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Soft Landing Giveaway!

Yet another great family owned store giveaway! The Soft Landing is a store dedicated to healthy, non-toxic The SIft Landing Storeproducts for the whole family. With all of the conventionally available products, and especially feeding items that are made of toxic plastics, Alicia Voorhies (a former RN) decided to give parents a better alternative. You will not find products with Bisphenol-a (BPA), phthalates, and PVC. What you will find are safe baby bottles, teethers, sippy cups, feeding gear, water bottles, lunchboxes, and much more. The site is also a great resource for finding out exactly why some plastics are dangerous with all the latest research and news about the topic.

What I love the MOST about this store is that they have amazing sampler packages where you try different brands. You don’t have to buy a six pack of one brand and then find out you don’t like them, you can buy several different products in one package and then see what works and what doesn’t. This feature is a huge time and money saver for parents. 

If you want to stay up to date on the latest “safe” products and research into the not-so-safe ones, I suggest you sign up for the Soft Landing newsletter on left side of their web site. And now on to the giveaway! Alicia and her team at The Soft Landing have been gracious enough to giveaway an awesome prize pack to my readers and it is just in time for cold weather! Imagine drinking your coffee and tea inThermos Mug for Tea and Coffee safety and style with these gorgeous Thermos containers. A $67 dollar value!! Great for you or for Christams gifts. ;)

The Thermos Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Prize Pack:
1 – SS 12oz Tea Tumbler w/ Infuser – Espresso $23.00
1 – SS 18oz Grande Coffee Tumbler – Espresso $26.00
1 – SS 16oz Coffee Tumbler – Metallic Blue $18.00

The winner is comment #52 Princess Momma!!!

Monday, October 27th, 2008

342 Comments on Soft Landing Giveaway!

  • Amber

    Oh, I love the bamboo kids utensils and plates! That is such a cool idea!

  • Julie A.

    WOW!! What a fabulous giveaway. Thank you for putting it on:) The products that are very appealing to me our the Natursutten Teethers, Go BPA Free Sippy Sampler, Baby Cubes Breastmilk and Food Storage Containers, Preserve Jr. Toothbrushes by Recycline, Frostware Bowls, Plates and Tumblers, and so much more.

  • Julie A.

    I just signed up to recieve the Soft Landing Newletter. What a wonderful site with so many great products.

  • Donielle @ Raising Peanuts

    Right now, I’d totally go for the bottles as I’m expecting again. And the bottles I bought before are going in the garbage!

  • I like the I Am Not a Paper Cup Ceramic Coffee Cup. Wonder if you can paint it and decorate it? That would be cool!

  • I love the mother’s milk mate BM storage …we could SO use that!

  • I like the “Think Sport 25oz Stainless Steel Bottle – Silver”. It is a great shape and size! I like the wide mouth design. They are all great products!!

  • Marla

    I like the FUNtainers.

  • Tanya

    I like the Aladdin lunchbox. Very nice!

  • Melinda S.

    I like the popsicle trays…..and I already know I love the Laptop lunchbox, we have that and its wonderful!!

  • Kristen

    I love the lunch box options like laptop lunch and Aladdin lunch box – very classy looking!

  • Nicole

    The “I Am Not A Paper Cup” ceramic coffee cup is really clever. I may have to splurge and get that one!

  • Jennifer

    I like the preserve Jr. toothbrushes. We have the full size ones, as I hadn’t seen the smaller ones yet – I need to get these for my girls! I also like the Aladdin lunch system – it would be great for my hubby to take his lunch to work in!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • ClothDiaperGirl

    I’m so excited about the sample package. I’ve got a lot of baby shower to go to this year and I think this just might become my standard gift. Thanks for passing it along!

  • tammy b

    hmmm, i’m interested in the Aladdin Lunch & Go Lunchbox and the think sport water bottles. thanks for the chance, i would love to win this prize!

  • WOW! Yet another awesome site and giveaway!
    I really love the Think Sport Black bottle. I love that you can put REAL tea leaves in it. so cool. What a great idea.

