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Homemade Candy Corn

by Tiffany in Green Holidays, Healthy Eating

homemade-candy-cornAfter my Eco Friendly Halloween post I just had to share this recipe I came across today for homemade, vegan candy corn. Not only does it look delicious it looks to be MUCH healthier than the traditional candy corn that is so widely available this time of year. If candy corn is like a tradition in your home, this recipe might be for you. I myself would skip the vegan maragrine and use regular butter, but I am not vegan either. I am also not big on food coloring but since this would be a once a year splurge I think it would be okay. Here is the recipe.

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

7 Comments on Homemade Candy Corn

  • oh yummy!

  • Whoa that looks like yum! Now all you have to do is bag it up, put a homemade label on em, and sell them for $5 each =)

  • Activist Mommy

    Healthy candycorn? You’ve just saved my Halloween!

  • Awesome!

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  • Jen P.

    You can also buy natural food coloring for those who are allergic or sensetive to the chemical ones.

  • katelyn

    i dont like candycorn, but thats yummy