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Earrings From Recycled Soda Cans!

by Tiffany in Natural Product Reviews, Tidbits

pop can earringsI am loving these days because it has lots of wahm stores that sell crafts and eco friendly goods made from recycled materials. A few weeks back I bought an adorable stuffed cat made from recycled even has button eyes. Well, the longer I look around at what the Etsy sellers are offering the more I am becoming addicted. What was I saying about green consumerism? :) These products make perfect green gifts.

Last week I bought something for myself again. I couldn’t resist these earrings made from soda cans. I don’t drink Mountain Dew anymore but once upon a time it was my favorite so I had to have these.

Be sure to check out the Made from Heart Etsy store for bracelets, earrings, and necklaces all made from pop cans! I have my eye on a Dr. Pepper necklace. ;)

  • Kim

    These are so cool, I am definitely going to remember these for christmas! Your blog rocks, I come every day to see what you have to say!!

  • I’ve got an etsy shop myself so thanks for the mention! So many of our artists use reclaimed materials!

  • Activist Mommy

    Oh my gods I am seriously addicted to Mountain Dew, I need a pair of those earings!

  • asanta

    i love the earing that is so cool now i can stat wereing them to . you are the bom you should make some more that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yvonne Hernandez

    Hello, I live in Puerto Rico, and all what I do for sale, give away or enjoy daily, come from soda pop cans… come and see.

  • Yvonne Hernandez

    Ooops, forgot to place the site:

  • RecycleFashionista

    These earings rock!!! i soooo hav 2 get these!! i was wondering if you guys cud help me!! im doing a kind of project at school in textiles!! and we have 2 make a purse or bag out of recycled materials and im stuck for ideas and i love fashion but i just cant think of wat design 2 do which will wow my teacher whoes totally awsome and absoloutly loves recycled fashion!! please help!! post any ideas following this comment!!
    Thanks x

    • Carmierockstar

      Sorry it’s a bit late but if you need ideas for the future you could use ringpulls to make something xx I have a belt entirely made out of them! X

  • zee

    cool ..i love that …how do you make it??

  • Sterling

    you guys haveme want my own buissness.Please email me at