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Natural Eczema Control

by Tiffany in Beauty, Freebies

Fortunately for me we don’t have any family members that suffer from eczema but I certainly sympathize with those that do. It is basically is an allergic condition that affects the skin and can cause redness, skin edema (swelling), itching and dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, oozing, or bleeding. I can only imagine how awful it would be to have this or to have children plagued by it. :( I imagine that those parents try a range of different products to give their little ones relief and I also imagine that most of them do not have very safe or natural ingredients. Chemical ingredients could just further irritate the skin too. That is why I think parents might want to give exederm a try.

Exederm is made by a company that believes people with sensitive skin need products with less irritants… harsh chemicals, unnecessary additives and unproven herbal ingredients. Their product ingredient list has many highlights:

No Fragrance
No Color or Dyes
No Parabens
No Lanolin
No Sodium Laureth Sulfate
No Propylene Glycol
No Formaldehyde
No Phthalates

Wohoo! Their system revolves around 3 different products… the exederm flare control cream, intensive moisture cream, and the cleansing wash for sensitive skin. If you click on the link above you will see how their product ingredients compare to all the other leading eczema products.

So ready to give exederm a try? Also here is a coupon code for $5.00 off at “Naturemoms1”.


Saturday, November 15th, 2008

90 Comments on Natural Eczema Control

  • Lindsey

    Oh my goodness, how awesome would it be to win your giveaway! I have suffered from eczema since I was about 10 years old (I’m almost 25 now). I’ve always had it on my legs, and sometimes on my arms, but in the last year and a half I have developed it all over my hands, and it’s really impairing me (both at work and in social situations). My hands are dry and cracked, they itch horribly, and at times the skin peels off and bleeds. I have tried everything, and I’m currently on two different prescriptions, but I would LOVE to try something more natural – I feel like all I ever do is rub chemicals all over myself!

  • I would love to win this pack for a friend of mine – her baby suffers from eczema big time and it’s so sad! They just had to move and the economy is taking its toll on funds. This would be the coolest if I could give her this gift :) :)


  • I have two kids with eczema and it gets especially bad in winter so perfect timing of this one. I usually use Vaseline and some steroidal ointments but will try this one for sure. May the random odds Gods find me worthy this time!!! :)

  • Jennifer D

    I would love to try this product on my daughter who has bad eczema on her hands. It tends to be dormant in warm weather but flairs up this time of year.

  • Jess

    The timing on this is perfect, even if I don’t win, thanks for the great information! My 6 month old just developed an awful case of eczema, from head to toe, itchy and scratchy and awful. I’m loathe to give him steroids, but want him to get better quickly. anything to ease his pain would be wonderful.

  • This would be such a great product for my sons! I just had them into the peds last week because my older son’s eczema is getting so bad he’s bleeding and itching all over. My younger son’s is just starting to get bad. I’m sick of using Aveeno because it just doesn’t cut the problem. I’m hopeful this is the answer!!!

  • And you’re listed in the “Blogs I Dig” section of my blog. :)

  • Jeanette

    I work with my hands as a chef and over time they’ve become so irritated and plagued by excema, especially in the cold weather. I would love to try this product!

  • Monica

    Thanks for the heads up on this product, I think I’ll grab some and give it a try.
    I wrote recently about our battle with Eczema and how we managed to solve some underlying issues although I find that her skin is still ULTRA sensitive.
    I have to say you are right that parents dealing w/ Eczema have had a long search for a good product and it’s only made harder when you are picky about the ingredients!

  • J

    It is perfect timing for an eczema solution! My baby AND her daddy both have eczema. Thanks for the coupon!

  • Both my boys (19mos and 3mos) have eczema. We’ve yet to find anything to help. I just heard about this product the other day from a friend and viola! Here it is!!!


  • I would love to put this product to the test. I have a sister who has tried almost everything and is finding no relief (even from most of the natural products I’ve suggested) Sounds great and very needed for those you suffer.

  • Debbie

    We’d love to try this line of products. The winter is an enemy – causing dry skin and excema every year. Getting it under control would be nice.

  • Felisha

    What great information.
    I would love to win this to send to my brother. He has eczema and it always flares up in the winter.

  • Julie

    My 7 year old son could greatly benefit from this; we have yet to find anything that really works on his eczema.

  • My poor son has had eczema since he was six months old. He’s 11 now. I can’t imagine what it’s like for him, to be so uncomfortable in his own skin 24 hours a day. I’m always willing to try something new that isn’t essentially slathering my child in steroids.

