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Forced Vaccinations Bill Passes MA Senate!

by Tiffany in Political Action


If anything can get me riled up and hotter than a brushfire in Texas it is the idea of vaccinations being required or forced on us. We are a non vaccinating family so I like to keep up to date with what is going on in the vaccine world and this issue came up on the radar recently. According to Mike Adams at Natural News:

A new bill, the “Pandemic Response Bill,” S. 2028, has passed the Massachusetts state Senate and is now awaiting approval in the House. This bill suspends virtually all Constitutional rights of Massachusetts citizens and forces anyone “suspected” of being infected to submit to interrogations, “decontaminations” and vaccines.

It also sets fines up to $1,000 per day for anyone who refuses to submit to quarantines, vaccinations, decontamination efforts or to follow any other verbal order by virtually any state-licensed law enforcement or medical personnel. You can read the text yourself here.

It is outrageous that the government can force anyone to inject themselves with any substance but especially a potentially dangerous one.

According to the Organic Consumers Association, a leaked memo revealed that the swine flu vaccine has been linked to paralysis. It also contains contains novel adjuvants, including dangerous squalene which was in all probability responsible for Gulf War syndrome.

Visit the OCA web site to send a message to legislators that this NOT acceptable. They have a letter for MA residents and those in other states.

  • Andrea

    I think it’s crazy that a medical issue can be legislated on like this. It takes control away from families and treats every citizen the same… which they aren’t. This is one of many issues that needs to remain a personal decision. On a similar note, I have been trying to find Dr Sears delayed schedule online and can’t find a copy, does anyone have a copy of it?

    • Wendolyn

      Here’s a summary a schedule I once saw on Dr. Mercola’s website (he has lots of good info as well)……In summary, this is a vaccination schedule that I would recommend:

      No vaccinations until a child is two years old.
      No vaccines that contain thimerosal (mercury).
      No live virus vaccines (except for smallpox, should it recur).
      These vaccines should be given one at a time, every six months, beginning at age 2:
      A) Pertussis (acellular, not whole cell)
      B) Diphtheria
      C) Tetanus
      D) Polio (the Salk vaccine, cultured in human cells)
      American children are the most highly vaccinated kids in the world. This schedule is an alternative to the one that rules our “vaccine nation” (as the Village Voice terms it). In contrast to the CDC’s immunization schedule, it is user-friendly.

  • I find it amazing that people continue to be blind to governments continued nanny mentality over it’s citizens. Vaccinations is a wonderful example of government going too far to protect us from ourselves. In fact, they do these things without being sufficiently informed themselves which, to me, makes it just that much more reprehensible. Thanks for the article. Informative (I used to live in MA).

  • Heidi

    Wow, that irritates me and it doesn’t even affect me! My husband and I recently had a baby so we have been researching the effects of vaccines. My husband thought I was crazy when I first suggested forgoing vaccines but after telling him about all that I’ve learned he’s completely on-board. It’s very scary to hear the government forcing such things on its citizens!

  • scary & awful!!! As a delay vaxing family, I hate being told when my children and I should be getting shots. It’s up to me. I’m the parent. Not the doctor and certainly NOT the government.

    I hope this doesn’t pass. And if it does, I will be very worried about what it could mean for other states, including my own.

  • Connie

    If this passes in MA other states will unfortunately follow shortly behind. These so called pandemics are usually started by the government to scare people and encourage (or should I say “force”) people to get antibiotics & vaccines. It’s a win win for the government and the pharmaceutical companies, not for the public.

    • Andrea

      It does seem like they get pretty overworked about pandemics. Don’t get me wrong I understand that they can happen, but take the swine flu for example, they made it sound like we were all going to die, but really it was just a bad case of the flu. Some people died, like some people die of the regular flu every year. I got it, it sucked. But then I got over it. I think the best thing anyone can do is just be sanitary, avoid major outbreak areas if need be, know their facts and take care of their bodies. Although, that’s not nearly as sensational as panicking!

  • I you read through the bill It’s like they know something we don’t, on the sever pandemic level.

  • Linda

    How many other freedoms will they eventually take away? This is very scary to me as well since I am pregnant and have a young son. I will not get any vaccines for our family ever again after becoming aware of the dangers. How can I protect myself? I feel so powerless.

  • Sheri

    We’re a mostly non-vaxing family (although I made a few vax mistakes with my firstborn but did my research for the next 4 kids). Reading through this stuff is scary — interrogations, decontaminations, and forced vaccinations? It’s a huge loss of freedoms for MA residents and I’m a tad concerned that Ohio will follow suit.

  • Jess

    Inexcusable! I’m appauled that a state would force a vaccine on their residents that is not proven safe or effective. And the other parts are just as reprehensible. I really hope NY will NOT follow suit.

