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Prince Lionheart for Greener Safer Babies

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby

Wipes Warmer and Silicone Bottles

Giveaway at the bottom of this post!

I blogged about glass bottles and I blogged about safer, BPA Free Plastic Bottles and I thought those were pretty much going to be our only options. Boy was I wrong. I was amazed to find out while back that there are now silicone bottles. It is pretty nifty! The medical grade silicone that nipples and pacifiers are made of is also extended to the body of the bottle. The advantages of silicone over glass is that it won’t break and the advantage of silicone over hard plastic is that is has no BPA. And I LOVE the squishy feel of these bottles too. They are made by one of my new favorite green baby companies… Prince Lionheart.

Honestly, silicone would be my third choice… first is breast and second is glass bottle but hurray for other BPA free options because this issue is important and parents need an array of choices beyond cheap plastic bottles that leach hormone disrupting chemicals. They are BPA, phthalate, PVC latex and lead free.

Another Prince Lionheart product I recently got to check out is the Ultimate Wipes Warmer. I have never used one but I know some other mom who do. Using a warmer would be easier than running to the bathroom to soak cloth wipes in warm water first… which is what I did during the frigid 10 above weather in Ohio. My last baby was born in January after all.

What makes this warmer unique is that it uses cloth wipes! The Prince Lionheart warmies wipes warmer is specially designed for the warmies reusable clothwipes. The wipes warmer’s enhanced 3-part heating unit keeps wipes moist and fresh. It comes with four warmies made with bamboo fabric and additional packs can be purchased separately. The warmies are great for using as family cloth too and we have some of these in rotation with our cloth wipes that we use in lieu of TP. They are sooooo silky soft! You may want to scoop some of them up even you don’t want or need the warmer… trust me they are delicious.

So while there are certainly other companies that have greener products for the uber conscious moms I love the fact that they take conventional products and make them greener and safer but still recognizable and convenient for moms who are new to eco awareness.

Prince Lionheart sent me these products (above) to test out, but I have no baby and therefore no need for them. So I am passing them on to a lucky reader. You will get the warmer and two bottles. Just comment to win and I will choose a winner using a random number generator on August 10th! Good luck!

  • Vanessa

    We don’t have a babe (yet!) but spend a whole lot of time with other people’s children at our home. I am trying to collect some baby basics for when those littles are here and would love to add safe bottles to the collection!

  • Nikki

    Although I’ve been looking a lot into green baby products, I have not heard of Prince Lionheart before. We will be using cloth wipes (along with CD) and a few bottles for expressed milk so please enter me in the drawing! Thank you!

  • I’ve really been wanting to try out a wipes warmer and I’ll have to look at the prince lionheart brand! thanks

  • SaraMM

    I’ve had this wipes warmer on my registry for my baby that will be coming in September. I would love to have it on hand for when the winter comes!

  • I’m pretty sure I am in love with those bottles….I am currently growing a tiny person and would love to have these! :) Here’s hoping! Plus, how great is it that the warmer works well for cloth wipes. I had a wipe warmer last baby and it seemed to make my cloth wipes stinky. I could only leave them in there for about a day.

  • Kasie G.

    I have been wanting to try a wipes warmer. Winning one would be great! Thanks

  • Michelle

    Baby boy # 2 will be here by the end of Oct and I had to to toss all of our bottles due to BPA. I have not decided what to get yet so this would be a welcome push in the right direction

  • Kristen M.

    Oooh! I just love the warmer — had not thought about looking for something to warm up those cloth wipes that I hope to be using. Our first, a boy, is due October 6th and these things would be great to have. I am going to breastfeed and have registered for glass bottles to use for pumped milk, but am very curious about the silicone bottles as well. They would be great to take on trips, I think. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Julie

    Wow, thank you so much for this opportunity to win some great baby prizes. I am due in about 4.5 weeks with our first baby (a boy), so anything baby related we could use. I feel like I am still forgetting things for his room, but I know I will learn as I go:) Best of luck to all!!

  • Celeste

    The cloth wipes warmer looks really great! Right now I wet my cloth wipes with warm water before each use (I have a very sensitive boy) and I always feel guilty letting the water run until it’s warm. The silicone bottles sound great also!

  • Gaya

    I have 6 months old baby girl.Every time I wet my cloth wipe under the warm water and wasting lot of water. It’d be great to have the wipe warmer and also exciting to know about the silicone baby bottles.

  • sarah

    A wipes warmer just for cloth wipes?!?! That is amazing! I would love this!!!

