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Green New Year’s Resolutions

by Tiffany in Environment, Tidbits

What are your GREEN goals for the new year?!?!

Here are 5 of mine:

1. Less garbage – I want to reduce the amount of garbage that leaves my curb on Wednesdays. I even want to reduce the amount of recycled goods that leave my home too. I want less waste overall!

2. Reduce the amount of “stuff” I buy. Use it Up – Wear it Out – Make it Do – Or Do Without! This will also help me with a personal goal to save more money…

3. I resolve to grow a HUGE amount of my own food this year.

4. I resolve to eat more local foods overall….from my garden, from farmer’s markets, CSAs, etc. I need to make the most of spring/summer/fall foods because eating raw/local in the winter is a bitch.

5. I want to conserve…money, water, energy…I want to be sparing with my resources and I have quite a few concrete ideas about how to do this that I will share in the upcoming year.

So what about you? What are your green resolutions?

Also…make sure to check out my Green New Year’s Resolutions video and show it to your own blog readers:

  • Meredith

    1. Compost *everything* I can.

    2. Use less energy and teach the kids why as well!

    3. Huge Food Garden. An older neighbor lady and I are going in together on this one, seeds and fruit trees as well.

    4. Learn to can and make things like preserves.

    5. Go green whenever possible (like I’m making my own grocery bags today)

  • I love the video and posted it on my blog. I’m really enjoying your blog. Thanks for the inspiration to make some green resolutions today.

    Dawn’s last blog post..A Year in Review

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  • Pinar

    I’ve been enjoying your site. Thank you. I would echo all the resolutions listed:
    1. composting;
    2. growing own food – as much as possible;
    3. purchasing food and other items produced locally;
    4. conserving – electricity, water, energy, food…
    5. do away with packaging as much as possible;
    6. do away with products containing toxins, pesticides, additives and preservatives;
    7. buy less and reuse;
    8. recycle more while reducing recycling by buying items with none or less packaging;
    9, using reusable shopping bags;
    10. getting out in nature more often – goal: once a day;
    11. getting involved with nature groups and conservation groups;
    12. etc. etc. etc.

    Pinar’s last blog post..Looking Back While Looking Ahead

  • sarah

    Though I live mostly green, there is always more that can be done. My family and I are planning a move this year and if that takes place my goals will be to: Go Solar and Wind Powered and do a Green Renovation. If we end up staying put I will be planting an organic garden and buying only local and only what we really need. I am learning how to make my own salves and balms which is really fun too. There are so many little things that you can do to go green. They all add up to make a difference.

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  • thanks for giving me the inspiration to blog about this myself. i look forward to reading your ideas about conservation.

    happy new year!

    Crunchy Domestic Goddess’s last blog post..Living Green past and future

  • Lauren

    I am in my 9th month of first pregnancy and have been obsessing about the disposable diaper dilemma for months. We live in a NY town with a cesspool, no public sewers, so “flushables” as well as cloth are not options. No space for composting either. I resolve to whole heartedly give EC’ing (elimination communication) a try. More and more people are trying the “diaperless” option- it doesn’t sound so crazy to me!! Great things for 08 to all.

  • Ally Brown

    I’ve made some resolutions, but nothing green incoorporated…thanks for challenging me! I’ll do some thinking and blog about this as well.