BPA Free Popsicle Molds for Summer!

by Tiffany in Children

Is it almost that time again? My kids are already asking for homemade Popsicles using fresh juice, green smoothies, and fruit smoothies. Last I night I dug out our Tovolo rocket pops and star pops and perused online for one other set since the 5 of us can go through 12 pops on a hot summer day in no time. I won’t buy in a store unless they are marked BPA free or they indicate the type of plastic used. There are lots of cute options online though. Besides the ones I already mentioned (above) these caught my eye.

Ring Pops:

Rings Pops Popsicle Molds

If your kids always ask for those sucker pops in the store this is a GREAT alternative!!


Orka Ice Pops (silicone):

Orka Popsicle Molds

Little Bites (silicone):

Little Bites Silicone Popsicle Mould

Stainless Steel Popsicle Molds:


Stainless STeel Popsicle Molds

A bit pricier but I love that they are plastic free!



Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

So did you watch the premiere? I caught up with it online and it was an absolutely fabulous show. I am so happy that something like this is on prime time TV. I was of course angry when the local radio guy tried to shame Jamie and said "we" (the town) don't want to eat lettuce. I get REALLY sick of hearing that argument. Whenever I talk about vegetarian foods or raw foods locally I get the .. I don't want lettuce line, as if that's all they can eat. Ugh.

I was also riled when the lunch lady gave him a hard time. I was flabbergasted when she looked at a list of ingredients 20 items long and refused to focus on anything but the first one. I also loved how Jamie pointed out that parents should be angry about this. He stated that he sees kids in impoverished areas of Africa eating better than American children and aren't we supposed to be the developed, wealthy country with all the advantages???

This is reality TV I can get behind, LOL. Jamie takes on the challenge of getting the kids eating fresh cooked meals in one week. The problem I saw on the first day is that they put his meals right next to meals of processed junk and let the kids decide what they wanted. Often they chose the processed stuff and the kids that did choose the healthier foods threw away much of it. They threw away apples for heaven's sake!! The lunch ladies gave him one of heck of a time to. They seemed to relish his failure and like it when kids chose to eat the bad foods. Seriously? It made me really angry that the head cook was elated to see kids choose junk. The same lady also called him a liar on several occasions. She made an ass of herself on national TV that's for sure. In the first episode my respect for Jamie grew by leaps and bounds and I was spitting mad as the school for being so dense. I would wager that same attitude is abundant in my own area too. 

But it had many hilarious moments to, such as when Jamie went into a classroom dressed as a pea and none of the kids knew what he was!! And it has sad moments, such as when delicious looking food was tossed by the kids. It was just shocking, my kids would have devoured all of it. Throw away pasta or a salad??? Not in this house! It was also very sad when the parents of a child who went to that school during his elementary years find out that their son is pre-diabetic.

Mostly this show made me hungry though.. whatever it was that he and that teen boy made… I want it, minus the meat of course. It looked GOOD!!

Its an awesome show so far and I hope it sticks around because programming this good is rare.

Be sure to check out Jamie Oliver's food revolution book and Jamie's Dinners: The Essential Family Cookbook.

Did you see it? What did you think?


No Excuse For Wearing Animal Skins

by Tiffany in Eco Fashion

Snakeskin purse

When I stopped eating meat awhile back I did so for health reasons, not really for ethical reasons. But when you read vegan and vegetarian blogs, magazines, etc you start to understand the ethical reasons for avoiding animal products. This video from PETA shows the absolute horrors of using animal skins to make belts, shoes, and purses. Thank goodness I have never much liked the look of snake skin bags or alligator skin shoes because I would be so distraught after seeing this video. Ironically I saw it just after I finished vegan shoe shopping for my daughter at Simple Shoes. I was thrilled at how easy it was to find cruelty free shoes that she actually liked and I was also thrilled by the price (under $50).

But on to the video. I warn you… you could lose your lunch… it is THAT graphic. I wonder if anyone can buy animal skin products after watching something like this?


Natural Bathwater Colors

by Tiffany in A Green Home, Children

Natural bathwater color tints

One of the first products to get the boot from our home when I started this journey to a more natural, green life was the little tub of Crayola bathwater colors. We were very loyal customers and my two oldest LOVED to tint their bath water all sorts of groovy colors. But my son was already showing that he reacted to artificial dyes in food and since our skin is our biggest organ it no longer made sense to have him bathe in artificial dyes anymore. If you look at these tubs you have a not-so lovely list of ingredients such as FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Yellow #5, D&C Red #33. So out this tub went and i never bought another.

My youngest son (now 4) never knew the joys of colored bathwater though, until now. I was super happy last year to find Tinti Bathwater Colors.They have created colors which are made from renewable sources such as blossoms, leaves, fruits and roots. Tinti contains no preservatives or SLS, is bio-degradable, and free from all known allergenic fragrances. All products are soap free and dermatologically tested. The ingredient list on the paper packing confirms this with a list of plant based ingredients and the red color, which gave the water a deep pinkish-purple color did not stain the bath or my kidlets. My two youngest are over the moon happy to have bathwater colors now.

They are pricer than what you could buy at Wal-Mart but this just means they become a once a week treat instead of an every night event. They are made in Germany which has much stricter safety standards than the US so I feel very comfortable using these. I LOVE when smart, ethical companies create alternative products that replace the sub-standard stuff we had to ditch when greener, cleaner pastures called to us and this is definitely one of them. Its not life changing or even necessary in the grand scheme of things but its one of life's little luxuries for green kids made a greener and safer. A+ from me.

You can buy Tinti bathwater colors here in the US at Challenge and Fun. Enjoy bath time!

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

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A Weekend of Sewing

by Tiffany in Sewing

On this lovely sunny Friday… even though we have a teeny layer of snow on the ground… I really feel like cleaning up my sewing area and getting to work this weekend. Who knows if that wish will "materialize" but I DO have a mighty long wishlist. I would like to make some sun dress, pillowcase dresses, and halter tops for my daughter, a cape or two for my youngest boy, a couch pocket for TV remotes, a hanging laundry bag for the bathroom, some pot holders,  a baby blanket for a friend, some more dish mats for the kitchen, some bath mats for the tub, and maybe a new spring bag for me. Why are there not enough hours in the day???

Some of the books I have grabbed off the shelf just in case are:

One Yard Wonders Sewing Book

One Yard Wonders


Home Sewn

Home Sewn


Weekend Sewing

Weekend Sewing


Handmade Home

And of course… Handmade Home.


What is on your craftiness wish list? Any books, projects, or tutorials you want to share with me? Have a GREAT weekend!

Friday, March 26th, 2010

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