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There is No Money To Be Made from Healthy People

Remember my rant about the raw almonds fiasco whereby the government has decided that we are too stupid too know what is good for us to eat? In that post I eluded to the fact that the government wants us to be sick and I found a great video by Bill Maher that shares the same thoughts. There is no money in healthy people and dead people…so the government wants to keep us somewhere in between. They do this by making it difficult to have access to natural, raw, organic foods and they pass laws continually that undermine these industries. They also work closely with drug companies to make sure if we do need a little healing we don’t look much farther than a prescription bottle. Take a look and tell me what you think.

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  • casual friday everyday

    Oh preach on Bill! He had me clapping and laughing ;)

    casual friday everyday’s last blog post..Another Buzz Sighting

  • I’m not sure I want to hear anything that comes out of his mouth since he opened his mouth about breastfeeding recently. (big rolling eyes emoticon here)

    I totally see what you’re saying… but I think the gubmit saves a whole lotta dough when we’re healthy, so I don’t see the motivation to keep us sick. The promotion of breastfeeding is an example of the government trying to save money… they save millions (WIC vouchers and food stamps for formula, as well as government subsidized health care costs) when poor moms breastfeed.

    What I DO see is their desire to keep us DEPENDENT on them and their social programs. The bigger government is, the more money they fleece from taxpayers.

    I wish I could figure out a way to avoid social security taxes, because they’re a legal pyramid scam. ;)

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  • George

    This is making me think about the Moon landing. Was it real or staged in a huge desert studio. Sneaky government people.

    George’s last blog post..Childbirth Class at NYU Medical Center 3

  • The government, FDA, but more specifically it’s the drug companies that don’t want to lose their sales/income on those that are healthy or seeking alternative care and natural remedies. I’ve heard that there are many “former” drug company employees that work for the FDA.

    Anyone ever read “Seeds of Deception” on genetically modified corn? Very interesting, *and* scary. I also wonder why they push mammograms which, especially on young (premenopausal women) whose breasts are more sensitive to radiation (and increasing the risk of cancer from it!) instead of *totally* safe thermograms. They use thermograms on pro-athlete’s injuries, horses, and use them on women in Europe. Why not here???

    I just had a thermogram done, and have been researching it for over three years. Recently blogged about it, too, and am working on a follow-up on it, too.

    Thanks for bringing this up, Tiffany! My friend who is a retired ER doc thinks the same!

    Leza’s last blog post..Use the Force…!

  • I love your post title! It says it all. I always make sure I do exactly the opposite of what the govt. says. Same goes for drug companies. I wonder if they’ve noticed that the organic foods industry is booming?

    Keli’s last blog post..Give Stupidity a Time-out

  • Vedo

    What a tittle for a post.It really makes you wander

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  • I totally agree. There’s big money to be made in sick people especially in cancer. It’s terribly sad that people make a HUGE profit off of sick people.

    Thanks for making us think!

    Butterfly Mama’s last blog post..Seriously!

  • Lazy Man and Health

    But isn’t there a lot of money to be lost on sick people every year? Think of all the productivity lost with people being disabled and unable to produce goods for export to other countries.

    Lazy Man and Health’s last blog post..How Do You Measure your Body

  • Maybe if you live in China. America is one the greatest importers of goods so productivity is not such a problem. And our taxes pay for the disabled and sick while they recover…so again…no loss for government.

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