discussing a few of the ways over the next few days. Today I will talk about frugal beauty practices.

Bath and Body Tips: In ancient civilizations, they used milk in their bath water to soften their skin. The lactic acid in milk serves as a gentle skin exfoliant and the fat acts as a moisturizer. You can try this trick, too. Use powdered milk in your bath and see if your skin feels any different. To further exfoliate your skin, apple cider vinegar keeps skin supple. It’s heavy concentration of enzymes helps peel off dead skin cells.

Face Care: Beauty products today, even those that say they are all-natural, contain preservatives and chemicals. Who cares if you look a bit younger if you will eventually get skin cancer because the beauty products you were using contained carcinogenic chemicals? Who cares if you smell good when the aluminum or the parabens in your beauty products are making you sick? Instead, wet your face with warm water and apply honey. As a facial exfoliant, try raw sugar. Gently rub it in until it dissolves and then rinse.

See more natural AND frugal bath and body recipes.

Keep a bottle of witch hazel under your bathroom sink. It is a natural toner for the skin and costs less than the name brands you find in stores. A sliced cucumber from the fridge will reduce the swelling of puffy eyes in the morning and if you drink cucumber infused water you will be refreshed and hydrated.

Instead of expensive makeup removers, use olive oil and an organic cotton ball.

Hair Care: Chemicals can build up in the hair from thermal styling, hair sprays, and everyday activity. Well, did you know that you can never use shampoo again and your hair will thank you for it? See our No Shampoo Alternative.

The Best Things in Life are Free! The best beauty tip is drinking plenty of water. It is like an internal shower for your body so drink your eight to ten glasses a day. Water removes impurities and gives a natural glow to your skin.

Taking care of your body naturally reduces the need for more expensive beauty treatments. The billion dollar beauty industry doesn’t need your money and you don’t need their flawed products. Beginning a simple daily regimen using everyday items will keep you looking beautiful for pennies on the dollar.

So tell me about your frugal and natural beauty practices…

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  • Not overwashing my hair. I only wash mine about every 4 days. On the other days I rinse it. I don’t ever need conditioner.

    I also wash my makeup off with olive oil!

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  • This depends which country you live in. Especially when it comes to food. Here in South Africa, Organic stuff is a heck of a lot more expensive than the mass-produced stuff. Then, if you try and make things for your home yourself, you really can’t find what you need and often have to order from overseas, or pay a lot of money. An organic life in South Africa (can you believe it, we’re in Africa) is hard. Well, it’s hard if you live in the cities. Out in the rural areas, it’s a lot easier. And, relatively speaking, I still may be living a more organic life than those in America (we get real fruit juice, for example.)

  • Oil painting portrait

    One problem however with natural or organic personal or health care products is that they’re not clinically tested. We can’t be sure of their poisonous ingredients or toxic components.

  • Jane

    I tried the No Shampoo Alternative today, and it was wonderful! I did not use a styling gel afterward for the first time in a blue moon. Hair was easy to blow dry/style, and ended up soft and manageable! I currently have about 8 sets of natural shampoos, because I’ve had to alternate products to prevent build-up. Thanks a ton! (PS – I currently use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for toothpaste, so this didn’t sound too outrageous to me!)

  • aubrihe

    Just a suggestion/ question do you guys have a home made recipie for eyliner, mascara ect.?