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Summer Fun at Hayden Falls

by Tiffany in Enjoying Nature, travel

Thanks a bunch to Pepper Paints for tipping us off to this Ohio gem that is only a 20 minute freeway jaunt away from us. It is FABULOUS!!!

I felt really bad that I hadn’t had the time to take the kids for weekend away to the Hocking Hills area to see some of the great waterfalls there. When we left Arizona I thought we left behind all the best swimming holes and canyon waterfalls but I guess not. Who knew there was a very nice waterfall with full public access only a few minutes away??? My oldest son and husband were also elated to see that access to the river is easy there. They have a fishing trip planned already.

It all starts with a not-so very long hike through the low river bed or the very muddy trail. I have a feeling that in the spring this area would be almost impenetrable unless you want to swim. Well, actually it starts with going down a ton of steps that take you into the canyon and then you trek up river.

Playing with Rocks

Hiking Girl

After a short walk we come to the soft roar of the beautiful falls. Unbelievably this gem is actually in the city.

Water fall at Hayden Falls

Chilling on a rock

Splashing in the river

In the waterfall


River Play

 This was the last picture I took. Can you guess why?

About to Fall...

Oh yes… we had an incident. Daddy climbed up pretty high and dear daughter thought she could go after him. Halfway up she decided against it and as the incline propelled her downward rather fast she decided to go with it and RUN down. She slid on her stomach and side for while and scraped herself up pretty bad. And whether her injury is a splinter or a severed limb I am pretty sure her screaming and theatrics would be the same. She screamed like no body’s business. Since I wasn’t about to wash her off in the bacteria laced river water we called it a day. I never dreamed we might need our day packs for such a teeny hike but next time I will know better. The kids can’t wait to go back.