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Piggy Paints Non Toxic Nail Polish for Kids

Nail Polish for Little Girls

Remember my post awhile back about toxic nail polish and my search for something better for my daughter. Some of the ingredients of conventional nail polish are scary…Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde and toluene so of course I hesitated to let my daughter polish her nails. But I did find many safe options and just stumbled upon another this weekend, Piggy Paints! They are non-toxic, odorless, and very kid friendly. Their slogan is “natural as mud”. They use natural ingredients that dry to a hard, durable finish. There are no toxic chemicals; it’s free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone. They also have a safe nail polish remover. Piggy Paints are a big hit with my daughter. The nail polish dries pretty quickly (1-2 minutes) with a blow dryer and the color is very vibrant and pretty. I love the suggestions on the piggy paints site for distracting young kids while their nails dry too. While I got my camera my own daughter gave herself a blue eyebrow. They have some amazing colors my daughter is in love with. I like Dandelion Dance and Dragon Tears. In the picture below my daughter is wearing Tea Party for Two and Girls Rule! Piggy Paints get two very emphatic thumbs up from us!

Nail Polish

  • Amber

    Oh, yay! I was concerned about that previous post and sad… :/ i love nail polish! Thanks for this follow up!!!

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m so excited about this. My daughter loves having her nails painted and I cringe ever time.

  • Jessica

    Great! My daughter loves painting her nails but we rarely do because of the chemicals.

  • I was so excited to see this that I contacted the founder of Piggy Paints and am now a retailer! Thank you soooo much Tiffany!

  • These are great! My daughters put “make-up (stuff for nails)” on their letters to Santa this year and I wasn’t sure that one would get filled! I guess it can now!

  • Thanks for sharing! I’ve never seen this product before (I’m in Canada). There’s another natural nail polish up here called Suncoat that I’ve tried. I love the piggy paints colour!

  • Jennifer Wenzel

    I have friends who are always looking for better products for their girls to use (and me for when my boy want to join in! These colors are great. Now, I wonder how long they lasted…

    • About a week with an active little girl.

    • About a week with an active little girl.