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The Daring Book For Girls Review

by Tiffany in Book Reviews, Children, Freebies

daring book for girlsWhen I first saw The Dangerous Book for Boys I was very excited to see that finally perhaps people were seeing the need for kids to unplug from their video games, iPods, and television sets and get outdoors and do some adventuring. If the ground breaking book Last Child in the Woods was a wake up call to parents then The Dangerous Book for Boys was the instruction manual for kids. It consisted of hundreds of activities, crafts, and games that generations past enjoyed…building forts…recreating battles, tying knots, and having an incredible amount of fun. It serves as a reminder of lore and technique that have not yet been completely lost to the digital age.

I did not have an issue with the actual name of the book and the reference to boys. I was a tomboy and I did all the stuff the boys did and never thought twice about it but I am still happy to see that a book specifically for girls has been released, The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea J. Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz. The back of the hard bound book is inscribed with the following: “For every girl with an independent spirit and a nose for trouble, here is the no-boys-allowed guide to adventure.” And it is brilliant. :) If I had this book when I was a young girl I might have forgotten what the indoors looked like. In fact even as I read the book a few weeks ago I couldn’t help but drag out my backpacking and camping books and start planning for spring….the spirit is infectious. My daughter is only 3 right now but I am positive that this book will be treasured in years to come. And it would make a wonderful gift for some of the older girls, tweens, and even teenagers in my life.

The intro of the book read like a peek into my own childhood….a time when electronics consisted of record and cassette players and there was no concern for things like cell phones, texting your friends, emails, and instant messages. We walked to school, we rode banana-seat bikes, we roller skated, and spent countless hours playing hopscotch or tetherball. Well, The Daring book for Girls brings some of that to the current generation of girls. It is a book of possibilities and ideas for filling days with adventure, imagination, and fun. It teaches everything from the basic concepts of basketball, hopscotch, and Marco Polo to more instructional things like how to press flowers, put your hair up with a pencil, use impressive words like diaphanous, and administer first aid. There are also numerous historical things to learn such as the history of writing, Joan of Arc, women scientists and inventors, Cleopatra, and Greek and Latin word roots.

Some of my favorites sections of the book were how to play hearts and gin, making a  girl’s toolbox, five karate moves, tying a bandana, how to climb, how to paddle a canoe, making a tree swing, changing a tire, yoga, and handclap games. By the time I got to the end of the book I was ready to get out and get adventuring! This book really is precious and deserves a spot on every girl’s bookshelf.

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  • Tara

    I have this on the list for my daughter. At first I thought I’d give it to her for her birthday in January, but she’s not one to curl up with a book on her own so I’m thinking we’ll use it when we return to homeschooling next year. Between the long school days and piles of homework she’s spent entirely too much time sitting on her arse and having the life sucked out of her. I’m hoping this book will help her find a bit of inner Caddie Woodlawn, Laura Ingalls or even Ramona the Pest (!!!). I’m ready to have my spunky, inquisitive girl back again.

    Tara’s last blog post..Post Thanksgiving

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  • Lesha

    If I won this, I’d give this to my cousin who I know would really appreciate this. This has been on my wishlist ever since it came out. I really the idea of this book, because it helps keep kids from sitting in front of the television all of the time and make them more active and adventurous. :)

    Lesha’s last blog post..25% off at Tobi

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  • Tara, I love the Ramona books!

  • Kim

    I too have this on my daughter’s wishlist, though she is only going to be 2 in February. I’m hoping to read it first myself. I think it will go great with our future homeschool curriculum.

  • I’d definitely love to give this book to my daughter. While she’s still a little young for it, I think we’d have great fun reading it together and then planning ‘adventures’. She started off as a very girly-girl and scared of all things dirty and outdoorsy, but we’ve gone camping and fishing and she’s starting to see the fun in the more tomboyish way of life.

  • My 8 y.o. daughter watched the video with me and she says she really, really wants this book!

    Dawn’s last blog post..Silver Falls

  • I’d read it myself first, but then I would give it to my brother and his family to prepare for the excitement of life with a little girl!

    Kristen – Greenstylemom’s last blog post..The Best Gifts Are Baked

  • I have FOUR nieces that I’d love to gift this to!! : )


    Adventures In Babywearing’s last blog post..Aaand Knitting Aaand Knitting…

  • Cindi Hoppes

    Hi, Please enter me in your contest for this fabulous book! Thanks, Cindi

  • Brooke

    This sounds like a great book to get my niece Felicia. She is like a little “me”, she really enjoys rock climbing and sports, but her mom is more the cheer leading and getting her hair done type, so my niece doesn’t get many chances to really run wild. I would love to hang out with her more and teach her many of the things mentioned in the book, but having my own daughter now who is 11 months old and also living 45 minutes away I don’t get to do that.