  • Kristine

    Wipes Warmer is a great ideal. Last winter my little one did not enjoy having her bum wiped with a cold wipe. She often squirmed as soon as the wiped touched her skin. I would love to try a wipes warmer on her and see if it makes a difference on the changing table.

  • Lanie

    We’re having a baby in March. Would love to try re-usable wipes!

  • Michelle

    Would love to try these items! Thanks.

  • Meredith

    These look great! I didn’t know you could use a warmer for cloth wipes – this would be perfect for our baby girl due in October! Thanks for the chance! :)

  • very very cool!

    I am c/d my 6th baby and love that warmer how cool is that!

  • We LOVE Prince Lionheart product! We bought the BebePod for my little chubber whose legs were too big for the Bumbo and we’re SO glad we did – she started using the BebePod as soon as she could sit up and is a year old and STILL uses it when we go out! We love the fun toy and cute tray that came with it too and we get TONS of compliments on it! I would absolutely LOVE to try out the wipes warmer and silicone bottles when Baby #2 arrives!! Thanks!

  • Bethany

    I would love to try these products with my baby who is due in the fall!

  • mommaluv

    I’ve been wanting this wipes warmer, but I wasn’t sure if it was worth the price…free would be nice!

  • Jasmine

    I have been exploring options for bottles for my baby that arrives in Oct. While I will primarily be breastfeeding, I would also like to allow family to participate in the baby’s meals now and again and I think these bottles are looking to be one of the best options!

  • Jen Mc

    I’m expecting and trashed all the bad BPA bottles that I had for baby #1, so these would be great when there is the rare occasion where I won’t be available for breastfeeding.

  • I’m about 12 weeks pregnant and really looking into using greener and safer products this time around. I would love to have a set of glass bottles and a warmer! Count me in!


  • Heather

    This warmer sounds like a great option for heating my cloth wipes. Is it bpa/pvc/phalate free?

  • Great post! Thanks!

  • alex

    We have the Prince Lionheart BebePod and LOVE it but had no idea that brand made bottles and wipe warmers! Would love to try those out! P.S. LOVE your blog. I’ve learned so much from it! Thanks!!

  • I really want that warmer!!!! Love your reviews


  • Elizabeth

    As a working Mommy married to an excellent SAH Daddy, we are always using more bottles than I would like. I have never heard of the silicone bottles, but will be checking them out before new babe arrives soon! Any recommendations for healthy breastmilk storage? I used so many of those awful plastic baggies with my older daughter and want to avoid them this time, but will probably be pumping 4-5 times a day at the begining….

  • sky

    thanks, tiffany, for another great post and sharing these options w/ all of us! :)

  • I just discovered the Prince Lionheart wipe warmer & bamboo wipes last night online & was very excited. I found them online at Costco for the best price + a package of 24 extra wipes (for those of you who don’t win!) I added them to my registry but was wondering about the chemical componets of the Ever-Fresh system which is an EPA approved, antimicrobial additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Unfortunately I don’t always trust gov agencies since they often don’t test things long enough (BPA!) Please share any info the company gave you regarding the Ever-Fresh System & I’m in for the contest.
    By the way GREAT site, just discovered it yesterday. Thanks for all your time & info!!!

  • Brittany

    I am excited to share that I am pregnant with my second child and my due date is January 12th! I sure do wish I would’ve known about products like these with my first baby!!!… As always, I enjoy reading your blog & learning about different products! Look forward to many more! :)

  • Julia

    Thanks for the giveaway – please enter me.

  • Beth

    This is great news- thanks for sharing! My first bottle choice is also glass but I have been concerned about airplane trips with a glass bottle. We have family that lives far away so despite the Green consciousness we will be needing to take the little one on a flight. The Prince Lionheart bottles give me one less thing to worry about! Thanks again.

  • Linda

    I’m having a baby in January and would love these.

  • Jaimelee

    I don’t want to enter for the giveaway I just wanted to say that as soon as I saw this warmer I went out and got it. I love it and I think my kids do too (no more ice cold wipes). not only is it a great way to keep reusable wipes toasty, but the bamboo wipes really are great and they clean so well you typically only need to use one. I use the recipe that came with the wipes warmer as well. i am finding that I use these warm wipes for everything and even used them for my newborn’s first sponge baths. They were warm and had the cleanser built right in. So far the wipes are holding up to and they are being washed nearly every other day. I can’t say enough and if you are looking for a warmer, this is the one to get.

    I have yet to introduce a bottle to my daughter but when the time comes i will have to check these out.