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Stainless Steel Tiffins – A Green Lunchbox

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

Its almost that time again… Back to School. Traffic has been going nuts at my Bento Lunch Box site, it always does this time of year. More and more parents want creative ways to get their kids excited about healthy lunches and presentation is half the battle IMO. I know I like to eat on real dishes with a nice tablecloth. The meal would not be the same if I were eating out of a plastic bag and I think kids feel this way too. Actually I KNOW they do (mine anyway), because when I whipped out our stainless steal Tiffins and put their lunch inside them recently, they were so excited they could barely wait to dig in. Same old lunch… presented in a cute lunchbox. It makes a big difference.

I really like Tiffins because they are so easy to pack and they are a non-plastic lunchbox option. We do have plenty of plastic lunchboxes and I am okay with using them provided they are BPA free, but stainless steel is even better. These are so nice looking that the adults can use them too. They are also great for vacations, long car rides, and snacking away from home because they have separate trays.

Our three tray Tiffiin for example is perfect for my three kiddos. When the munchies hit on a long car drive, I can just hand each of them a tray and they can munch away. The two tray Tiffin is great for individual lunches. Both Tiffins have a small container inside for liquids or dips… aka soy sauce, hummus, guacamole.

The only issues I have with these lunchboxes is that they show all the fingerprints on them, so I am constantly wiping them down with ┬ádry towel after handling them. The fingerprints just bother me… this is why I do not have stainless steel appliances. Also, they can get dented or dinged if tossed about. But there are nifty Tiffin covers you can buy that have a carrying handle. The cases even have a pocket for your reusable utensils. The one below is for a two tier Tiffin but they have some for three-tier Tiffins as well.

IMO these lunchboxes are appropriate for adults, teens, and older kids. My ten year old would do fine with this lunchbox but my 6 year old would struggle with the side clasps and it would likely return home in pieces.

They are a beautiful way to make lunch a special and “green” event.

On the menu: Greek Yogurt sprinkled with hemp seeds and raspberries, melon, celery, hummus (not pictured), flax crackers, broccoli, and cheese slices.

BTW the cheese slices were made using these nifty mini cookie cutters. I haven’t tried them on cookies but they are excellent for cheese, meat (if you eat it), and thin sliced veggies like cucumber. My younger kids LOVE them.

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  • andiscandis

    That reminds me very much of my old Girl Scout (though I guess the Boy Scouts used the same ones) mess kit. I loved that thing. I might have to buy one of these. (And I don’t buy much.)

  • andiscandis

    I just realized how great this would be for taking along to restaurants. I can almost never finish what I order and I truly hate getting the styrofoam take out containers. I try to remember to take my own “tupperware”, but it doesn’t have a fun pouch for carrying.

    • Yes! These would be great for that. I hadn’t thought of this but you are so right.

  • Jenn

    Great post. I was going to buy a few when I read a review that said they are hard for children to open. Do you find this to be true? I am looking for something for a 5-6 year old, so they must be able to open it at school on their own.

    • My 6 year old struggles with Tiffins so I am thinking no for that young.

  • Tiffany,
    I like the look of the 2 tray Tiffen. One question, does the bottom one, have its own seperate top? I was wondering if I could seperate them to fit in the refrigerator?

    • There is no separate lid for the bottom tray. I wonder if To Go Ware makes a separate lid you can buy.. that would be a good idea.

  • Maria

    Do you know if these containers are leak proof? I would hate to have to buy a separate set of containers for those days that the kids take soup.

    • Don’t know Maria. I would probably stick another container inside these, just to be safe.

  • The Vegan Tiffin

    Wow – I really love that tiffin carrier bag!

  • Jen

    I need to get me one of these!

  • BT

    I had a 3-tier tiffin for myself last year (I’m 32 lol). I thought it would be great, but after half a dozen times of my lunch ending up all over me or the floor after struggling to get the lids off – I gave up on it and returned the set. I use the carrier all the time though and didn’t return it. It fits several round pyrex containers perfectly!