  • Kimberly

    I would get one for a 9 year girl who I watch for her birthday, We are a family who watches movies on Friday only for a treat and spend a hour outside everyday cold or raining. The kids I watch have never been camping and running barefoot outside was new for them. They can’t figure how we could live without tv. I think this would be perfect for her. I love your tips thsnks so much for sharing.

  • Marie

    I would give it to my daughter of course. She’s only two, and already a tub of trouble.

    Marie’s last blog post..Pass the Tofurkey

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  • Carey

    It’s on my Christmas wish list, but I would read it and pass it along to both of my two sisters.

  • BlogContests

    Hi There,
    Just blogged about your contest. Please check it out at the url below.

  • Laura @ Laura WIlliams’ Musings

    I would give it to my oldest dd or save it for the two youngest.

    blogged ya:

    Laura @ Laura WIlliams’ Musings’s last blog post..Rain and children don’t mix.

  • I would give itto my friend’s little gal. She’s full of spunk and a long for just about anything that doesn’t simply involve dolls.

    Angela’s last blog post..Again

  • I would love to give this book to my daughter. With 4 brothers I am sure she would really enjoy some adventure.

    Casey’s last blog post..If you give a mom a muffin…

  • Nicole

    I have to admit that I’d read it myself first. Then I’d give it to the younger daughter in a family I babysit for – her older sister likes very girly Barbie-doll-type things, so she gets a lot of that sort of stuff handed down, but I think she’d be interested in something like this (for a change if nothing else).

  • Sarah

    My daughters are 6 1/2 and 1 1/2 and I would give this book to them for us to read together. Obviously they are a little young, especially, the 1 1/2 year old but my older daughter would love it now. We love reading together and would love the adventures that ‘The Daring Book for Girls’ has to offer.

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  • I would give this to my friend who has 3 little girls! It’s important to her that her girls are active and involved so this would be perfect.

    Caryn’s last blog post..Mmmm…Cereal

  • I would give this to my neice for her 7th birthday. She is the oldest of 3 kids. They would make good use out of it as a part of their homeschool adventure.

    Christy’s last blog post..Comparing Cousins

  • That sounds like a great book :)

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  • I would give this book to my sister for her daughter. My sister is struggling with a world of technology and disconnected play she now finds herself in. For the first time in years we have begun to reconnect our distant relationship because she has started reaching out to me for help. For the first time ever she is taking interest in my knowledge about natural parenting and living. It has been a wonderful journey to take in teaching her and helping her make changes in her life. This book would be a wonderful tool for me to send to her.

    rockergirrl’s last blog post..Suck This Facebok

  • Jennifer Hudson

    I would read it with my 5 & 7 yo daughters – and then get a copy for each of my nieces (they just turned 1 this month). We go camping & hiking all Summer, and I know that we all would enjoy this!

  • Gladys

    I would actually incorporate these techniques with the highschool girls that I work with. I would love to see them investigating and finding thier true potential by exploring the outdoors and learning about each other. The possibilities are endless when they use problem solving skills and realize all the things they are capable of doing. It is amazing how much time kids spend tied to something electronic. They don’t know what they are missing! Kids now a day have the technology to communicate yet they are starving for coonections. I pride myself in my job and try to make connections everyday, the old fashion way.

  • Ooh, I spotted this recently and thought it looked like a lot of fun. Thanks for the great review. I have two daughters I would love to share it with. :-)

    Carrie’s last blog post..Tuesday Tidbits: Don?t Make Me Open a Can Of?.

  • Melinda

    First off….I would love to read it for myself and then share it….like a library book…with family and friends….those that need extra help getting away from the TV!!!

  • Wow! I’m a parent educator and I teach a whole class based on Richard Louv’s book. I’m a huge proponant of unplugging kids and getting them outside. I have parents discuss what their favorite childhood memories were and usually they took place outside, and without adult direction! I would love to give this book to my 13 year old daughter (as well as use it professionally) because, while she was so active and adventurous as a young girl, she’s heavily influenced by her peers now and spends lots of time on the phone, with the tv, at the mall (ugh). I want to remind her that it’s ok to be different from the mainstream, as it stands.

