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Holistic Moms Conference DVD

by Tiffany in Natural Product Reviews, Tidbits

This past October I REALLY wanted to attend the 2007 Holistic Moms conference in New Jersey but I wasn’t able to go. I missed wonderful presentations by Elizabeth Pantley (who I have met online but never in person) who wrote The No Cry Discipline Solution, Chef Ann Cooper who wrote a wonderful book called Lunch Lessons, and Peggy O’Mara the editor of Mothering Magazine. I was so bummed. :(

BUT I discovered a few days ago that the Holistic Moms Network was offering a DVD recording of all three presentations! Woot! I think it took of all 5 seconds for me to order, it came quickly and it is a wonderfully informative DVD. Elizabeth Pantley had excellent ideas on using positive discipline, Chef Ann had some alarming statistics to share about school lunches and the way our kids are eating, and Peggy O’Mara spoke about trusting in your ability to parent. I can honestly say I am not disappointed in missing the conference now because instead of paying the $1200 I had allotted for the conference I got to see it for only $29.95 and my husband did to. :)

If you missed out you can order a DVD or an audio CD here.

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  • Oh awesome! having a DVD will also make it easir to share the ideas with others. Maybe finally show the in-laws that I’m not crazy. LOL

    Summer’s last blog post..?Stand by the courage of our convictions?

  • Sharon@NewUrbanMom

    Wow I had never heard of this Conference! Last October I attended the Bioneers Conference (which was terrific) – this is also the type of conference I would have attended, had I known.

    Good to know that if I can’t make it next year for some reason, the DVD may be made available afterwards. As always you are a wealth of information and a lady that really makes my day :)

    P.S. How are folks getting over the Buckeye’s loss – hubby is sooo sad about that game. Me too, but at least Louisianna got some good news to celebrate!

    Sharon@NewUrbanMom’s last blog post..Losing Weight – Virtual Support

  • Thanks for the lead on this – will order a copy as well ! Also wanted to let you know we have a great post running on The LOHASIAN that was written by one of the memebrs of the Holistic Moms Network, who is also a holistic healer, on Autism and its Links to Nutrition and Gut Health. It’s a great piece, for anyone interested in this important issue. Below is direct link, or go to, its on front page. Again, thanks so much for great tip on the DVD’s!

    J.Z. Fenster
    Editor, The LOHASIAN

    Direct Link to Holistic Mom Autism Post:

  • Nell


    How long was each person’s segment? And, was Ms. Pantley’s segment mostly about parenting small babies and toddlers or did it include a lot of advice for parenting all ages?

    Thanks for the lead on this. I want to attend the next one now. Or maybe youve got the right idea on saving over a thousand and just buying the dvd. lol