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Fast & Compact the Sigg and LunchBots Lunch Box

by Tiffany in A Green Home

Are you caught up in a flurry of Back to School activity? Yeah, me too. Today I reached for the easiest and most simple lunch box options we have. Yes the Tiffin is very cool and the Laptop Lunchbox is a kid favorite but when you want easy and fast… you need a stainless steel LunchBot or a Sigg Midi Aluminium Box. They are easy to fill, compact so they fit inside the small pocket of most backpacks (just throw in a cool/warm pack too), and they are durable as well as stylish. Oh, and they are easy enough for younger kids to open on their own.

The Sigg Midi Aluminium Box comes in several colors… white, green copper, and pink are the ones I have seen. We have the copper one and it is perfect for my 10 year old boy and I rather like it for my lunches too. These boxes work equally well for children and adults. They remind me of fishing and camping gear or sardine cans… I am not sure which but I like the look. I can also put containers from my other lunchboxes inside which is a nice bonus. The small steel container is from one of our Tiffins. You can get the Sigg Midi on Amazon.

The LunchBot Duo is better suited for younger kiddos… with primary colors, a smaller size, and the compartments. There is also a LunchBot without the middle divider too but we like the divider for keeping food separate. This box is quite small so it is perfect for my 6 year old but it is also great for using as a take-out box. Seriously, if you know you will have leftovers or you are going to a pick up take-out instead of eating in, just hand them this box and tell them to forgo the plastic containers they usually use. We have the orange but they also come in green, yellow, and blue. You can get them at Reuseit or Amazon.

On the menu – Wild Alaskan Salmon & Mayo on whole wheat, a Bubbie’s pickel, Raw Organic Flax Snax, and dried cherries. Green smoothie on the side in a reusable bottle.

Much thanks to Sigg and LunchBots who passed these boxes on to me for my kiddos to test drive. Gracias!

  • Brittany

    I am jealous! Can’t wait to get some extra money so I can send my hubby with these :)

  • Sarahjess

    I love all the stainless options that are becoming available these days – they remind me of my old Girl Scout “mess kit” that is still functional after 30+ years (gulp!) My little one doesn’t like her food to touch, either, so I found a stainless box w/lots of little compartments for food ( and my dd LOVES it! (And I love that it isn’t plastic.)
    Now, to gather together all those nutritious lunch ideas again….

  • Linda

    We got a lunchbot for my son this year. He started today and it worked really well. It is just the right size and very easy to clean.

  • Angela

    I love all these options, but two problems with lunch boxes still unsolved: too big (younger kids don’t eat that much for lunch) and co-mingling of foods (need more separation).