  • Carrie

    I have a couple of questions regarding families that choose not to vaccinate their children. First being, what if your child (non-vaccinated) infects another child (not of age to receive certain vaccines) and this child dies from a preventable disease/infection, because you chose not to vaccinate. Secondly, do you not consider taking your kids on an airplane, on a freeway, or even to a local mall a risk? Third, will you be traveling anywhere else in world? Do you think this would put your precious cargo at a huge risk? There are risks with everything. As a registered nurse, mother of 2, and I choose to vaccinate. I do this FOR my kids. I am not sure if any of you have seen a child die from whooping cough or measles; I can only imagine the horror.

    • Carrie I am guessing you are new to this blog.. otherwise you would know my son almost died FROM a vaccine. We are talking fever, seizures, respiratory arrest, etc.

      See this post for info on the risk to other kids:

      As for an airplane, freeway, or the local mall being a risk.. yes it is. But those are risks I can CHOOSE not to accept if I don’t want to, just as we can choose not to accept the risk of vaccines. CHOICE should be protected.

      Most non-vaccinating parents would reconsider this risk if they were going to an area where the risk is higher. Some may opt to get a few vaccines in that case or maybe not.

    • Terra

      Actually I am more concerned about being around families that get sick once a month and are on antibiotics 6x a year or more! Many people submit their kids to live vaccines, which can be “shed” therefore creating just as big a danger as what you described above.
      When it came down to making the choice, I looked at each vaccination: the ingredients, the side effects, and then looked at the disease itself.
      Hepatitis B is given at birth – for a disease transmitted by sexual intercourse or sharing contaminated needles. I knew I didn’t have it, so my baby wouldn’t be born with it. Why don’t they just test Mom for Hep B rather than injecting babies with a vaccine that contains PEANUT OIL – and how can docs in good conscience give this vaccine, then tell mom and dad not to give baby peanuts until 3 years?
      Some flu vaccines not only contain mercury, but also dog kidney cells. Uh, no thanks! No amount of mercury is safe, in my opinion, and dog kidney cells? GROSS.
      I could go on and on about the disgusting ingredients that they put in vaccines – aborted fetus cells, anyone?
      Whooping cough can be treated homeopathically. Everyone used to get the measles. Chicken pox too. Some die from these illnesses, yes, but there are ways to build your immunity to ensure that won’t happen.
      If you don’t want your kids to get sick, practice good hygiene, breast feed your babies, and don’t run to the doctor for drugs every time you get a little sniffle. That way the illnesses that you do get will help build your immunity rather than take you down.
      People need to take charge of their own health, take good care of themselves, and quit relying on doctors, Big Pharm, and the government to take care of them.

      The bottom line is I look at all sides before making my decision, and decided that going this route was the LEAST risky for MY precious cargo.

  • Carrie

    Not to mention, you need to read the whole article about MA before getting all excited.

  • Nicole

    I can see both sides, something to really think about!

  • Casual Friday Every Day

    I’m a little concerned that soon enough we’ll all be forced to vaccinate…


  • Sam

    I was in the HPV Gardasil trials. I got so sick (several months after third injection) I could barely gather the strength to get up off my couch for about 10-15min before I had to lie down again. I had to detox my body and start eating organic to start to recover. I am still not 100% back to normal after 10 years. My daughter at 6mos (She’s almost 4Yrs now) came home after a round of vaccines and was a zombie for three days straight. I could not get her to make eye contact, smile, coo, nothing for three days! This was a big change from the bubbly interactive personality she would normally have. Instead she gazed off into space and appeared to be unaware of the world around her. I called the Doctor who told me this could be normal after a round of shots. I thought to myself that this is not normal! After three days I watched the “light” in her eyes slowly return. I started to give her things to detox and she slowly recovered to her normal coherent state of being. I stopped vaccinating all of my children at that point after doing extensive investigations into vaccine ingredients and side effects. If I had not paid attention and looked into things my baby I am sure would have been full blown autistic with a couple more rounds of shots. So, vaccines destroyed mine and my daughters health and that is good enough evidence for me!

  • Elisa

    What concerns me most about the whole “vaccine” issue is not only that it hasn’t been tested properly, but that Czar John Holdren, (who believes in forced abortions, population control, mass public sterilization through the municipal water system, etc.) Said in his book, “Ecoscience” that the trouble with massive public sterilization using the water system was “getting the people to drink it”. This is the guy in charge of Science and Technology in this country. Doesn’t that frighten you? Will you take the “vaccine”?

  • Elisa

    Tiffany, With due respect, I have studied the situation with these Czars and the loss of our freedoms, and facts don’t lie.

    I don’t trust anything from this regime.

    • Elisa, just about every president since Franklin Roosevelt had “Czar” appointees in their administration. Bush had a total of 36 czars. Obama’s czars are no indication that we are losing freedoms at all. I haven’t lost any freedoms since Obama took over? You? He and his admin are not pushing vaccine agenda any more than previous administrations did. The article above shows that state government is behind this push… not federal government.