  • Katie

    I found your website a few weeks ago and I have spent every free moment reading all your posts. I have learned so much and I am so inspired. I have tried everything on my daughters eczema and although I think she gets some releif, it doesn’t really get better. I would love to give this product a shot!

  • We adopted two boys this year that have eczema. I have tried so many different creams and none really do the trick. I would love to win this.

  • Cynthia Clinton

    Hi there! I was introduced to your blog through my Twitter friend, Carole Fogarty. Your site here is awesome! I love the graphics. Did you do them yourself?

    Anyway, I’d love to win one of these. I’ve had excema since I was a kid (46 now) and I’ve noticed it’s much worse with any kind of stress. Jewelry worn on the hands seems to make it much worse as well. I hope this stuff is the magic bullet.

    Thanks for the coupon and many blessings to you.

  • I am totally flaring up right now, it is always worse in the winter! Nothing seems to be working for me right now so I’d love to give something new and natural a try!

  • sadez

    What remarkable timing! I just discovered your blog today (through the Green & Eco Friendly Art Supplies for Children page), and now this! I outgrew my childhood eczema, but 10 yrs ago it returned with a vengeance — all over my palms. Nothing really works, so I have basically resigned myself to a life with crummy hands (it’s amazing how much you need those…), sometimes cracked and bleeding, almost always scratchy and sore. But the worst is when your child says your hands are too scratchy to touch her. :( I had never heard of this product, so I am excited! Thanks for the post!!

  • Amanda

    I would like to try exederm on my 1 yr. old! He has eczema from head to toe and I can’t even guess how uncomfortable he is as the patches down his back and legs are always so dry and red. I also tried cortisone with no success…so I’d love some help!

  • aimee c.

    i wouldn’t mind trying something that might actually work for my son’s eczema. the doctor’s have prescribed 2% hydrocortisone, but it seems to have caused hyperpigmentation on his skin. i would like to try something more natural! thank you!

  • Jessica

    My 23 month old son has suffered with excema since he was born. We’ve tried every product on the market (natural and chemical) it seems, but this one is a new one to me and I’d love to see if it helps! Thanks for educating us about such great products.

  • Colleen Sherman

    I would love to try this for my 18 month old who definitely suffers from eczema. My other two daughters suffer from it during the colder, winter months as well. I have been looking for a product that doesn’t have all the “stuff” in it but that actually works! Thanks for the coupon!

  • Paige

    I so could use this, I am having an expecially bad time of it lately and one finger that I have started giving pep talks to! I am hating all this rx stuff, this last one makes it so that i cant touch anything for an hour. Please give me hope.

  • Trisha

    This product sounds awesome. My husband has excema and the prescription the doctor prescribed lists malaria as a rare but possible side effect! Crazy!

  • Mrsgarageflower
  • Jaclyn Michele

    My son has eczema (18 months old) and isn’t at an age to know not to scratch at it so if I don’t keep him in long sleeves and pants all the time he scratches his arms, shoulders, legs, belly, until it bleeds. :( I have tried a ton of different products, many natural remedies but nothing seems to help his skin. I would love to try this product in hopes he could see some relief!

  • Mrsgarageflower

    My sweet son suffers from eczema, particularly this time of year. This would be wonderful to try. We use straight from petroleum mixed with more chemical soup Eucerin. I would love to find something else, something natural to keep him from scratching until there is blood. Even if we don’t win, I hope someone who does will post their evaluations of the product here. :)

  • The baby and I both have eczema (poor kid, with an 80% chance of getting it from me, she didn’t stand a chance) and becuase of that we live in a fragrance-free home. We both use Aveeno products, but in the winter, it’s just not enough for my skin. I’m worried that it won’t be enough for her either so I’m excited to hear about something new to try!

  • Kimberly Herbert

    I have a current out break on my heels that means I can’t walk properly each morning until the skin fissures or tears. My outbreaks have been cut by about 90% by using epson salts in my bath. I know it sounds nuts to use something drying in the bath, but it keeps the swelling down. This stops the fissures and allows the skin to heal.

  • I’ve had eczema and allergies since I was a child, and my 7 year old son also has it. It truly is miserable! We frequently buy a barrage of creams and lotions (and allergy meds) to try to curb it, but this year has been the worst! Even the so called “calming” lotions make it flare up. :( I’d be curious to find out how Exederm works.

  • deb

    This product would be great to try! My youngest (19mos) has excema, just like her father. :)

  • Christina

    My 6 year old daughter has had eczema all her life. I have eliminated dairy and wheat out of her diet, which helps but not completely. I have tried many natural products, oil blends, salves and OTC homeopathics, some work for awhile, some don’t at all. It is a constant battle. I would love to try another brand. thank you for the information.