  • I also just signed up for their email list. Hopefully they send out some good coupons! Free shipping would be great.

  • Amy H

    I love their seclection of stainless steel products. I especially like the thermos leakproof hydration bottles.

  • LeighAnne Hallac

    I LOVE the sippy cups…still don’t have one for my kiddos yet ;-) but working on that. Also love the sport bottles…I love the design of their sport bottles because the curve on it is slight enough you can hold it while running and not have to stop. The funtainers rock too…who doesn’t love scooby doo and kung fu panda? Im so thrilled to see more BPA products for kiddos arriving on the scene. Cool stuff….off to look at the stuff i haven’t obviously seen yet…

  • LeighAnne Hallac

    Ok I just found something even cooler than anything I’ve seen before…the OnTray Grocery Cart Snack tray. Its a tray that snaps onto the grocery cart. I am a little OCD about germs on those carts but this snaps in place…and who doesn’t need a little help with entertaining kiddos while trying to market? Thats wonderful!

  • I would love to try the Foogo Food container.

  • Deborah

    Easy one. The one thing I’ve wanted to buy from them is the Natursutten pacifier! My daughter is hooked on soothers…and it kills me to think of the plastic she is sucking on!

  • Amanda

    Ooh, so many lovely things. I love the Funtainer jars, Laptop lunches, and Bambu utensils.

  • Amanda

    Just subscribed for their email updates!

  • Amanda

    Just did StumbleUpon, too.

  • Kim

    Think sport 25 oz stainless steel bottles are right up our ally

  • Christine

    Boon Squirt feeding spoon looks like a great way to feed baby food.

  • Wow, I’m usually just a lurker but I had to post for this one. I love the I Am Not a Paper Cup Ceramic Coffee Cup and the Little Tikes Turtle Bowl & Utensil Set is very cute. Bambu Kids Organic Bamboo Utensils and Dishes are so cool. Sassy Baby Feeding Utensils & Dishes & Evenflo Fun Sip Cups would be great. And isn’t that Sophie the Giraffe Natural Rubber Teether Toy just too cute!
    Thanks so much for your awesome blog and great give-aways!

  • I signed up for the Soft Landings Newsletter.

  • Melissa

    I like the Bambu utensils and the popsicle trays.

  • Melissa

    I signed up for their newsletter as well.

  • I love the Bambu utensils and dishes and the laptop lunch box for my elementary school aged son. I love Sophie the Giraffe for my six month old. BTW, thank you for this amazing site. I purchased a Natursutten pacifier, Razberry teether and Foogo cup for my baby, all based on your reviews!

  • Bena

    Definitely the Think Sport 25oz Stainless Steel Bottles. We already have the laptop lunchbox and we love those!

  • Jen

    Woooohooo! Great website link. Thank you!

  • Julie

    I like the Sophie giraffe !

  • Carrie Benitez

    Oh, I like everything! For the moment, I’m most interested in the teether samplers and laptop lunchboxes. And we use the Funtainers every day for lunches and think they’re great!

  • Molomatic

    I like the sip-a-bowls for getting every last drip of milk out of the bowl. Fun! This website has a great selection. It’s great to have someone qualified do the research for you!

  • Molomatic

    I also signed up for the email newsletter. It would be so great to win the coffee and tea prize pack!

  • Jody Dietsch

    I just bought the sampler bottle kit. How awesome! I can’t wait to get the teether sampler too. What a great site. They had a lot of brands that I didn’t know made safe toys, etc.

  • Pamela

    I have been wanting to purchase a new sport bottle … love the Think Sport 25 oz one! Thanks for the link! I’ll pass on to other friends and family.

  • Joan

    I so love the giveaways!!!

  • Mackenzie

    I like the turtle plate set and the ice cube letter trays. Thanks.

  • Anna

    I’m in love with the Laptop lunches and the carrying case. I also love the FUNtainers. I’m thrilled to be able to shop on their site and not have to worry about buying toxic plastics for my family.