      • Elisa

        Wrong again, Tifany, but this isn’t the place for a political “debate”. My opinions on this subject are not open for debate with anyone as I have actually taken the time to look into the facts for myself, rather than to depend on some wing-nut propaganda for my information.

        Nixon was first to have a czar. NOT Roosevelt, as you claim. And President Bush had 12 czars. NOT the 36 you claim. It is actually B.O. who has 36 czars. Oh wait, he just appointed another one for cybertechnology, making it 37 czars for him. And No other American Czars have ever been communist, radical militants, racists and they never openly admitted to hating this country and wanting to destroy it. This regime is chock full of people like that, and you don’t need to dig deep to find them anymore. Just listen to the things they SAY and watch the things they DO. Some people know enough not to trust the media in many cases, (or internet propaganda) because they’ve proven themselves partisan and biased in so many cases.

        All the people need to do is to look for themselves. Then they’ll see. I’m not here to give lessons and I’m not here to debate politics. My statements are based upon FACT, and that won’t be denied.

        If you don’t believe your freedoms are in serious peril, just wait. We are ALL in big trouble here.

  • Elisa, don’t come here and spout your “opinion” as fact. You will be denied because you are WRONG. You have been listening to Glenn Beck and Rush too long.

    Check out this well researched wiki page on czars:

    It LISTS all the czars including ones appointed by Roosevelt. Hmmm… strange since you just claimed he never had any. Also Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. This page says Bush had 31 czars and 46 different people in the czar position. So perhaps my number of 36 IS off but it isn’t even in the same ballpark as your figure… 12.

    Your lowball figures are coming from conservative media who are nitpicking each and every czar under Bush and finding some teeny reason to say he was not REALLY a czar. They/you are seeing what you want to see.

    But let us not forget that czars are essentially advisors. Czar is a media coined term. Can the President have too many advisors? Frankly I would HOPE a president would have a large number of advisors or people keeping tabs on their area of expertise so they can report back to the Prez so he stays informed. Or should he just Google it?

    You don’t need to give lessons here… I do my research. And I am not swayed by “fear” words like communist and socialist.

    I deleted the article you posted earlier. Please just link to it, don’t post the whole thing. Seems to me like you are interested in starting a politcal debate here instead of talking about vaccines.

    • Elisa

      Like I said, Tiffany, I’m not here to debate politics. The FACTS that I posted are just that. FACTS. Nice of you to delete them so that people here can’t look for themselves.

      All anyone has to do is look at the actions and statements this regime has made. And wikipedia is an open source document that can be changed and added to by anyone out here. Look at FACTS and you’ll see the truth.

      I’m sure you’ll delete this post as well, tiffany. You just want to shut down the voices of anyone who disagrees with your false ideals. I don’t care.

      You’ll wake up soon enough. Try not to pee your pants when you do.

      • Elisa I said you can post a link if you want to. I do not want a HUGE article in my comments section. It is for COMMENTS.. not articles. Did I post the whole Wiki article? Use some common sense here and don’t accuse people ridiculous stuff.

        This is MY blog Elisa, you don’t have free speech here. I don’t try to keep anyone’s voice down unless they are being rude and obnoxious, which you certainly are at the moment. So far you have given us opinion and you don’t even cite sources.. are we supposed to just believe everything you write? Not gonna happen.

      • BTW according to that liberal, communist wiki page.. more than 12 of Bush’s czars were Senate confirmed. Seems like that would be pretty easy to verify… So they were hired by Bush and confirmed by the Senate under his admin but yet somehow weren’t ACTUALLY his czars? Really? Almost every name is clickable with years of service, appointment, times, etc. The FACTS are all there.

      • Ty

        The site maintainer already addressed why your “FACTS” were removed. Nice of YOU to try to paint that as some sort of deceptive censorship.

        What I find most disturbing these days is how willingly people fall into the trap of taking up opposing sides on every issue, and label those who don’t with the scandalous title of “moderate”. Haven’t we been exposed to enough of the the media and politicians playing both sides against the middle to stop buying into their game? None of the important issues have any easy or cheaply won solutions. Plus, nobody is listening anymore. Everyone’s got an opinion, and whether they’re informed on the intricacies or not, they’ll shout down anyone who they perceive to have a different take.

        How about we start to go a little easy on the condemning of those we disagree with, and make an attempt to see we all basically want the same things. Its called CO-operation, meaning all of us, not just you and yours.

  • John Smith

    The people of Michigan stand with the people of Massachussetts and we will not stand for this. No way. No how.

  • Ironman

    My question to all of you concerned and wonderful parents is, what are you prepared to do to protect your children and your home? People, it’s time to wake up, they’re kicking down our doors and coming into our homes.

    • Not sure where you going with this Ironman. What do you propose we do?