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How Did You Find Me?

by Tiffany in Tidbits

Nell at Casual Friday Everyday blogged about her stats and the unusual things people searched for that ended up taking them to her blog. She has invited her fellow bloggers to do the same so I thought I would share some of my stat info with you all. :)

Right now about 270 people a day are visiting this blog and MANY of them find me through search engines like Google. Here are some of the pretty standard things they are looking for:

Green Living Blog
Natural Moms Blog
Organic Moms Blog
Toys No Lead
Laptop Lunchbox
Lead Free Lunchbox
Plastic Bottles Autism
Nature Blog
Sippy Cup Chemicals
Homestead Way of Living
Getting Rid of Gnats

Some of these are kind of bizarre though…

Mom Flies Food Blog – Say What?
How to Get Rid of Cucumbers – Why would anyone want to do that?
Vita C Splash off
Can Olive Oil Act As a Laxative – Hmmm….
How To Make Corn Cob Wine – Sounds interesting….
Breastfeeding Favoring One Side – Well, I don’t ever remeber talking about THAT but my middle child did favor one breast over the other. She wanted nothing to do with the left boob.
Stylish Family website – Huh? Did I give anyone the impression I was stylish? If I did that was a gross misrepresentation on my part. If you think flip flops and Pink Floyd T-Shirts are stylish then this is your fashion blog.

I did see something rather cool in my stats today though….

Apparently Peggy O’Mara of referenced my blog at her recent speech at the National La Leche League conference since a link to my blog appears in the notes of one of the attendees. Neat! Here is the post that she discussed…it is about BPA in plastic baby bottles.

So if you blog tell me about your more bizarre blog stats….

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

4 Comments on How Did You Find Me?

  • Nell

    hmmm LOL Those are interesting! And congrats on your blog being in a speech! That is moving on up!

  • Very glad to find this blog. I’m new to the whole thing but will love reading about natural living. Something we’re pretty big into here in Seattle!

  • Interesting indeed…especially the “not so direct” search phrases.

  • Adventures In Babywearing

    How funny! I just found you by googling about getting rid of fruit flies! And I know Nell!! Ha!