  • Anna

    I signed up for their newsletter.

  • Susan

    My son would love the Sassy Chilly Dilly Daisy right now, it is a really neat teether.

  • Leslie

    I love the thinksport bottles.

  • Leslie

    I also signed up for their newsletter. Its a great site!

  • Dana

    What a great site! I love the Bambino plates and the spork. I also want to order the sip a cups since my twins are asking for straws all the time. I was looking for some good reusable straws but this looks like the answer!

  • julie

    I love the vulli teethers. My daughter loves the ones that smell like vanilla!

  • Dana

    I signed up for the newsletter as well! Thanks for all the great information.

  • Skysmom

    Wow.. that is a great site. So many things to choose from and great prices. My favorite products are the bamboo spoons, especially the one with the fork on one side and a spoon on the other. That will be a must have for my son. Thanks for showing everyone this great site

  • Skysmom

    ps. I also signed up for their newsletter :)

  • With a new little one on the way I am looking pretty close at the baby bottles. Baby number 1 did bottles, baby number 2 was exclusively breastfed, I don’t think we ever even owned a bottle for her, and I think I need to find a healthy middle ground for baby number 3. There seem to be a lot of great choices on this site.

  • P.S. – I stumbled as lavenderj

  • Luxe

    The I am not a paper cup ceramic coffee cup is really cute. I have seen it around and I really need to get one and use it at the local coffee shop.

  • Cheryl Crowe

    I like the Think Baby training sippy cup. In fact, I just ordered one from Soft Landing!

  • I loved the baby cubes breastmilk and food storage containers. When I was breastfeeding I used the plastic throw away things and these would have been much better! I will know better for next time. :) Reusable, safe stuff is awesome.

  • melissa najd

    I love that tea tumbler. this stuff is awesome

  • Naomi

    I love the BPA free sampler packs.

  • Elena

    What a wonderful giveaway!!

  • Cheryl W

    I like the Think Sport 25oz Stainless Steel Bottles! Thanks!

  • Julie

    Things I am in love with include the I am not a paper cup ceramic coffee cup and the laptop lunch bento box set in black and red.

  • Erika

    What a great site! I love the Klean Kanteen stainless steel sippy cups. What a great alternative to plastic. Another thing that caught my eye is the “OnTray Grocery Cart Snack Tray”…I’ve never seen such a thing but it seems like it’d be very useful!

  • Kerensa

    The Dog and Tiger lunchbags are adorable!

  • Valerie Otto

    I like the Sophie the Giraffe Natural Rubber Teether Toy, because my son has tons of giraffes in his room!

  • Valerie Otto

    I signed up for their newsletter.

  • Mom to Lucas

    I love the construction vehicle serving set! Way cool!

  • Danielle Wollner

    I totally want their Thermos Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle. And I love the Softlanding!

  • Becky

    I love the BPA free sippy cups – one place to go to get all the different brands.

  • Jen

    Lots of cool stuff! I like the funtainers.

  • Michelle Calloway

    I love the teething necklaces that The Softs Landing carries.

  • Ashley

    I signed up for their email subscription

  • Ashley

    I loved all their stuff. But, the things I would want to get first are:
    Built NY Munchlers for the kids or the laptop lunches
    Any of the Bambukids stuff
    Baby cubes b/c I make our baby food
    Klean Kanteens for the whole family
    BPA free Advanced Eating Kit

  • Karma

    I like the Sophie the Giraffe teething toy. It’s cuter than most teethers, and the kids could play with it as well as chew on it.

  • Greta

    I like the bibs with the pockets– these are great for toddlers who get more in their laps than their mouths! I also like the plastic water bottles– my husband does not like drinking from metal containers (something about reminding him of drinking from a canteen in the military), so this would be a great option for him. Also love the “I am not a paper cup” cup… so cute! : )

  • Severine

    I love the microweavable bowls, and the Sassy bowls. As my son learns to eat on his own, plastic is the best option in our routine, but no BPA or any other bad stuff in there! Love love love Soft landing!
    and YOu of course!!!! :)

  • Greta

    I signed up for the newsletter… I’m sure it will be a great reminder in the Christmas shopping months ahead!

