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Kids Konserve Waste Free Lunch Kit

One public school perk is that I get to have fun making my son’s school lunches again. :) Although I have been slow to get into my lunch making groove with household colds and school closings due to cold and snow. But I have two lunch boxes to review and the first one up is Kids Konserve.

This is a very groovy lunch kit that comes with two stainless steel containers, a stainless steel water bottle, a sandwich wrap, a cloth napkin/placemat, and a recycled cotton sack to carry it all in. It also has a metal name tag on the sack for quick identification.

Not only does a system like this save money it really cuts down on waste. The average child generates 67 pounds of lunchtime waste each year! But with this kit there is no need to use plastic baggies, plastic water bottles, paper napkins, drink boxes, tin foil, plastic wrap, or single serving foods. The stainless steel will not leach chemicals into the food or drink so it is safe to. And there is still plenty of room in the bag for some wooden utensils and other items. I love the extra room!

Everything is resusable so this saves money and resources. It is also a very nice looking kit…kind of a retro feel. I have the standard set but they also have a butterfly print and caterpillar print. The price is $40-42 and considering it is a quality system and a one time investment that will last for years of lunches I think it is a very good deal. They also have canister style lunchboxes with stackable trays, a thermos, and other goodies you can buy. Make sure to check this set out!

This lunchbox set gets an A+ from both me and my son. As you can see below he is already happily packing lunches it. On the menu: a nut butter sandwich, a salad, and a trail mix of walnuts, raisins, dried cranberries, dried cherries, dates stuffed with nut butter, and shredded coconut.


  • andiscandis

    My sister in law made her own sandwich wraps and bags.

  • That is very neat!

  • erin

    These are beautiful and practical. I bought a similar bottle for my son for his stocking at Christmas, and it has been sent home by the teacher who says that he has spilled water 3 times in 2 weeks. My son is not a clumsy kid (if it had been my dd, I wouldn’t have been surprised). I noticed on the kidsconserve website just now, that they have a pop top for their bottles that allows the child to drink in more of a sports bottle fashion. They have thought thru the whole process! Great products!

  • erin

    oh, another thought! I noticed on the kidsconserve site (as well as other lunchkit sites) that there are no cutlery to go with it. My solution has been to go to the second hand store, buy a handful of metal spoons/forks, wash them up, and call them ‘disposable’. Up til now, my gr. 1 son has been responsible to bring all of them home, but you never know when he’ll get distracted and toss it in the garbage or leave it somewhere other than his lunch box.

  • I would have loved to take that to school as a kid!!

  • I love mine. My post goes live on Tuesday. This is a top notch waste free lunch kit. Great owners too!

  • Lovely. Have you seen the Japanese Bento boxes? And this blog has very cute kid lunch ideas:

  • Marie

    I’ve gone waste-less in September and I’ve some cheaper options:
    I bought organic linen bags from (small size) to put muffins and other baked or dried goods, I simply use the cloth napkins I already had to wrap the sandwiches and regular thermos for their hot lunches. They had Sigg bottles which I kept using. The less we buy, the better :)

  • itsy

    Great post! We have been using something similar in an effort to rid our home of plastic – these lunch box tiffins or tins, They are super easy to clean in the dishwasher or hand rinse and everyone always asks what they are! So far we are very happy with the savings – not just money but how little we use plastic disposable utensils, plates, plastic wrap. It’s a good thing!

  • Stacey

    I love these, and I almost immediately ordered them, but… they are only for cold/room temp foods. What if you have food that needs to be warmed up? My daughter’s classroom warms things like soup in a microwave (I know, I know…), I will certainly use these for some things, though.

  • grrrl

    We’ve been packing bentos since school started this year and love that we haven’t bought ANY plastic baggies! And, since there’s no trash to through away (read: no prepackaged foods) the lunch is healthier, and utensils don’t get thrown out. A great blog is and there are a lot of groups on flicker where you can look at other peoples kids lunches to get ideas. Hint *it doesn’t have to be japanese food! We often pack things like tortilla rolls, fruit salad, home made granola, rice, and they’re great for leftovers.

    There are also a lot of insulated varieties available. So, you can pack a warm soup or leftovers, no need to reheat.

  • Kathy

    My twins would love this as they grow older!

  • itsy

    Hey Stacey – the reheating of items is a challenge… I would say our biggest concern was getting away from plastic and reheating soup in plastic in the microwave… yuck. Our solution? Keeping a soup mug at work/school. I also keep a set of silverware and a plate at work. Our company went “green” and they provide nothing in the way of plasticware. It was a change everyone embraced. 8 times out of 10 i bring something which requires no heating… like sannis, rollups, nuts, carrot cake.

  • Heather

    my only issue with these is the plastic lids. :(

  • Janelle

    I agree with Heather – what is with the plastic lids? An interesting let down on an otherwise great product!