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A Weekend of Sewing

by Tiffany in Sewing

On this lovely sunny Friday… even though we have a teeny layer of snow on the ground… I really feel like cleaning up my sewing area and getting to work this weekend. Who knows if that wish will "materialize" but I DO have a mighty long wishlist. I would like to make some sun dress, pillowcase dresses, and halter tops for my daughter, a cape or two for my youngest boy, a couch pocket for TV remotes, a hanging laundry bag for the bathroom, some pot holders,  a baby blanket for a friend, some more dish mats for the kitchen, some bath mats for the tub, and maybe a new spring bag for me. Why are there not enough hours in the day???

Some of the books I have grabbed off the shelf just in case are:

One Yard Wonders Sewing Book

One Yard Wonders


Home Sewn

Home Sewn


Weekend Sewing

Weekend Sewing


Handmade Home

And of course… Handmade Home.


What is on your craftiness wish list? Any books, projects, or tutorials you want to share with me? Have a GREAT weekend!

Friday, March 26th, 2010

11 Comments on A Weekend of Sewing

  • I’ll have to look for those top two books, I haven’t seen those. I am currently wokring on the picnic/beach blanket from Handmad Home (or is it in her other book? can’t remember). I’m so excited about it, we have this great park we go to in the summer it has a giant sandbox and sprkinler/water toys we usually have lunch and stay for hours so a picnic blanket will get a lot of use :) Hope to finish it in the next 2 weeks, and then I’m sure all our days will be spring like! Of course I have a million other projects planned or in the works, as always, but that’s the big one.

    • Rachel, make sure to leave a link to pictures when finished!

  • This post has inspired me to start on my own picnic blanket too!

  • Melissa

    I bought One Yard Wonders but I haven’t had a chance to try any of the patterns out. I love Amy Butler’s books too!

  • Andrea

    I plan on finishing my couch cushions, making some towels into cleaning rags, making a cape, whipping up some cloth “paper towels”, getting to my husband’s clothing repairs and if I have time, making myself a new diaper bag. If you find some of those extra hours (and maybe some extra energy) send whatever you have left over my way!

  • Tracy

    I just finished the bias skirt in One Yard Wonders – it was very easy and super cute! I am going to do the filing cabinet “cozy” and the hat, too. But right now I have dozens of curtains to sew for our new house so I won’t be able to have any side projects for a while!! Happy sewing!!

  • I did manage to finish a dress for my daughter last night. I lovelovelove the farbenmix Olivia pattern (I made just the underdress). I even recycled one of my old t-shirts for the sleeves and hood :)

  • I just read Handmade Home after getting it out of my local library. I had it on hold for a while, (I was something like 12th in line to read it originally) and it finally came in a few days ago. It was so inspiring, as is your list of projects you would like to complete. I have my mom’s old Singer (a hand-me-down when she got a better machine), but I am ashamed to say I have been afraid to use it! Do you have any resource recommendations (books, blogs, websites) for someone wanting to get started with sewing?

  • I love pillow case dresses! Mine aren’t Perfect since I’m a newbie to sewing…but cute anyways!

  • I’ve been sewing up a storm! I have loved it so much I even opened a shop! (see website above) I love making reusable grocery totes. What’s unique about them is that they look like regular grocery sacks! They can even fit on the posts at checkout stands so you can fill them up without having them collapse.

    I find it a fun way to be green :o)

    If I had a girl, I’d probably be making pillowcase dresses too! But there just aren’t many baby boy clothes out there to make!

  • Kelly

    Week end sewing is one of my favorites… had tried several projects using this that is like a part of collection! This proves to be very rewarding :>