  • Melanie North

    We love their Foogo straw bottles and I’ve been eying the Hydration bottles for myself!

  • Lauren Olmeda

    Two of my favorite products are the think sport water bottle and the foogo straw cups.

  • Heather

    I have been drooling over the Bento lunch boxes for some time now. :) I see on the site that the offer the Laptop Lunch Carrying Case too! Perfect for my kids to take their lunches to school in.

  • Kim

    I like the ThinkSport brand water bottle. It looks wonderful for hot tea and for cool water. I was also thrilled to read that Avent will soon be introducing BPA free pacifiers. They are the only ones my son will take.

  • Camille

    I love the Vulli teethers!

  • paige

    We are already big fans of the safety sippy and are planning to buy another, but those bambu plates and utensils are really the bomb!

  • Sarah

    I love their ThinkSport bottles.

  • jasmine

    the natural rubber duck

  • jasmine

    I also subscribed

  • Karen

    i’ve been meaning to try some of the boon feeding utensils, esp. the bendable fork and spoon!

  • Cindi

    Hello, What a fabulous giveaway prize package! I also really like the
    Laptop Lunch Carrying Case-Red!” Please enter my name in your fabulous drawing. I appreciate it. Many thanks…..Cindi

  • Cindi

    I am subscribed to your site. Cindi

  • Carrie

    I would love to try the Go BPA Free Sampler packs. What a great idea!

  • Dawn

    I love the Laptop lunches and the Bamboo bowls.

  • Mika

    I love the Bambu plate for kids!

  • Julie Draves

    I’m eyeing up the Foogo sippys. They look wonderful!

  • Chihiro

    Camden Rose Organic Wood Teether! Much yummier than plastic for gummy smiles.

  • We like the Bambu dishes. I think my daughters will each be receiving bamboo bowls and plates for Christmas (and we’ll be ditching any plastic ones left!). My husband would be thrilled with this giveaway. I would love to sneak this in with his birthday presents.

  • Kathy

    I would love a laptop lunchbox for wach of my twins!

  • Lisa

    I love all the great products at Soft Landing. My favorite is the Bamboo bowls. They are so cute and I love that they are safe and environmentally friendly.

  • jessica

    I love Sophie the Giraffe. She is so soft and fun. A cool teether that last beyond teething.

  • jessica

    I just signed up for the Soft Landing newsletter. Thanks for the advice to do so, now I’ll be in the know of cool new products and descussions in the news regarding green products for me and baby!

  • Lisa

    We love the iPlay Aqua Straw Bottle — finally a cup that DOES NOT LEAK! Plus, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg – bonus!

  • Christine U

    softlanding has a lot of great products we can use for ourself and our little baby. i would love to try out the foogo starter set. thanks

  • LISA

    I love the Safe Sippy! Seems like the next great sippy for my little boy! He has the Klean Kanteen and the Foogo Sippy.

  • Rebekah Fox

    I absolutely LOVE softlanding. I worried a lot during my pregnancy about protecting my little one from toxins (my mother in law says I am on the “fringe”–ha ha, jokes on her now all the reports on plastics are making the news). This site gives me peace of mind for bottles, dishes, teething toys, and bath toys. What a relief!

  • Therese

    I think that the laptop lunch box is a great idea! Would love to try it out with my son! But your new coffee and tea tumbler also looks great :)

  • Jenn Senior

    I like it all .. LOL .. love the selection of teethers .. sippies .. awesome stuff i have never seen !! i bookmarked the store and am signing up for the newsletter :) thanks for always reccomending cool sites !!

  • Jane

    The laptop lunchbox and Boon utensils are great!

  • Jane

    The Foogo product line looks awesome!

  • Steven

    We love the babycubes for storing our own made baby food, though we love some of a larger size.. And we already get the newsletter..