  • my 7 month old baby girl developed eczema at 8 weeks. she gets it in the crevices of her little rolls, her neck folds and behind her knees. an elimination diet on my part provided no answers and i HATED having to resort to using a prescription cream, only after trying cetaphil, weleda, aveeno, more baths, less baths, all natural products, etc. she’s still too small to be tested for potential allergens and i would love a natural alternative to treat her outbreaks with!

  • Meredith

    I would love to try this product for my son. He is 4 and has had eczema since he was born. We are now on our 2nd allergist because his condition is so complicated. He has environmental allergies as well as many food allergies. There are hardly any creams are lotions we can use, so I would love to try this one to see if it would calm his skin down.

  • My 3yo Little Critter gets ezcema bad on her heiny… She then runs to the bathroom and rubs whatever she can find (soap, shampoo, lotion) all over and ends up making it worse!!!

  • Cindi

    Hello, My niece has a condition known as “Reynaud’s Syndrome.”
    It is brought on when the temperature falls below 55*. It has to do with circulation problems. Her hands and feet become very red and irriated.
    Her hands look very red, dry and sore. I would love to try this product for her skin condition. Please enter my name in your fabulous drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

  • I would love to try this stuff. My 2 year old has suffered from ezcema since birth, along with multiple food allergies. We have tried hundreds of products with her, trying to find the right combo to bring her relief.

  • Mom to Lucas


  • Melissa Moulder

    These products sound wonderful!!! I would love to give one of these to my nephew who has suffered from severe eczema for years now. I also am planning to pass this along to my patients once I am finished with my FNP degree! Thanks!

  • Erin A

    My best friend’s daughter has horrible eczema. No one has been able to give her any ideas that have actually worked to relieve it. I know she would be willing to try anything.

  • Bianca Citino Fleck

    I just figured out my 4 year old has eczema and would love to try this product out to see how it works for him. He’s very fair and I do the best to keep his diet organic and wash with method detergent and organic soaps and shampoos! Thank you!

  • Lea Mommy Greenest

    Eczema plagued my son for 2 years. We finally gave up on our MD (who gave me steroidal creams) and went to an ND (naturopathic doctor). He began by doing sensitivity testing on him to find out what caused his little body stress. He insisted that the cause of the eczema came from the inside. We treated it through diet restriction and supplements as well of course with natural creams to help with the itching til we could get it under control. Exederm sounds like a terrific product to help soothe and treat the itch.

  • tricia

    I would love to win this for my husband. We only doing things naturally and his eczema can really get bad. I have been looking for a natural option. Thanks for all your great info.

  • Oh my gosh! I hate having exema, this would be GREAT

    Thanks so much for the opportunity

  • Kris

    My wife has this and so does my son, this would come in very handy

  • Vicki

    It would be the greatest blessing for my 30 year old daughter to receive your free prize because she has sufferred the absolute worst case of eczema for the last 2 years since becoming pregnant. She is totally “green” and organic and tried everything I can buy her to try.Stress doesn’t help and her husband lost his job 2 weeks after their baby came and was without a job for over a year. They have no insurance so any medical help has been impossible. If we do not win your free offer, I thank you so very much for the coupon as that in itself is a bonus! Thank you for the info as we neither one had heard of this particular product.

  • Jennifer

    Ah Eczema… such a lovely friend to have! Yes, both my daughter and myself suffer from this, and my hubby to some extent. My daughter currently has the rash on her neck, and while the Dr. prescribed the hydroccortizone ointment for her, it thins the skin down so much that we have to limit its use. We had to go to the 15% ointment because something in the cream was burning her skin. Not cool.
    Even if I don’t win though, I’m thankful for the resource! I’m always looking for natural ways to help – we have done oatmeal baths, keeping natural lotions slathered on her, using all natural goat milk soap, cutting dairy, etc, and sometimes it helps stop the flare-ups… but not all of the time.
    Thanks again for a great resource!

  • Jhanae

    I have battled with eczema my entire life. I get it on my hands, arms neck and face. Over the years, I’ve taken steroids, tried weird diets, and several other eczema “cures”. Now i’m just used to having “bad skin days”. My senior pictures and my wedding were a bad skin days, and I hate looking at the pictures with badly covered up red blotches on my cheeks and huge nasty patches on my arms- thankfully I’m hiding my hands (like always) in them. Now my two year old son is starting to break out continuosly. I would love to find a product that works for him before he has to deal with the nasty comments from peers about his eczema that I know all to well.

