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Eco Wrap – Dropps Winner and Green Headlines

by Tiffany in Tidbits

friday wrap upTGIF! Have an awesome weekend everyone!

First off I have selected a winner for the bag of Dropps using and it is comment #89, lovelilacs. Congrats!!!

Here is a fun and crafty project that I have bookmarked for summer fun. Making gorgeous beads from newspaper!

Also, I am sure you have seen those toy games you can buy at major toy stores with a plastic fishing rod and magnetic plastic fish….well here are instructions for making a game like this yourself with natural materials. My kids would LOVE this.

On the vaccine front I was happy to see a story about how a Federal Court has conceded a vaccine/autism connection. Apparently the child had an underlying medical condition, was vaccinated, and the condition along with the vax caused some serious problems including some on the autism spectrum. This confirms my theory that I have held for a loooong time. That some kids are not good candidates for vaccination and without proper testing to see if they are good candidates, vaccines shouldn’t be pushed on us.

Homeschoolers in CA are set back as a judge rules that “California courts have held that … parents do not have a constitutional right to homeschool their children.” Argh! This infuriates me. And darn it I wish I could remember where I read it but I also read that someone associated with this case was quoted as saying that the role of public schools was to encourage patriotism and and cooperation with government. WTH?!? Anyone else have a problem with that remark?

On the climate crisis front I found it preposterous that the Weather Channel founder wants to sue Al Gore and any company or person that sells carbon credits. As the author of the article pointed out…this sounds like a beautiful waste of time. He made his desire known at a conference held in NYC that was established for all the skeptics to get together and discuss all of the reasons why climate crisis and global warming are a hoax. De Smog Blog (an awesome blog BTW) called it Denial-a-palooza or Yawn-fest 2008 and discussed how they are just regurgitating the same tired denial theories and trying to create media spin that the debate is still raging while it is actually dying a well deserved death. They can’t even get decent sponsors anymore. Hoorah!

Yesterday I came across the fake Prius ads that are creating so much buzz on the net. I have to admit they are pretty funny. They show people involved in some shady or illegal activities and then they have a tag line at the bottom…”At least he is driving a Prius!” One in particular is sooo bad.

Have an awesome weekend and thanks to any readers who submitted a tip. You rock!