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Badger Balms

by Tiffany in Beauty, Health & Healing

Badger Balms

I have liked Badger products for a couple years now. We have used their sunscreen often and it made my list of safe, natural sunscreens. I had never tried any of their balms beyond their baby balm and lip balm, so trying a few of their other “powerfully pure” products these past few weeks has been a treat.

Their products are certified organic and very natural so what is not to love? I already really like their lip balm so of course I loved the Creamy Cocoa Butter Lip Balm. In addition to it being creamy soft and delightful to wear, it is natural, organic, and fair trade. I also like how big it is. Most lip balms are kinda small.

I also liked their Clear Mind Balm with essentials oils of lemon, Cardamom, and Rosemary Verbenone. The idea is that you rub it on your temples, forehead, and hands to invigorate you and help you focus and concentrate. It is a nice mood booster in the late afternoon.

My kids also really like the Sleep Balm and the Night-Night Balm which basically do the same thing but with different ingredients. I am not sure if they sleep better with the balm rubbed on their temples and neck but they certainly like the process and the ritual.

And of course the Baby Balm is excellent for diaper rash and cradle cap. Adults with sensitive skin can use it too.

Badger has TONS of other fun stuff too… Healing Balm, Anti-Bug Balm, sore muscle balm, foot balm, etc. Check out what they have on Amazon.

As far as good, natural companies go… Badger is a winner. It is also family run! It was founded on the banks of the Ashuelot River in rural Gilsum, New Hampshire, USA. Bill, Katie and daughters Mia, Emily and Rebecca started the business back in 1995, in the kitchen of their home.

Monday, May 18th, 2009

14 Comments on Badger Balms

  • andiscandis

    I’ll have to give them a try.

    I like for lip balms. They’re right here in Ohio!

  • Mommaluv

    I’ve never tried Badger Balm, though I’ve heard of them a lot. I’ll have to give them a try with my next order from Frontier :)

  • Jessica

    I LOVE their products. Their baby balm does amazing things for my kids eczema, diaper rashes, scrapes and burns, and anything dry or chapped. Their bug balm works better than chemicals bug repellents. The night night balm works great for me and the kids. The cuticle care is great. My mom uses their headache balm for her migraines. My hubby loves the foot balm, and their lip balms are very yummy. I’ve yet to find a single one of their products i didn’t like. I give them as gifts whenever i can.

  • I’ve seen these but never checked them out. Thank you for posting this and I will have to take a look at them on my next visit to the health food store. I think the reason I never looked at them is because I get so tired of products saying “all natural” on them and then a closer inspection reveals petrolatum as one of the key ingredients. Eeewww! Guess I just expected these to fit in that category as well.

  • I love Badger balms. We use the aftersun balm and the baby balm. I have given up lip balms in plastic tubes though. I know they are organic and fair trade but the packaging is NOT eco-friendly. I use an organic lip balm by BabyBearShop. They come in a little tin – and the pomegranate one rocks!

    • Marina

      check the parent website- the lip balms are also available in metal tins from the Badger Balm Company.(IE both plastic tubes and tins)

  • I love badger balms, particularly the bug repellant. I had no idea they had diaper ointment. I will have to check that out!

  • i’ve always used burt’s bees lip balm, i’ll have to give these guys a try! thanks :)

  • Thanks for mentioning this great company Tiffany! I have been using their Sleep Balm on myself for a few months now and I really like it. I have a really hard time winding my mind down at night along with other sleep challenges and the Sleep Balm really seems to help me relax physically and mentally.

    I will have to try out their lip balms now!!!

  • I love badger balms! :) They help to prevent cracked heels. I always try to lube up my feet after getting out of the shower. I also notice that badger balms last a really long time.

    • Ashley

      Which one do you use for cracked heels? My MIL is looking for a remedy.

  • Ashley

    We like Badger balm. The kids use the night night, my Husband uses the Healing Balm for when his hands get dry after running (an dit works great!), and we also use the baby balm for our littles ones bum. We like it a lot. Our next step is to try the lip balm, but we’re hooked on Burt’s Bees so I don’t know how that will go.

  • Linda

    I like Badger Balm in theory but the sunscreen didn’t work too well – of course we live in a very sunny part of the country so that may have something to do with it. It works only very short-term for us unfortunately.

  • Jimmy jackson

    I have not really heard of badger balm. I normally go for homemade remedies which according to me is the safest. But it sounds good. Will surely like to give it a try.