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Fly High Joy Organic Kids Tees

by Tiffany in Organic Bites

Organic tee for kids

I mentioned it in passing on my green birthdays post but on her birthday Paige got a new tee from Fly High Joy. She wore it to her party the following weekend in fact.

I like it because it is 100% organic cotton and thus earth friendly and it has a good message on it while still being cute. The organic factor is no small one since nearly half of the most commonly used pesticides used to grow conventional cotton have been labeled “probable” carcinogens by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

My daughter likes it because it is soft and comfy and because she loves the adorable heart character and the slogan. Her shirts says “I like Being a Kid Just for the JOY of It”. Other shirts say “Fly High With JOY” or “Jumping with JOY”. To her the message is like a motto to make sure the day is a joyful one when that shirt is on.

I love the message because in this day and age when kids get stressed so easily I think they need to concentrate on being joyful and playing. They seem to grow up too fast nowadays. They need to feel that joyful abandon that the heart figure in the shirt seems to have perfected. Adult concerns and stresses will come but right now preserving childhood is one of my main concerns.

Sharing JOY seems to be the key reason why this company was started to:

We make t-shirts with your JOY-Heart figure on them and share the JOY with others. I thought that was a great idea, so we proceeded to create a line of high quality, ultra-soft & comfy designer clothing and plush toys, along with other products (still in the works), all bearing the message of JOY. – Fly High Joy

And they don’t just make tees for kids either. They have some for men and women too. I want the one that says “Live JOY Every Day.” Mom needs to be joyful too right?

If you are looking for cute organic tees make sure to stop by Fly High Joy…

  • shelley

    is the ink used eco friendly, too?