BPA and Glass Baby Bottles – Siliskin and Wee Go

siliskin glass baby bottlesGlass baby bottles are making a big come back in recent months. One of the primary reasons for this is that so many of the plastic bottles on the market contain BPA or Bisphenol A. Basically it is an estrogen-like chemical used to make plastic but it is actually one of the last things we want to expose our children too. It can speed up puberty and add to weight gain, and may cause changes that can lead to breast and prostate cancer. Other studies have shown that is may cause brain damage, abnormal organ development, and hyperactivity. Not only is BPA itself bad news, but it is popping up everywhere from baby bottles to baby toys to formula cans. While the amount of BPA in each individual product might be considered to small to be unsafe (yeah right) the cumulative exposure from all the different sources can be significant.

So it is no wonder that so many parents decided to look for BPA free baby bottles and BPA free sippy cups. BUT I must admit that I had a heard time wrapping my head around using a glass bottle for a baby or toddler. Yes, they are made with very thick and safe glass but they are still….well…glass. Usually as parents we seek to keep our babies AWAY from glass right? Well, I stumbled upon a product that might ease your mind a little, Siliskin Baby Bottles. They are sturdy, glass baby bottles with a silicone sheath  that helps to prevent the bottle from breaking. They come in 4 or 8 ounce sizes and they have several colors. Here is a description:

Microwave safe, hypo allergenic and dishwasher friendly, this translucent silicone sleeve allows you to see measurements and liquid in the bottle. Cleaner than any plastic, parents-in-the-know realize that glass bottles are the best.

At $10 and $12 respectively they are a great deal for a product that brings peace of mind.

wee go glass bottlesAnother option is the Wee-Go Glass Baby Bottle. It is a glass baby bottle with a protective sleeve. And it looks to be a wonderful product albeit a bit more expensive. The silicone nipple is latex-free and non-toxic. The plastic ring, plug and cap contain no polycarbonates and are food grade, FDA approved and recyclable. They are bisphenol A, phthalate, PVC and polycarbonate-free! The retail for $18.

Also check out the Evenflo Cozy Glass Bottle with Sleeve, 3-Pack – Glass bottles with a comfy sleeve to protect the bottle from breakage.

A newer option for those that still opt for plastic baby bottles but BPA free is the Green to Grow baby green to grow baby bottlebottle. They are free of phthalates, bisphenol A, lead, and PVC and they are quite reasonable in price.

Other options in glass and/or BPA free plastic baby bottles:  Nuby non-toxic, BPA free bottle |  Medela  |  Born Free  |  Evenflo Classic Glass Bottles  |  Dr. Brown Glass Baby Bottles  |  Adiri Natural Nursers

AND don’t forget the BPA free sippy cups: Sigg Baby Water Bottle  |  Klean Kanteen Sippy Bottle  |  Thermos Foogo Sippy Cup  |  Born Free Sippy Cup


Stylish Shopping Bags from Mimsi

tuesday tipOne of the best tips for green living is to stop using disposables and opt for reusable items whenever we can. So of course whenever someone asks me if I want paper or plastic at the store the answer has to be neither. Reusable shopping bags are easy to use, they prevent plastic bags from entering our landfills, and as I recently found out they can be incredibly chic and attractive. Up until last week my shopping bag collection had a lot of plain canvas and solid colored nylon but that was before I had the opportunity to try a Mimsi Bag.

I got a Mimsi grocery bag in a pink and lime retro swirls print and I am incredibly happy with it. It fits compactly inside the carrying case or “stuff sack” that came with it so that it can fit in my purse or glove compartment but this is so deceiving because it opens up to a very generous size that could easily replace the load of 3-4 plastic bags. I have found it to be wonderful for lugging groceries, for taking packages to the post office, and for taking stacks of newspaper to the recycling center. It is heavy duty, efficient, and very fashionable. I absolutely LOVE the print and this is usually the first bag I reach for now. :)swirls grocery bag

I also see on the Mimsi Bags web site that you can get handbags, diaperbags, laptop bags, and numerous other shopping bags, including some canvas ones with cool environmental slogans. There are even matching mother-daughter shopping bags. My daughter would really like that. ;)

So if you are looking to add some fashionable shopping bags to your collection or you would like an attractive bag to gift to someone… be sure to check out Mimsi Bags for stylish and eco friendly reusable bags!


The Daring Book For Girls Review

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daring book for girlsWhen I first saw The Dangerous Book for Boys I was very excited to see that finally perhaps people were seeing the need for kids to unplug from their video games, iPods, and television sets and get outdoors and do some adventuring. If the ground breaking book Last Child in the Woods was a wake up call to parents then The Dangerous Book for Boys was the instruction manual for kids. It consisted of hundreds of activities, crafts, and games that generations past enjoyed…building forts…recreating battles, tying knots, and having an incredible amount of fun. It serves as a reminder of lore and technique that have not yet been completely lost to the digital age.

