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Stainless Steel Water Bottles by Blue Q

by Tiffany in Tidbits

For hiking and exercising my favorite water bottle is the Intak water bottle by Thermos. You can beat the pop top IMO. For every day use I have always used Klean Kanteen… simple and functional. I pretty much stick with my favorites and thus haven’t bought any new water bottles in quite in some time. That changed a couple weeks ago though, when I saw some the above beauties at Resuseit. I am in loooove……

Who says being green is a sacrifice? I mean really, I will gladly sacrifice an ugly plastic water bottle for this deliciousness any day of the week!

Book: Natures Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight

I shop at Reuseit quite often and when I saw these babies I hit purchase in 3.4 seconds. Obviously I love the idea of a resusable bottle but I am so happy that someone (in this instance a company called Blue Q) finally decided to marry the functionality of a stainless steel water bottle with pure gorgeousness. It is a marriage made in heaven if you ask me. And I am a sucker for the retro cowgirls and Dick and Jane stuff. I grew up reading Dick and Jane with my mom and I come from a long line of luscious cowgirls (my mom being one of them). The Boss Lady bottle has now been gifted to my mom in fact and the Dick and Jane bottle will likely be commandeered by my daughter. The Holy Water bottle I saw a few days after the other two and had to get it as well. It’s my fave!

After one week I am already taking them everywhere. Since my car has no air conditioning (broken for 2 years now) I fill them up with ice water for every outing. They go to the store, the park, the fair, the museum… everywhere I go. Already people ask about them and admire them. The water bottle industry should be quaking in their boots as reusable bottles become more and more attractive… even to people who might not otherwise consider them. I should ask Reuseit for some business cards and hand them out to people who admire my bottles. :)

Anywho… they are stainless steel bottles so they are BPA-free and phthalate-free. They are painted on the outside with lead free paints. They have a wide mouth, which I love because it allows me to add ice, and they have a leak proof cap. They should be hand washed with soap and water to preserve the lovely design but this is no biggie for me because I only use water in them. Every other day I wash with some warm, soapy water and let them air dry overnight. Easy peasy…

The company, Blue Q, is one I never heard of before these I saw these bottles but they too sound like a winner. They are one of the largest private employers of people with disabilities in their locale and they donate 1% of the sales for their bags and water bottles to the Nature Conservancy to help support global green initiatives. They are committed to a donation of at least $100,000 by April 19, 2013.

I for one, give their bottles a big A++ and tomorrow I will have to show you the new Blue Q reusable bag I got. ;)


  • Jackie@Lilolu

    These are so cute.

  • Oh you’re so right! I can’t wait to get my hands on these! Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Tammy Sanders

    Thank you so much for sharing. Went to Reuseit and checked out the entire Blue Q line. I must say that I am loving it!

    I have been a long time fan of reusable bags. The name change I think was perfect.

    I saw the cuties reusbale tote (small) by Blue Q. It has a beaver on it with his hands on what you think are his tummy. The only reason you know different is he has a small water puddle underneath him. In small script off to the side it says… I love water!

    This will be perfect for my eight year olds lunch box this year.

    They also have the cuties coin purse size zippered puches that are perfect for replacing ziplock baggies.

    Thanks again for sharing such an awesome fine.

  • On Tiffany, Thanks so much for the kind words about the bottles AND our company. We’re a proud lot so that makes us all happy and bubbly. Can’t wait to see the reusable bag you got from us. best, Sara

  • Katherine

    Yes, cute. But, the paint chips really easily. My advice, treat lovingly, do NOT put in the diswasher, hand wash the outside with only with a soft rag. Mine has been turned into garden art after the paint began chipping off after very ordinary use, mainly from home to work and back again. But, I agree, they are super duper cute and love the stainless steel!

  • Emily

    These water bottles are super cute! I, too love stainless steel. I use Klean Kanteen products, but these were so adorable I had to comment on them :). Whatever way you choose to go green, kudos to you for saving the planet! We really can all make a difference :).