  • My little guy (1 1/2 yrs old) has been battling eczema since he was 11 mos old – still haven’t quite figured out how to get it under control and we realy don’t want to resort to medication stronger than the mild steroid cream we are currently using. I would love to give Exederm a try!

  • Michelle

    My infant daughter was just diagnosed with eczema – it’s terrible! We’ve been able to control it with Aquaphor but it would be great to try Exederm!

  • Michelle

    Your post is also on my blog.

  • Rachel

    My 3 year old has suffered from eczema since she was an infant, and boy, it can get rough! We live in Boston, so the extreme cold weather is a big obstacle. We’ve even used a strong steroid when necessary, but I hate doing that. Our family is in a transition stage, trying to move away from parabens and phthalates and standard drugstore products to more natural products and more organic foods, but the cost is difficult. We would love to try something natural, nontoxic, and effective! Thanks.

  • Jessica

    I’d love to try this as both my kids have eczema and we try to use as many natural products as possible. I’d love something that works and avoids harmful chemicals.

  • julie

    I can’t wait to try this for my husband! We’re hoping our little one doesn’t get this too!

  • lindsay

    I would love to win. I have eczema since a child and now struggle still as an adult and mother now. I itch and my skin is so dry. I have tried every product under the sun. I am tired of looking like a burn victim on my hands and wrists and arms. I would love to try this product since I have never tried this one, atleast not yet. Thanks,

  • Nikki

    Would love to give it a try! My six yr old has frequent outbreaks- even on her eyelids and now my 2yr old has developed it on his bootie!

  • Kelly

    i have rosacea so these would be great!

  • Sharon

    I would love to try this product! I had it so bad all over my hands that I had to wrap my fingers in gauze numerous times throughout the day. People were always asking me what happened to your hands??!! Just last week I finally gave in to the steroid creams which seems to be helping, but I hate having to put these chemicals onto/into my body. Another alternative would be great!

  • Thanks so much for sharing Exederm with us! My son have suffered for so long with eczema outbreaks that we can’t remember what it’s like to be without them. We would love to win, but will be trying Exederm regardless!

    I also blogged about the contest (

  • My son suffers terribly from eczema and it seems like I’ve tried everything under the sun. Except this . . . maybe this would help. Willing to try most anything.

  • Lindsay

    My brother suffers from terrible eczema on his hands and I would love to have him try this! He works in a restaurant and uses his hands daily to pick up hot plates, etc. I really want to see if this works. And I love hearing about natural remedies.

  • Caitlin

    What a great find. MY DD gets eczema really bad on her cheeks and chin. She itches until she has little red marks all over her face. It is heartbreaking. Her case is related to food allergies, but we are constantly trying different things for when she has flare-ups. Thanks for the info!

  • i have eczema and this sounds great! i will have to check it out. also, for those mama’s who’s sweet baby has eczema, put breastmilk on it! it was the best thing that i could do for my eczema. my DD thankfully has not shown signs of it. but seriously — i have tried a bunch of different creams and remedies — prescription and natural — and nothing has worked as well as breastmilk. of course, breastmilk is only available until the baby weans, so it will be great to have an safe alternative like this.

  • michelle y

    My oldest son has eczema, I would love to try something natural! Hydrocortisone grosses me out…

  • John

    I do not suffer from eczema, but my brother has for the last 17 years. His disease is not the common variety, but a chronic type that never really goes away or responds to treatment. During the harder months of the year, he has to wear rubber gloves on his hands to prevent the lesions from bursting and bleeding. He wears them whether at home or at work, and being in sales, I can’t imagine how humiliating it is for him.

    He is now the father of two sons. His first son was diagnosed with a learning disability similar to autism. When his second son was born, they found that he too was born with the same condition. He and his wife have struggled to provide special attention to both of their children, driving 80 miles one way 3 days a week to a clinic for children with learning disabilities.

    Unfortunately, they also found recently that the youngest child is inflicted with the same skin disease that my brother has. They have to use special cleansing agents in everything from laundry, bath soap, and even dish detergent. Even the residue from detergent on a dish is enough to cause a breakout on the youngest child.

    I would like to think that this product would help my brother and his son, and maybe give them one less problem to worry about.

    Thanks for reading,

  • Bucky

    I need to try this. I’ve suffered horribly since I was a child. Thanks for the info.

  • Helen

    my husband suffers from terrible eczema on both his hands and his feet. He is a musician so the cracking/bleeding hands are excruciating for him this time of year. People have always suggested different products but nothing ever seems to work. We would LOVE to try this product!!

