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Green Nesting Routines for Winter

by Tiffany in A Green Home, Green Cleaning

family winter walk

I am not one who feels inspired to clean in the springtime. I grew up in Arizona where winter was a whole different ball of wax than what you find here in Ohio so when Spring rolls around… you won’t find me inside the house cleaning! I am going to be outside enjoying the sunshine and early spring flowers.

While I am not a fan of the cold I do not get depressed in winter as so many do… due to lack of outdoor time and sunshine. I do find myself drawn indoors most of the time but I find it sets off a sort of nesting instinct. Out come the warm quilts (I have a blanket fetish), I clean and declutter, and generally just try to make sure our hybernation chamber is comfy and clean.

This week I bartered for help cleaning house. In fact I plan to get permanent help in that regard but I can’t wrap my mind around paying someone to do what I can do myself so I just have to concentrate on making more money this year so that I can justify it.

This week I got busy cleaning carpets, cleaning windows, cleaning the oven, scrubbing everything down, rearranging furniture, and cleaning out closets. In return for help with all that I am teaching someone step by step how to set up an online business and make money at home.

We have a very drafty closet on one end of the house so that got loaded from floor to ceiling with fabric, rugs, blankets, books, storage bins, etc to insulate more. We brought a futon out into the living room for the kids since the cold leather couch was discouraging them from sitting out there to read or watch DVDs. And a Wii is going out here after Christmas so we wanted it to be cozy. Next week I will set to work making a draft snake (filled with rice) for the front door, because we have a wicked draft coming in at the base of the door.

Oh and anyone else ever get sick from the Peppermint Castile¬†Soap from Dr. Bronners?? We used it to clean the carpets and the peppermint smell was so strong and it made me so nauseous that I had to leave the house for awhile to avoid vomiting. Guess I need to use less of it next time… either that or I am so sensitive to fragrance that I need a plastic bubble now.

So tell me… do you “nest” in the winter? What do you do?

  • andiscandis

    A few months ago I suggested to my husband that we cancel cable and use the money to hire someone to come in once a month to clean the bathrooms at least. He looked at me like I had suggested using the money for kindling. He’s fine with no cable, but can’t fathom paying someone to come in and clean. Men.

  • I’m a blanket fiend too. During winter I load up the bed with blankets, flannel sheets and wear fleece pj’s. It’s so warm and cozy I want to stay there until spring.

    I have a drafty closet on an outside wall of my house. I made a draft snake with a fabric tab at the top so I could tack it to the bottom of the door. The tab made sure the snake stayed put when we opened and shut the door. It helped block the draft coming into the room from that door too.

  • Agreed – winter is a great time for cleaning. Spring time in Maine is no time to be indoors either, but since I’m inside a great deal in winter (and especially this year because I have an infant) why not take advantage? I’ve already purged 5 boxes of things from the barn. Hoping to at least double that and to get some windows washed too. One at a time – it might get done!!

  • I’ve been nesting since the snow fell the first time. Mainly, I’ve been trying to organize our neverending mess in the storage closet, and organize the kids rooms. Especially just before Christmas, I make them go through their toys and get rid of everything they don’t play with anymore to make room for the toys Santa (and family) will give them. And just like you, I’ve rearanged furniture in our living room.

    I just wrote a post with a link to make a draft snake actually. We need to make some for the kids room and my patio door, they are so drafty!

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