    Beth Goss’s last blog post..Maybe not so much of a mystery

  • I am so excited to hear about this book. My own daughter is only 11 months, but I have an 11 year old sister with whom I would love to share this book. She is a daring and adventuresome spirit at heart, but is often enticed into the e-mail, facebook, AIM-ing world in which her friends live. She loves to play sports and wear casual clothes (vs. fashionable) at home (she is homeschooled) but when it comes to her friends, she has not gained the confidence to be who she really is. Maybe this book will be just the inspiration she needs!

    Shannon’s last blog post..Caiden’s First Thanksgiving Mail

  • Kathy

    My 9 y.o. daughter wants this book for Christmas but I think I want to read it first! I loved the excerpt I read on Amazon. I also have a troop of 12 girl scout Brownies who should all read it. Girl power!

  • I wouldn’t give it away, rather keep it for myself. Being the only female in a family of males, who’re all naturally addicted to the Daring Book for Boys, I feel I NEED this just to even things out, lol.

  • Jen

    If I had this book, I would give it to my daring daughter! She splits her time between devouring books and romping around outside, and I know she would love it.

  • Teri

    I would give it to my 5 yr old daughter. Her older brothers have the Book for Boys and the love it and she wants it. She can typically be found outside digging in dirt, building with sticks and rocks, and typically barefoot and in the rain. I think it would be so fun to be able to do the activities with her, like my husband does with the boys.

  • marjorie lavender

    I would give this book to my 14 year old daughter. She is smart and outgoing. She is willing to learn and more than willing and able to teach others. She loves to try new things and is always challenging herself to do more and do better. I’m so very proud of her.

  • Andrea

    I really love learning about easy ways to get my children (all 5!) out in the fresh air and constantly learning new things. And I am forever looking for resources to share with my children. I have read about the boy’s book, but have been unable to find it here in Germany. The girls book would be just so special.

    If I win, this book would go to my 10 and 8 year old daughters. We live in this overly populated country, yet we are planning an extended trip to cottage country right smack dab in the middle of Ontario, Canada, in the spring/summer of 2008 and this book would be the perfect “must have” for my daughters (and me, and perhaps the other three younger children)…

    Anyway, thanks for the chance to enter. Perhaps, just hope beyond hope, I win!

    Andrea from Germany

  • Jane Thissell

    This looks like the perfect book to groom a well-rounded girl scout. Some are athletic, girly, studious etc This give a girl the chance to expore many difference interests. Maybe encouraging her to go outside her comfort zone. My daughter would love this book (and the best part is that mom can learn from it too)

  • Tiffany

    This is a perfect gift to our Girl Scout Library!!

    We have eleven 6th grade girls who would love this!

  • Darlene

    I will give this book to my daughter and also share it with my Girl Scout Troop. I have 17 3rd grade girls and many of them can certainly benefit from it’s knowledge. Of the 17, only 8 of them have ever been camping! I want to be able to pass on the knowledge of being a “daring girl” to those girls whose lives I affect.

  • Diane Parzow

    I am planning to purchase several copies of this book for young girls who are members of families that our church has adopted for Christmas, so one more copy will be greatly appreciated, if I win. I don’t know these young girls, but from what I know about the book it is an essential tool for every girl and especially girls who might be going through a rough time. I am also planning to give this book to my daughter and her best friend as a shared Christmas gift.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  • What a “Fun” look into nature! I am a new GS camp director and would love to do a camp session using ideas from your book. We are currently drafting up our camp catalog for next summer. Timing is perfect! Great to share with the counselors for staff training! Thanks. Looking forward to winning a copy:-)

  • First, I can’t believe there’s someone else on here with the same spelling as my name!!! I have 2 daughters of my own, plus a Girl Scout troop with 12 very bright, 10-11 year old, Type-A, energetic girls who would much prefer to play outside in the mud and create their own version of “Survivor” rather than stay inside playing Tiddlywinks. New ideas for my troop as well as my own daughters would be appreciated!

    Caryn F.’s last blog post..The Daring Book For Girls – Review and Giveaway

  • Gabriella

    I would LOVE to get a copy! This book sounds like something that might make her want to do more than just watch tv, email, or rather text, her friends…rather than actually walk accross the street and meet up and talk! Maybe this might have some effect in her life, and also give her some ideas of how we used to spend our times…way back when (in pre-history) I used to be a girl! lol!
    Seriously, she is a reader, so if it is as catchy as it seems…it may make an awesome Christmass unexpected gift!
    Thanks for the review and reccomendation!



  • AntiBarbie

    If you had this book who would you give it to and why?

    I hope to pass down some of my hard earned wisdom to my two girls (once they are old enough) but I hope that book might be able to help illustrate to them the joys of experiencing your own adventures rather than living them vicariously through a television set or computer screen.