  • Elizabeth

    what a handy mug!

  • Catherine

    I love the Vulli teethers – Sophie is so cute

  • Catherine

    Also signed up for the newsletter!

  • Donna Y

    The Dano2 Circus Teethers would be a hit with my almost 9-month-old son. I might have to get that for a stocking stuffer!

  • Lindsay

    I love the soft landing I get a ton of stuff from there.

  • Gail

    Thinksport 25oz silver is awesome

  • Yeah, I am so excited to enter your giveaway! What a cool site. I especially love the “I am Not a Paper Cup”. I know a couple of people who need that for Christmas this year. :-)

  • Kada

    The BPA free sampler bottle kit is great! Gives a chance to find the best bottle for my baby.

  • emily

    I am so into the safe teether toys. I am so happy that there is a store out there dedicated to selling only safe toys while my baby is sticking everything in her mouth. I also did buy the bpa free sampler bottle kit this summer. It was great, it helped us settle on sassy MAM for our baby. btw, I am stumbling your website! thanks for the chance to win.

  • I love love love the “I Am Not a Paper Cup Ceramic Coffee Cup”! So cute, so earth-friendly! It’s going on my Christmas list!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • I have signed up for the Soft Landing newsletter! I’ve also been subscribed to their blog feed for quite a while now. Does that count for something? :)


    Thank goodness for this website and others like it. Finally, a place for mother to go for the truth about baby products.

  • Emily

    The Bambu plate and utensils are a great alternative to those icky melamine ones!

  • Andrea

    I love the Nuby Icy Bite Teething Key Ring, and so does my daughter. She has one and chews on it all the time.

  • willowsprite

    Thanks for the great giveaway. I love The Soft Landing! My favorite item so for has been the green to grow bottles. They have a lot of things I can’t find in stores. And they do the research on their products, which is THE greatest!

  • willowsprite

    I subscribe! :)

  • Andrea

    I signed up for the soft landing’s newsletter as well.

  • Brandy

    I’ve gotten bottles and Natursutten pacifiers from The Soft Landing, and now that we’re moving on, I’ve got my eye on the Nuby sippy cups and Bambu stuff.

  • Virginia

    My son LOVES the foogo sippy cups we got at this store, in addition to the sassy on the go feeding set – no more spills!!

  • Jamie

    The sippy cup sampler looks great.

  • Kerri

    I love the FUNtainers! The newsletter always has some great information.

  • Christine

    FUNtainers and Foogo straw cup of course and laptop lunchbox.

  • Maria R

    I love all their baby products … BPA free, PVC free, phalate free. I especially love the BPA-free teething sampler package. What a GREAT place to shop to ensure the health of your child!

  • Jaime

    Lots of neat stuff! It’s hard to choose just one but I really like the BPA free bottle sampler set!

  • joy

    I love the BPA-free sippy cups, especially the nuby 7oz tumbler… not too heavy for little hands!

  • Karen

    I have several Think Baby bottles from the Soft Landing that have worked really well for my son – trying to transition him from baby bottles to sippy cups for his milk (he’s almost 15 months) and this has worked really well for the last couple of months. Love that it is BPA free!

  • Lindsay

    I love the laptop lunch boxes and the stainless thermoses. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    I like the laptop lunches set!

  • Twice Five Miles

    I like the BPA-free babyfood freezer storage containers… and I just bought some! :)

  • Kelly

    think sport bottles

  • Heather C

    I LOVE all of the Foogo stuff, especially the straw bottles.

  • Marian

    love froggo and sigg

  • colleen

    laptop lunch bento box sets and sophie the giraffe

  • Heidi

    I’m interested in the lunch boxes that they have. I also like the baby food storage containers that are safe for your food and baby.

  • I love the preserve toothbrushes.

  • Andrea

    Well I have bought more than I should from Soft Landing and their blog is the best for current 411 on safety issues like BPA, melamine, etc.

    Fave purchases include the Klean Kanteen, Siliskin, Bambu utensils and Laptop Lunchboxes and I know there is more on my wishlist.

