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Automoblox Wooden Cars and Trucks

Automoblox Toys

My two boys love to take things apart and put them together. They love to create/invent new things too. Unfortunately most toys that allow for this type of thing are plastic…it is just easier to make interchangeable parts in plastic than in wood. Automoblox is a fairly new toy that I think gives us the best of both worlds. They have made a line of wooden automobiles that have plastic attachments. The bulk of the vehicle is wood that comes apart in sections and the plastic parts like the wheels, windows, and people are plastic and interchangeable so that with just a few cars or trucks you can create a ton of new customized vehicles. Wheels can be alternating colors and you can put a flat bed on a car, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Both of my boys like cars (big surprise) so I was eager to see if they liked Automoblox and they really did. Not long after my oldest son took the T9 truck for a test drive he was eager to get more so that he could start designing his own vehicles. The quality is tops too. These vehicles will stand up to rough play.

They get a thumbs from me for several reasons. They partially use sustainable materials when most counterparts use all plastic. They are quality toys that will last and they inspire creative play, design, and imagination. The interchangeable pieces help with problem solving too and kids enjoy playing with them. They have all the makings of a good toy.

At right now you can get a combo pack of Mini Automoblox vehicles…the C9 is Red, the T9 is Green, and the S9 is Blue.

Toy Wood Truck

  • Sheri

    I agree with you — those Automoblox are fantastic!

    Target (here in Columbus) had them on clearance before summer. I stocked up because they were marked down to $4.98. What a deal! They are really well-made and high quality, and my 3 boys are pretty rough on the pieces but so far those little cars are still in good shape. Sometimes the rubber treads on the tires slip off easily, they might need some super-glue :) I didn’t know they had people though! Will have to peek around for those online.

    The background in the pic of your cute son is very cool — can’t tell if that’s really a distressed and worn-out wall, or if it was made to look that way. I like!

  • Sheri,

    The wall is painted to look old and distressed and with bricks behind it. ;)

  • These look so fun; my son is getting the 3pack minis for Christmas. I think he’s going to love them!

  • Great blog. Found you in blogamama

  • Natural Pod

    These do look fun! I agree, many toys like this are plastic. We have some great wooden trucks and cars you should check out. Your children do look like they are having a great time playing with the cars. It’s always fun to watch children take things apart and put them back together. A sense of accomplishment.

  • Melynda

    These look great–maybe I’ll get one for my son for Christmas. I wasn’t going to get him anything since he gets so much from his grandparents, and he has a birthday a month after Christmas, but maybe just one fun toy…

  • Kristen

    I got my son the 3 pack mini for Christmas! I think he’ll love them! Thanks for posting such neat alternatives for gifts this year!!!

  • Kelly

    My friend has these and also raves about them – a bit more about them at: