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Organic Milk for School Lunches

by Tiffany in Natural Product Reviews

My daughter has to bring a snack and drink for lunch every day…non refrigerated. The snack part has been not so easy to figure out since she can’t bring anything with nuts in it but the drink part was easy.

For whatever reason my kids still like milk. Well, I do to if it is raw but we blow through our raw milk supplies too fast. I won’t touch conventional milk but my kids like it so I still buy some, organic of course. My daughter has been taking single serving Horizon milk boxes to school for a couple days and boy are they handy. They come in regular, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry and are a big hit with the kiddos. They don’t require refrigeration so they are easy to bring just about anywhere. My daughter has taken one every day this week, carried in her recycled PET lunch bag form Reusablebags.

The kids like the taste and I love that they are organic. I do not however, like the waste created by the boxes so much. After these run out we will likely just stick with water or fresh juice inside her Klean Kanteen. But these would be nice to have on hand for those times we haven’t planned things out that well. Hey it happens. These are much better than the conventional milk kids get in the school cafeteria. The same delicious milk but no artificial growth hormones and no pesticides.

You can find the Horizon milk boxes at Whole Foods and online of course.


Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

9 Comments on Organic Milk for School Lunches

  • Jennifer

    My girls have been taking them every day thus far – we by them at costco in a large box that lasts us a couple of weeks – much better than the 6-packs they have at the grocery store!
    We still do quite a bit of milk, but we have organic milk delivered each week, which cuts down on the trips to the store. We burn through about 3 gallons a week when we are watching it… my girls like milk! Since it’s that or water though, I can see why we go through so much.

  • I have also seen them at Babies R Us and Reasors! We don’t do milk at all yet, but I’m still debating what to do when we stop nursing and turn to milk. I only use it for cooking/cereal myself, so I have no idea how my son will react to drinking milk!

  • Jackie

    My son and I also love milk and we always buy organic. I didn’t realize Horizon had them in single serve sizes. They are a great idea when going out for the day since they don’t need to be refridgerated – I hate having to buy milk at places where it isn’t organic. Thanks!

  • We use them for my kid too for snack and lunch at school. It’s been so nice and easy. Good luck with the no-nut thing. That’s a hard one. My son’s favorite thus far is carrot sticks and hummus.
    And yes, Babies R Us sells them in packs of 18 I think. And we have Kroger up here in Michigan. They had them on sale last week for 10/$10

  • MommyofTwins

    Organic Valley also make shelf-stable single serve milk in regular, chocolate, vanilla & strawberry. They still have the same packaging problem, but Organic Valley is a much better company. Everyone should check out this website, so you can know exactly where your “organic” food is coming from.

  • We also bought the Horizon single serving boxes. And, most recently, we bought the Kirkland brand at Costco (from Clover Organic Farms). I agree that they create a lot of waste and they don’t have a recycle symbol on them so they just go in the trash. We also like to stick to water or watered-down juice in our daughter’s cup and only use these when we need something quick. We have a New Wave Enviro stainless steel water bottle that is cheaper than the Kleen Kanteens.

  • Abe

    That’s nice that the school is nut free for us folks with allergy kids. I know it makes packing snacks hard, but for us every meal is hard :)

    They also make soy milk in the same flavors in single serving boxes.

  • Maria

    I am not a big milk drinker, but i did force myself to drink it while i was pregnant. I found these milk boxes and actually enjoyed drinking them. They taste good and made me feel like a kid again.

  • Melissa

    Isn’t that ultra pastuerized? Yuck.