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Plan Toys Hammer Balls – Cool Toy Alert

by Tiffany in Children, Natural Toys

Cool Toy Alert - Plan Toys

Just as a new feature I am going to start highlighting some of the awesome new toys for natural kids that I come across. Today I want to highlight a great new toy for toddlers from Plan Toys, one of my favorite toy companies, Hammer Balls!

This new toy is is basically a natural rubberwood block with slots for three balls. Kids fit the balls into the slots and hammer them until they release on the underside. A hammer comes with it. This is a great toy for improving hand-eye coordination (aligning, slotting, aiming), combined with all the fun of hammering. What toddler doesn’t like to hammer on things??? I know my 2 year old one does! I also like the fact that the balls just fall onto a shelf or path on the underside of the block so that you don’t have to worry about your furniture getting hammered.

It is made with natural, chemical free, recycled rubberwood and finished with non-toxic water based dye all from a green company.

Available at KangarooBoo for only $17.90!

Hammer Balls from Plan Toys

  • This is a great idea. I love to know of new natural toys. I randomly post about them but I appreciate you doing this. Moms like to find out this stuff.

  • We got this toy for my daughter’s first birthday and she loved it. Sadly, we have had to put it away for the past few months since the balls are very hard and we were having a problem with her throwing them. But it is a fun toy and I can’t wait to be able to let her play with them again. Can’t wait to see what other toys you find.

  • Wendy

    You have a really cool blog! I’ll be sure to bookmark you. :) Thanks for entering my homeschooling planner giveaway.