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Win a $100 Whole Foods Gift Card

by Tiffany in Tidbits

TGIF! Have an awesome weekend everyone! I don’t usually link to giveaways like this but in this economy I know some people could really use an extra $100 towards healthier foods. It is all too easy to tighten your wallet and put the more expensive but healthier and organic foods on the chopping block.

As part of its “Be Good to Your Whole Body” campaign, for the month of October, Whole Foods Market has created podcasts focusing on maintaining a healthy mood.  As the seasons change, these simple, free tips, consider how conscious breathing, herbs, and eating well, can help maintain a healthy mood.

Just listen to one or all of the podcasts and leave a comment telling them what you think.  On October 30th one person will be randomly chosen to receive the gift card!

Please comment on the following podcast fields: Breathe and Meditation for Stress Relief, Herbal Approaches for Healthy Mood, or Boost your Back to School Brain Power. Good luck!

  • Amy E.

    So I’m going to be in the minority to bring this one up, but here goes. Sorry if I offend anyone by bringing up old news. The last couple months have been pretty crazy with Whole Foods protests. Here is one in CA.

    Why the protests? Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal claiming Americans do not have an intrinsic right to healthcare.

    Seems pretty funny to me that after the protests, they’ve decided to make a push for “Be Good to Your Whole Body” . Ironic, no? I rarely shop at Whole Foods, and I’m not involved with the boycott. I just thought it was interesting.

    • Amy Excellent info. In my mind there is EVERY reason to protest. What Mackey wrote was awful. But boycotting could hurt the Whole Foods chain, which I love, protests though might get rid of Mackey as CEO though so I think that is a better alternative. My initial reaction was to boycott but I don’t think that would be a good thing in the long run.

  • Julie

    I decided to listen to the Breathe and Meditation for Stress Relief podcast for my mother. She is always on overload with her job and trying to keep up with life’s difficult tasks that I know she carries around a lot of stress. I try to help her out when I can, but most of my days are spent with my 6 week old baby boy. Anyway, I love how the podcast focuses on breathing because I believe that is SO very important, I mean I know we are all breathing every day of our life, but actually focusing on our breathing and meditating on it, is not something that comes as natural. It is hard to stop what we are doing, sit down and focus on our breathing since we are so busy. And now we wonder why are backs hurt and we get headaches almost everyday. We don’t stop to relax as we just keep going and going as that seems to be the most natural act for us. Hopefully, more American can stop and realize the importance of being healthy, which includes breathing right. I know I want that!

  • Bridget

    I listened to all 3 mentioned…good info. I took a breath awareness class & do yoga once a week now. I think it’s been such a positive in my life. Thing is you don’t have to stop what you’re doing & take time out to breath. One trick an instructor mentioned was to take a few really deep breaths when you hit a stop light or when you reach a certain point in your commute, etc. It could be anything…just to make a habit of some deep breathing and reaping the benefits.

    I didn’t know much about herbal approaches for moods. I suppose I’ve heard the typical ones like everybody else…and recognized St Johns Wart. I haven’t tried them before but would be open to it.

    The third one was very interesting…I need to listen again. It’s definitely a concern that our kiddos are getting enough of these fatty acids…and that they are most likely not. It’s been a discussion in the past with a girlfriend. And I have a neighbor that puts flaxseed oil in her son’s yogurt every morning. Need to research more.

    Good info & reminders. Thanks! Bridget

  • i listened to the one on breathing and medication…It’s kind of strange that when I have needed to breath and focus in certain situations I can but I can’t seem to do it any other time.

  • skye

    hi tiffany and everyone,
    thanks for mentioning this offer–it sure will be a great help to someone. :)

    by the way, here’s a link to an interview w/ john mackey recently. personally, i think it’s good to have views expressed on multiple sides of an issue–part of a healthy democracy. so, for what it’s worth:

    have a great week everyone!

  • Melinda S.

    Enjoyed listening to the Herbal Approach to Healthy Mood… was nice since it wasn’t too long and it gave some good information.
    I’ll be sending the podcast to my friends…..some are in need of healthy information to help their moods.

  • Amy

    I listened to Breathe and Meditation for Stress Relief. It made me realize how much I have been missing by abandoning my yoga practice. Thanks for making me break out the mat again!