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Non Toxic Tots

by Tiffany in Children, Freebies

As parents become increasingly aware of all the potentially toxic products that are marketed to kids it only makes sense that some concerned parents would open stores to provide us with safe alternatives. One of those stores that I really like is Non Toxic Tots. And it just so happens that I have known the owner (online) for a couple years now and she and her store are pretty awesome. I think I first met her via a cloth diapering community and a co-op she ran helping me to get natural goods at low prices. Even then she was helping other moms to have access to safer, more natural, and eco friendly products. I not only LOVE the idea of buying the safest and healthiest gear for my kids I love the idea of supporting other families with my purchasing dollars.

Non Toxic Tots has a little bit of everything…clothing, natural toys, soft sole shoes, soaps, and healthy feeding gear for kids including Klean Kanteens and Camden Rose wooden bowls. The bowls for instance are crafted from American Black Cherry and sealed with beeswax.  They are designed, manufactured and packaged in the USA and then of course sold by a mom in New Jersey.

Also make sure to check out her blog at Mama K in NJ.

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

46 Comments on Non Toxic Tots

  • sheri

    Oh, what a great little store — so glad you posted the link! I am a sucker for great wood toys and she definitely has several.

    I’d love to own the froggie cell phone so that my Littles would have their own phone to play with. They are constantly stealing and dropping my cordless phone. My phone is taking a beating :)

  • Another great share! Thanks Tiffany!

    My two would LOVE the Plan Garage!! And those bamboo shoes are cute too!!

  • Do you know about the CPSIA and how that legislation to come into effect feb. 10th, could hurt this great business you mentioned? This is not spam. I’ve just been trying to let people know about this so we can get a big enough voice to stop it. Please read more about it here – and go here –
    to vote fof this issue to be brought to President -elect Obama’s attention when he first comes into office. It has over a 1,000 votes now, but needs so much more since even a lot of artisans and small businesses selling hand-made toys or toys made from farely small manufacturers don’t even really know about it. If you could read about it and maybe do a post on it here, that would be excellent. WE need to do somehting.

  • michelle m

    Great share. I’d get my son the robot tower, I think he’d love that.

  • Shelly

    What a great shop!! Thank you!! I’ve added it to my favorites.

  • Daniella L.

    What a great store! I would love to buy the necklace in the dress up category or a small Klean Kanteen for my daughter’s lunch box.

  • Amber

    I would love to buy my son the cute bambino peace sign shoes-so cute and such a great price for being eco-friendly. Thanks for the opportunity-love your blog!

  • Christa

    I like the balancing bears. Thanks for sharing that site!

  • Marla

    I would get a bunch of Toddler Zooms and Fish Castanets for gifts.

  • Becca

    Being somewhat of a bargain shopper I’d jump at the chance to purchase 2 sets of the retired Babylegs for their discounted price. I have been eyeing these for some time. Thanks for the link!

  • I love the skittles set and the wooden recorder. What a great giveaway!

  • I like that classic rainbow stacking ring! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Amy

    Love it! I would get the fruit and veggies set (for my daughter’s school), the Peace shoes (Best Friend’s new little one) and the cat watch (for my daughter). =)
    Thanks so much, I loooove your blog..

  • Stefanie Stricker

    How great. I love the Stacking rings and the rollback. They’d be perfect for my 1 year old little boy. I’m always on the lookout for wooden, non-toxic toys. You never can be too careful.

  • I’ve ordered most of my gifts for the past two Christmas’ from Non-Toxic Tots and all the kids in our family have LOVED them. I would love the bowl and spoon set. :)

  • April

    I would get the Rollback and maybe Nuts and Bolts or Toddler Zoom. I think my daughter would like all of those toys. What a great site. I’m happy to buy nontoxic toys and support WAHMs.

  • Dawn

    I would get some toys for the girls. Probably the alphabet blocks and cart or some dress up necklaces and bracelets.

  • I would love the ladybuy cell phone and rollback toy for my 8 month old, and you can never have too many pairs of BabyLegs!!