  • OH i could really use this! Both DS and I have been struggling with eczema for a couple years now.

  • Irene J Cockerham

    This is how i found out about this contest

    I have exzema all over my hands beleive it or not. And when I had my son it got worse. )-:

  • Cindi ~ Moomettesgram

    I’d like to win this for my new grandson, who was born in August. He’s developed Exzema on his head. With winter coming to New England soon, my daughter thinks it will only get worse. My husband’s brother had a bad case of Exzema as a baby, so it might run in our family. My daughter is very eco-concious and we have all started to primaril use and try more natural products.

  • Wendi

    I’m prego and have eczema that flares up with the cold dry winter weather. Alas, my prescription ointment is off limits while I’m pregnant, so I’m relying on anything I can find that helps. It would be delightful to give this a try. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Elisabeth

    My daughter has had a really bad outbreak of eczema this fall and we have been through the gamut of creams, salves, and home-made remedies, to no avail. This product sounds wonderful and we would love to have some on hand to treat her eczema which is all over her precious little face, of all places! We are also seeing our homeopath to treat her, but it seems to be a slow process involving an elimination diet and a constitutional remedy. This product would be especially helpful as winter has not set in here in the northeast and the air is dry and cold, making it that much worse.
    Thanks Tiffany, for another great review of a natural product!

  • Kathy

    My twins dtr gets eczema. I’d love to try this product.

  • Linda

    My young son has eczema. When he was a baby he’d chew his hands until they were raw and I didn’t realize what was wrong. He usually gets it on his knees and elbows, but for some reason he had a huge flare-up all over his body. I’m trying to find natural creams that work because I hate to use steroids.

  • Keisha Foster

    It would be such a blessing to win this package. For the past few months, I have been diligently looking for a natural remedy for eczema. I’m currently 7 1/2 months pregnant and experienced a bad breakout of eczema this summer that still has not healed, has left me with some bad scarring and seems only to be getting worse in these winter months. Also this would be great for my sixteen month old daughter who gets a patch on her neck.

  • every winter my son struggles with eczema and we are now in northdakota! he could really use this!

  • I am dealing with eczema on myself right now. Behind my knees and in my elbows. Ow! I would love to get some relief!

  • Sheila Bannister

    What a wonderful gift this would be for my mother-in-law who suffers terribly with eczema. Even though our relationship is rocky at best, I don’t wish her ill and suffering and maybe this would earn me some brownie points!

  • Amity

    My son developed eczema at 18 months when we moved to a new house. For the first year, we tried the allergy rx and elidel cream. Nothing worked, and the dr. told me I shouldn’t put the elidel on my son when I was pregnant with our 2nd child. I thought, why should I put it on my child if I can’t touch it when I’m pregnant?
    So we had a Bioenergetic assesment done on him at age 4 and found the things he was allergic to. 3 of them were chemicals in berber carpet. When we moved a year later to a house with mostly hardwood, his eczema almost disappeared. During minor spring flareups with grass pollen in the spring, we use Jojoba oil and un-petroleum jelly and make sure he is eating plenty of vegetables. I highly recommend natural options rather than medical intervention!

  • Ashley

    It would come in very handy for me. My 3 year old daughter gets it on her arms and scratches it like crazy. Something to soothe it would help her out because she has even started scratching it in her sleep to the point where it bleeds. We have tried everything (except this). We have also discovered that our 10 month old son has it on his cute little tummy ans would love to have a natural product that would help him.

  • Amy

    If I were to win this product, it would go to my step-sister who has her baby on steroids and a myriad other RX drugs for his eczema. I hate to see such a wee one on these horrible drugs, but she doesn’t know what else to do. This would help her so much. Thanks!

  • Mommy of three

    This giveaway would be wonderful for several members of my family. I myself have horrible eczema on my hands. I avoid using steriods so the situation doesn’t really improve without them.. it would ge amazing to try something natural that works. My daughters have also started getting it on their hands.. the worst is when it gets to the point where it bleeds :(.
    Does anyone know if this is available in Canada? Thanks!

  • The winners are: The winners are #57 Jhanae, #86 Mommy of three, #5 Ellisa Kobylak!! Congrats!!

  • hey, I tried the coupon code and it didn’t work.

  • Katey

    I m glad to found that product. because my daughter and I have eczema . I wonder which are best burt’s bee or natural eczema control? because I m tired of looking what best lotion for my daughter and me too..

  • NellyDoretha

    My son suffers from eczema, Foderma serum is the only thing that has worked to clear it up, This serum seems to work for every and any skin irritation! It even smells good! Thank you so much!