I did not have an issue with the actual name of the book and the reference to boys. I was a tomboy and I did all the stuff the boys did and never thought twice about it but I am still happy to see that a book specifically for girls has been released, The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea J. Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz. The back of the hard bound book is inscribed with the following: “For every girl with an independent spirit and a nose for trouble, here is the no-boys-allowed guide to adventure.” And it is brilliant. :) If I had this book when I was a young girl I might have forgotten what the indoors looked like. In fact even as I read the book a few weeks ago I couldn’t help but drag out my backpacking and camping books and start planning for spring….the spirit is infectious. My daughter is only 3 right now but I am positive that this book will be treasured in years to come. And it would make a wonderful gift for some of the older girls, tweens, and even teenagers in my life.

The intro of the book read like a peek into my own childhood….a time when electronics consisted of record and cassette players and there was no concern for things like cell phones, texting your friends, emails, and instant messages. We walked to school, we rode banana-seat bikes, we roller skated, and spent countless hours playing hopscotch or tetherball. Well, The Daring book for Girls brings some of that to the current generation of girls. It is a book of possibilities and ideas for filling days with adventure, imagination, and fun. It teaches everything from the basic concepts of basketball, hopscotch, and Marco Polo to more instructional things like how to press flowers, put your hair up with a pencil, use impressive words like diaphanous, and administer first aid. There are also numerous historical things to learn such as the history of writing, Joan of Arc, women scientists and inventors, Cleopatra, and Greek and Latin word roots.

Some of my favorites sections of the book were how to play hearts and gin, making a  girl’s toolbox, five karate moves, tying a bandana, how to climb, how to paddle a canoe, making a tree swing, changing a tire, yoga, and handclap games. By the time I got to the end of the book I was ready to get out and get adventuring! This book really is precious and deserves a spot on every girl’s bookshelf.

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Eco Friendly Yoga Socks

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

yoga socksFrom some of my other posts you know I am a yoga fan. Yoga is awesome for stretching out those sore muscles you get from sitting too long at a computer…not that I…do that or anything. :) But I ran into a yoga problem at my new house. The room I like to do yoga in (floor to ceiling windows all along one wall) has a hard wood laminate floor and when you do yoga on a rug or a yoga mat…you slip and slide and almost break your neck…or smack your head into the brick fireplace…neither of which is very fun or calming. Even the so-called “sticky” mats don’t often work….I have a few different mats. Bare feet on the floor doesn’t work either…darn that oil slick in my family room. ;)

Then I found a truly ingenious AND as luck would have it, eco friendly solution. They are called Yoga Stick-e Socks! Now I don’t need a rug or yoga mat anymore…these socks make it feel as if you are going barefoot but you don’t slip and slide. They feel like regular socks but they have a hole for each toe to extend through so the toes remain exposed. The exposed toes enable gripping during exercise.

With their soft-as-silk Bamboo fiber they provide a hygienic, non-slip, sweat-absorbing environment for all your barefoot exercise including Yoga, dance, Pilates, and Karate and they made form a sustainable and earth friendly material. They would be perfect for yoga classes to. Even if you bring a mat as it is nice to have something covering your feet while not sacrificing your ability to “stick” your poses. They come in black and beige and they very affordable in price. Check them out and with the holidays coming just around the corner think about any Yogis in your life that might like these!

The Yoga Stick-e Sock web site

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

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Vaccinations and the Law

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Baby immunization

I thought I would just pop in here to share an excellent article I read about vaccinations and the law…or rather how there is NO law requiring vaccines.

I did some research this morning and I found dozens of places that say vaccination is state law…but the more I think about the more outrageous it seems to me that our government can enact and enforce a law that requires ALL people to undergo a medical procedure. It boggles my mind that they could do that when I actually think about it. What kind of medical procedure can they mandate next??? So is there a law stating that we have to vaccinate?

According to Prison Planet the answer is no…

In reality, there is no law that says you have to vaccinate your children and waiver forms for personal or religious exemptions are freely available.

A situation in Prince George’s County, MD. has attracted media attention and once again provided the platform for a propaganda push that falsely implies it is the law for children to be vaccinated with mass produced big pharma shots that are often not stringently tested and have been linked with dangerous side-effects.

There is no law in America, aside from those applying to medical workers, that says you or your child has to take any vaccine whatsoever, no matter what any executive order, requirement, mandate or policy dictates, there is no situation where you can go to prison for refusing a government vaccine under the U.S. constitution and the law of the land.

As in the case of all other vaccines, executive orders and court mandates merely state that the vaccine is “recommended”.

Here is the article. Pretty interesting stuff! Any thoughts?

My personal experience sees one problem with it…when I lived in Arizona I went to a protest when a AZ court ruled that 2 children of a non-vaccinating mother be forcibly immunized. The mother and father of the kids had never vaccinated (the kids were both pre-teens) and when they got a divorce the lovely husband decided to stick it to his wife by petitioning that the courts force his wife to vaccinate their kids. He won and the kids were held down, kicking and screaming, and then vaccinated for EVERY vaccine that they had missed up to that point. If there is no law than how can this stuff go on? Perhaps it was just a case where a judge had to choose which parents wishes should be honored and the father won out since vaccines are considered the “responsible” thing to do in society today.

If vaccines were mandatory according to law wouldn’t your pediatrician have to turn you in for breaking the law when you decline them? According to the Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute the only regulation in place for vaccines are governed by individual states and even then they are not blanket laws but merely requirements for state funded public education not children in general and law dictates that you have waivers to opt out if you so choose.

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

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