  • Becky

    I love the FUNtainer stainless steel food containers &Thermos for school lunches. With one son in Kindergaten and one in Preschool, school lunches are just around the corner…and I need to think about these things! Thanks for the info!

  • Becky

    I also signed up for their newsletter!

  • Sue

    Lots of great stuff at the soft landing: natursutten pacifiers, foogo straw cups, fresh baby food trays…. Thanks!

  • staci

    there are so many things i would like. I just need to save up :) I enjoy getting the newsletters

  • I twittered about it today :)

  • Stumbled ya too :)

  • I’d love to try the Think Baby 9oz Training Cup with my little guy.

  • ashley

    I like the “I am not a paper cup” cup

  • Lo

    I like the Avent BPA free baby bottles

  • Lindsey

    Being a mom of three kids 4 and under we would use quite a bit of the stuff they sell. I love the laptop lunchbox…I have been looking for one of those. I also love the grocery cart snack…oh how nice it would be not to have to fumble with trying to feed a little one snacks while trying to grocery shop.

  • Lindsey

    I signed up for the newsletter…not sure what twitter and stumble are??

  • Jenni Carmen

    Because I have two kids I am interested in the sippy cups and bowls but something that I saw on their site was Baby Cubes Breastmilk and Food Storage Containers that I think are pretty cool! They could be used for a lot of different things. I also thought that the Built NY Munchlers Insulated Lunch Bag – Lefty the Dog was extremely cute!

  • Those coffee cups are neat! Thanx for sharing the Soft Landing sight with us! I have recently begun looking into alternatives to my the “traditional” plastic sippy cups that my daughter currently uses! I personally love the Klean Kanteen sippies… but thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the other possibilities there are (esp the Foogo!)! Thanx again!

    but I am about to splurge – the plastic cups (Nuby) she’s drinking out of is *so* bothering me lately!

  • BTW, I stumbled this for you!! ;-)

  • Lindsay

    I love the Nuby Sippy Cups!

  • Jen

    I would love to try the Camden rose organic wood teether for my little girl!

  • jennifer r

    Definately the Adiri bottles. BPA free baby!

  • Kristen

    The FUNtainers and Foogo bottles are great.

  • Deborah

    I love the Bambu plates and utensils. I also love the Aladdin Lunchbox and Laptop Lunch Box!

  • Deborah

    I signed up for their newsletter. I should have done it a while ago. I love their mission and products!

  • Allison

    I like the freezer cubes for making baby food!

  • rebecca

    I love the Aladdin lunchbox! and have done fo sometime, BPA free, but at $50 I can’t justify it right now, maybe next semester.

  • Norris Family

    Nuby Wacky Ware Utensils – Green & Yellow are our faves, thanks for the give away.

  • Norris Family

    great selection of safe teethers, our choice is the Vulli Vanilla Chan Pie Gnon Teether in Pink. (funny name LOL)

    thanks so much.

  • Mary

    I like the Go BPA Free Teether Sampler – I’ve been looking for something like this! Thanks for letting me know about this site!

  • Mary

    I just signed up for their newsletter!!

  • We added this giveaway to our “Free Stuff” page at

  • Stefanie Stricker

    I love everything but my favorite is the Boon Fluid sippy. My 11 month old LOVES it. Easy clean and no leaks.

  • Anne MArie

    love the kleen kanteen products, kids feeding products – those construction utensils are too cute! i love that you can order sample packs…

  • Anne MArie

    I subscribed too!

  • Lydia

    I would love to give the tea strainer one to my sister for a gift!

  • Cindy

    I like the I am not a paper cup cup and all kleen kanreen products :)

  • The safe sippy looks like a great cup for kids.

  • Trisha

    I love the organic wooden teethers- what a great way to use less plastic!

  • barbara mallett

    I’m into the lunch box option’s featuring the likes of “Aladdin lunch Box, very smart look…

  • Mandy

    Bamboo dishes and utensils!

