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Motion Sensor Lighting

by Tiffany in Eco Tips

eco friday tipIt seems like the most common tip you hear for reducing energy consumption is to simply turn off lights when not in use. Easy enough right? Well, sometimes we just forget to turn the lights off and we may have young children who have a difficult time remembering to turn lights out too. I found a product recently that I am really loving that helps with this issue. A motion sensor attachment for light sockets!

You simply plug the attachment into the socket and then install your CFL or LED bulb and you are in business. This attachment senses motion within 360 degrees so that when you walk into the room or open the door (depending on placement) it automatically turns on and then it turns off when you leave. Easy! It is the First Alert Motion Sensing Light Socket.

These attachments are not so practical for some rooms that I enter and leave a lot or that need to stay dark even when I move…like bedrooms. :) But they are perfect for closets, garages, laundry rooms, basements, etc. I have a HUGE basement with 7 rooms…all with lights…so it was very easy to leave a light or two on down there. Now whenever I walk past those lights they just come on and they turn off on their own. It is really convenient that when I am coming down the basement steps with a basket of laundry that I do not have to fiddle around for a light switch anymore either. My kids are also less afraid to go down there, LOL.

Here is to easy green solutions! Check out the First Alert Motion Sensing Light Socket.

Friday, September 14th, 2007

5 Comments on Motion Sensor Lighting

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  • Now that sounds like a truly groovy thing. I’ll look for it.

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  • bobkart

    The instructions that come with the First Alert motion sensor specifically say that it does NOT work with CFLs. I have a couple of these motion sensors, and am using LED lamps with them, but the First Alert motion sensor causes them to flicker somewhat, and I suspect I am reducing the life of the LED lamps by using them with the First Alert motion sensors.