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Christopher Pop-In-Kins

by Tiffany in Children, Green Holidays

Christopher Popinkins doll

I recently discovered a CUTE new toy for the holiday season…only this toy isn’t so much a gift but a fun new holiday tradition. It is the Christopher Pop-In-Kins doll and book. As we read in the adorable book that comes with this doll, Christopher is one of Santa’s little elves and even though he loves making toys for boys and girls he desperately wants to visit the children in their homes the way Santa does. So he has a talk with Santa and it is decided that Christopher can play a game with children during the Christmas holidays. He will pop into their homes and hide someplace up high where little fingers can’t grab him and take his magic away. Then every morning he will hide someplace new and delight as the children go searching for him.

It is an adorable book and game…kind of like a Christmas version of Where’s Waldo. The adorable red headed elf is eager and ready to “pop” in to your home every year. It could make for a very fun holiday tradition as parents hide Christopher and kids come looking. He is a plush doll with some plastic pieces but he since the idea is not to let kids touch him (cause then he just turns into a regular doll) he should last for years and years of fun and then perhaps become a part of your grandkids holiday fun.

My kids are having a great time “playing” with Christopher. ;) The set comes in a nice box with the doll and book for the affordable price of $24.95. Make sure to check out this funny Flickr photostream of all the places people are hiding their Christoper Pop-In-Kins.

Friday, December 5th, 2008

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  • Good idea!
    I really like the thought of Elf hiding, frankly Elf anything. I am still way more interested in Elves than I have been of Santa.

    Thanks you for such a wonderful and meaning contribution to our life.
    I have been “lurking about” your blog for some time now.

    You do a lot of leg work that I really appreciate.
    Thank you Tiffany.
    Cheers from Eli Mordecai, Felice, Benn and Mickey too!

    I linked to you on my Studio Blog.
    Next I will link you to Life With Eli Mordecai Blog!
    Every little of juicyness will be shared with my modest crew of blog followers!