  • Go Amie

    I love the Think Sport bottles!

  • Michelle

    I want the BabyCubes storage containers!

  • Michelle

    And I subscribed to the newsletter. Thanks!

  • Tina

    I’m loving the Aladdin Lunch & Go Lunchbox!

  • Bethany

    I love their organic wood teethers!

  • Bethany

    I also signed up for the newsletter. Thanks for sharing about this great company!

  • anna seo

    there are so many products on soft landing that interest me!! definitely the baby bottles (i’m a borne free fan myself) and the bpa free teethers…my baby puts everything in his mouth, and i had big concerns about what kind of plastic his toys were made out of (most of them didn’t have a recycling number to follow) so i just replaced most of them with teethers from soft landing!

  • Sherry R

    Ooh, I love the laptop lunch box, and we have Sophie and my son loves her. So of course, she needs her Chan friend.

  • Sherry R

    And I subscribed. But I think the I Am Not a Paper Cup Ceramic Coffee Cup may be on someone’s gift list for Xmas.

  • Lisa

    I like the sassy toothbrush – my son needs one now, and the bambu utensils. And the Nuby sippy cups. So many great things there.

  • Lisa

    I signed up for the SL newsletter, too!

  • Christine Tincher

    I love the ThinkSport stainless steel bottles, I love that they’re insulated.

  • Karen

    I love the funtainers food jars, great character choices for the kids. I love that there are more and more choices out there than plastics.

  • kari erickson

    Hey Tiffany,

    As the mother of a 6 week old baby girl I’m most interested in the Adiri Natural Nurser and the Natursutten rubber pacifier. I avoided bottles and pacifiers all together with my first child to avoid her putting plastic in her mouth. Now with healthier options both my new baby and I will get to enjoy more time with daddy!

  • Terri Dell

    I like the Think Sport 25oz Stainless Steel Bottle – Black

  • tricia

    First I would like to thank you for the website. I have been looking at tavel mugs and trying to find BPA free ones. Perfect timing.
    I love the Bamboo plates and utensils on the Soft Landing site, Thanks

  • Amy N

    I love that there are so many products in one place. Lots of great gift ideas for my girlfriend who is expecting. I like the reference guides and the great baby bottle comparison chart that you can download. Thanks for great links to other great sites.

  • Ann

    Great products! I think the “I Am Not a Paper Cup ” is funny and cool. I almost wish I had more babies for the cool products available! I am excited that they have the Jr. recyclable toothbrushes. I have only seen the adult ones so far. I bookmarked the site. Thanks!

  • Darcy

    What a great company. I like to do practical for the holidays and have several nephews on the way… many great ideas here. The Foogo sippy cups are my current favorite for my toddler. The stainless steel never smells or tastes plast-icky and the insulation works great to keep drinks cool in our AZ summers.

  • Mary Green

    Great product!

  • erica s

    i love the safe sippy and the bambu bowls and utensils and…i could go on and on!

  • Love their FUNtainer Straw Bottles & Food Jars

    Thanks for this great giveaway!
    callmeabookworm AT gmail DOT com

  • Pamspride

    I love the mother’s milk mate BM storage, FUNtainers, and popsicle containers!

  • Kat

    The insulated lunch boxes (probably the dog over the tiger), and the plates for kids.

  • Rosa

    My son loves Sophie the giraffe and his boon feeding utensils. I would love to check out the on the Aladdin lunch and go feeding set, and for our son, the on the go feeding set, the natural rubber duck and Bambu dish and utensil set.

  • Jill

    Sophie the Giraffe Natural Rubber Teether Toy is just Too Cute!

    Thanks :)

  • Chelle

    I really like the Safe Sippy Cup. That looks perfect for my little girl. Thanks for introducing me to such a good site!

  • Betty

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  • Betty

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    Thanks for telling us about this site and thanks to both you and them for the awesome giveaway prizes!

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    I would love to be entered if I’m eligible (I’m from Canada), thank you!

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    Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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  • The winner is comment #52 Princess Momma!!!