  • Karen

    Thanks for the link. Love the cell phones and robot stacking tower – looks like a lot of hours of fun!

  • deb

    I love the wooden bowl and spoon set she has!!!

  • michelle y

    cute store! i need some new shoes, too…

  • ontheway

    What a thoughtful website. I was so pleased to see the post about “Why organic cotton?”. I’ve spent tons of time trying to explain to my family and friends why organic, thus chemical free, cotton is so important.

    We are expecting our first child in May and I’ve been trying to pull together eco and babe friendly materials: what a challenge. I’ve always been drawn to the cute Robeez shoes, but am worried about the tanning process and chemical exposure on baby’s new skin. The Bambino shoes are awesome. Fair trade and peace promotion makes them even better. Thanks for sharing.

  • Debra

    This is a wonderful share! I just browsed through the store and they do have some really great things.

    Another tip for the green (and resourceful) mommies: there’s a show that teaches kids to recycle and take care of the Earth — it’s called Bob the Builder and it’s offering discounted tickets. The link is below and you can use the code BOBV. Just bought 4 for my family.

  • Hannah

    I would love the fruit and veggie cutting play set for my daughter- she would have so much fun!

  • Molomatic

    Looks like a great site! I would like to get some lacing beads for my little gal. Fun! Thanks

  • Rebecca

    Awesome! I have been feeding my daughter out of a similar wooden bowl, but I NEED a wooden spoon! I would buy that set!

  • What a great web-stie! I bookmarked it! I would definately get the Robots Tower for my 3 year old son! He loves robots but it is hard to find any that are not loud with flashing lights and gun sounds, which I refuse to buy.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful site!

  • Julie

    I would probably go for the mini stilts. She has some good stuff !

  • Bena

    I think the Skittles Game Set is the cutest. My kids love bowling and what a great and safe way to play at home! I haven’t stumbled onto that site yet but now it’s on my favorite list. Thanks!

  • Julie

    my daughter would love the xylophone!

  • robin

    I’d probably go for the Kleen Kanteen or the stacking rings for my granddaughter. Love the shop!
    cokelush at gmail

  • Melissa Oliver

    I would be interested in the “No Bite Me” insect repellent. My daughter is allergic to mosquito and flea bites and I have been searching for a more natural repellent. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Great idea to do all your shopping from one site with peace of mind about what you’re buying for your kids. I would love to buy some baby legs or the adorable little wooden animals.

  • Anything would be lovely! But I really like the little peace signs shoes, the organic panda bodysuit set, and the bamboo spoon and bowl. I’d basically use the gift certificate to help with a big shopping spree on the site.

    Thank you for exposing me to a wonderful site!

  • Johanna

    I love the baby legwarmers and the Mermaid braclet/necklace combo!! Adorable! I can see my 2 year old girly girl dancing around in them all together! Happy Holidays and thanks for fabulous links to affordable things.

  • Fernanda Cross

    I’d definitely get my daughter the wooden cell phone since she is addicted to playing with my real phone. Hope I win!

  • Alicia

    Thanks for tuning me into another great site. I really like the elmer puzzle. I have never seen that one before, it’s so cute :)

  • Deanna

    The teethers would be a welcome addition in our house!

  • Aubrey

    What a great store. I would love to get a cell phone!

  • Caitlin

    Oh my, I don’t know if I’d go for the wooden bowls, or the cell phone. I have to say I have been in a huge quandary with DD asking for a “walkie talkie” for xmas. I have searched and searched for a wooden one or cell phone, and whoa, here one is. Thank you!

  • Melinda S.

    My boys would certainly enjoy playing with the Robot Tower…..something that would keep their interest for hours!!

  • Cute store. Non-Toxic…count me in. I will have to go for the Bedroom Furniture Classic or the Living Room Furniture. My daughter will be getting the Plan doll house from Santa and some accessories for her January B-day would be a treat!

  • Gave you a stumble and tweeted!

  • The winner is #33 Jill! Congrats!

  • Thanks so much Tiffany! :)

  • Love the vilac cel phones