    AntiBarbie’s last blog post..Why I am an Atheist.

  • I bought the Dangerous Book for Boys for my 10 year old son. My eight year old daughter, Marie, keeps sneaking it away from his room so she can read it. I would really like a copy of The Daring Book for Girls to give her so peace can reign in my home again. I am curious to see what it includes that I once knew so I can share it with her.

    Cath’s last blog post..Oh, the humanity

  • I would give this book to my daughters. Granted they’re too young to read it now…but they’re growing up way too fast. But I want them to be all that they can be.

    Natalie’s last blog post..Still Looking for Discounts?

  • Lana

    Oh, I would give this to my daughter. She is 12 and still loves being outside, but is being sucked inside to the phone and tv and video games. This would be so great. Thanks for doing this.

  • Toblerone

    I would love to give this to DD, who is only 3 right now – but this could be an invaluable book that could last her years! I can already tell that this is right up her alley. Thanks for the chance!

    Toblerone’s last blog post..Showered with love

  • If I win this book I will give it to my 9 year old daughter. She’ll be delighted to received this.

    Liza’s Eyeview’s last blog post..Gingerbread House 2007

  • I would be torn to keep it for myself or give it to my 6 year old niece. She and her mom and little sis would really get into this! Since I have boys, I should probably look into getting the boys book for my family – I’d just borrow the book from my niece so I can reminisce.

    Sheryl’s last blog post..Life’s big questions

  • I would love to have this for my daughter because she is indeed that, DARING!!!!
    Thanks for a great contest!!

    Stacey Moore’s last blog post..Island Review

  • I want this so badly for my daughters. They would have to share, but I Think the book is wonderful & they would really enjoy it!

    Ginny’s last blog Deals for Christmas + Free stocking stuffers

  • Anna Marie

    This would be wonderful for my daughter!

  • I would love this book for my daughter. How nice of you to give one away!!!

    Erica’s last blog post..Psalms Sunday- Psalm 56

  • Denise

    I would definitely give to my daughter (almost 13) who loves reading for one, but also really “gets” complex ideas. She is fun to discuss books and writing styles with.

  • jessica

    I would give this book to my daughter, I want her to be a daring girl!

  • I would give this to my daughter, but loan it out until she is old enough to use it! :)

    Sarah’s last blog post..Fall Y’all!

  • I would love to give this book to my best friend’s oldest daughter. She’s a great little (almost 8-year-old) girl who is interested in everything. She helps her mom care for her almost 2-year-old sister and gets along well with her brother. I think she’d love to learn the things in this book. I can’t often buy her expensive gifts so it would be wonderful to give her this book.

    Heather’s last blog post..Final week winners!

  • tnchick

    I’d give this to my daughter – she’s only 5 and a half but…. she’s the one! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Sue Baxter

    I work at a bookstore and I noticed the Daring Book for Girls recently. I instantly thought of my youngest daughter Liz and how great that book would be for her! Liz is now 17 and graduating from high school in the spring. What a treasure that book would be to her. Liz is beautiful inside and out – she has an adventurous spirit like her mother!

    She has applied to go on an exchange trip and then on to University. Liz is a caring, kind and generous person to all she meets. She has a part time job at a fast food place as well as enjoying being on the swim team at her school. Liz loves having fun and she loves our dog Abby (a Cairn Terrier). Liz’s biggest fan is me! I wish there had been a book like the Daring Book for Girls when I was younger – in fact, I think I may end up buying one for myself – even though I’m 44!

  • I would give it to my granddaughters Kelsi who is 12. We would read it together and hopefully learn some fun new things to try.

    Sandy M’s last blog post..My elf name

  • I’ve heard sooooo much about this book and I want it! :) Fist, of course, I’d have to read it. Then it would be passed on to my daughter who is about to have a daughter of her own. You’re right – in this tech advanced age I think it’s fab to enable girls to get out and do stuff. Fun stuff. I believe it’s a much needed kick in the pants and I’m glad it’s getting rave reviews. (as I sit here typing! lol)
    Thanks for the contest!

    robin’s last blog post..DIY Holiday Ideas

  • We have a winner Darlene! I am about to send an email to you! Thanks everyone for playing!

  • Richelle F

    Although I am hoping to someday have a girl, I have a sister-in-law with 3, it would be perfect for her!

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  • It should be good to my niece.

  • If I won I’d give it to my friend Nella. Hopefully after she’s done with it she’d pass it one of our other girl friends and so on. I think all my friends could use some reminding of how great it is to be a girl!

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