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by Tiffany in Tidbits

The Green Moms Carnival this month is all about sharing A Day In Your Life. Well, I warn you now that most of our days are just about living in the moment and there is nothing too terribly exciting. Since I work from home and because the kids are out of school… our weekends look much like our weekdays. We get up, whenever we want to, which for me is when the youngest kiddo (who sleeps with me) is up and about. My daughter sleeps in even later and my oldest boy is usually up and on my computer when I get up. Breakfast is usually eggs or cereal (hot or cold).

The kids play outside for most of the day usually with some infrequent runs indoors to play with Legos or video games for a bit. Most mornings we go walking at the local mall (exercise for mom) and sometimes we catch a movie there to. We saw Toy Story 3 on Friday. Some days a trip to the park is in order. On weekends we may also go to garage sales were I sneakily try to buy gifts for birthdays and Christmas without them seeing. I prefer giving second hand gifts. Lunch is usually leftovers or we just graze on whatever is fast and easy.

I work 2-4 hours per day as well so I am in and out of my office. The shelves with products and books make it look more like a store but they remind me of what I need to do. I am lucky in that much of the time my research involves my kids so everyday is bring your kids to work day.

In the mornings while it is cool and also in the early evenings we garden. The older two kids help and the youngest finds some mud, dirt, sticks, or all of the above…

We have been trying out different natural mosquito repellents and even though they may attempt to use natural ingredients I don’t like for them stay on their skin after we go inside and the kids have likely gotten dirty as well, so…. we wash off with the hose. That well water is COLD!!!

After we come in for the evening we watch a little TV or do some other activity. If any kids have gone many days without a bath I try to rectify that. ;)

Weekends may be special only in that we do seek out events that are happening locally. This weekend for instance we may have gone to a lavender festival for summer solstice but the two hour drive didn’t sound appealing to any of us this week. And my oldest wanted to go to the race track with his grandfather. By next weekend we may be ready for a small road trip. Ohio is is chock full of festivals and carnivals this time of year.

Carnival Host this month: Fake Plastic Fish a blog about My Plastic Free Life.

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

5 Comments on Weekending

  • Lynn from

    Tiffany, I always love to see the beautiful pix you take. And just as Beth promised us, I do feel like I know you a bit better now! I don’t know what I had this vision of you living far from a mall….I just can’t picture you walking in a mall, I don’t know why….maybe because you’re just NatureMom to me!

    And I must say, you have just about the most beautiful bookshelves I’ve ever seen!

    Your life really seems idyllic, especially compared to my crazed life (which clearly comes through in my post, too!)

  • I’m feeling pretty grateful right about now that there aren’t many mosquitos in my area. We’re able to go without bug repellent and it’s fine. That stuff freaks me out! Although I’m pretty sure my 5-year-old would love the hose rinse.

  • Lisa @Retro Housewife Goes Green

    Your pics are wonderful and I love your office, that would really help me stay on top of things!

  • Katy

    Love the photos– and your office is so sweet. And we too get chowed with the natural bug repellent on. Tonight is a prime example– my youngest got bit on her sweet little face several times. Sigh.

  • Jenn

    What a great blog! I love your pictures and the “green info” is great too. I’ll be checking back often! I used (with acknowledgement of course) one of your Flickr pictures on a recent article of mine on a website I write for called the Untrained Housewife. I followed the Flickr link to your website, so I’m glad I stumbled across it.