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Glass Water Bottles

by Tiffany in A Green Home

I have known for awhile that glass water bottles were out there but up until I got a Lifefactory Glass Bottle recently, I had never tried one. I love that plastic is now becoming taboo and that stainless and glass are the hot new items. I breastfed my babes so I never got to try the newer glass baby bottles but I guess having a grown up glass bottle kind of makes up for that. ;) Just like the baby bottles, these reusable glass water bottles are made of heavy duty glass that will not break easily and they have a silicone sleeve to offer even more protection.

So how does it kick plastic bottle booty? Well it is BPA , phthalate, PVC, and polycarbonate free of course but the glass is also sustainable and recyclable. The silicone sleeve is free of plastics and 100% non-toxic. The cap is the only plastic part, which is okay by me. It is really sturdy and makes carrying the bottle very easy when you are hiking and walking… which is where this bottle will be going more often than not.

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Is it better than metal? Well I don’t know about that. I would say it is an even match. With so many of the metal water bottles an epoxy liner is used on the inside. Some manufacturers swear it is free of harmful chemicals and others don’t say either way. There is the possibility for leaching and we don’t have to worry about that with glass. Metal often has a plastic cap too. Both can be equally attractive and functional. So I guess it is a wash.

I love the design of this bottle, the carrying handle on the cap, and the wide mouth. You can also put hot or cold beverages in this so it would be good for your cold water or your hot tea. That may make glass slightly more practical in winter. It is that issue in fact that has made me prefer plastic over steel for winter and winter camping. When you have to sleep with your bottle to keep it from freezing you don’t want to be hugging on a metal bottle. ;) And I do the winter hiking series put on by the Columbus Metro Parks each winter too. This glass bottle would be good for my winter hikes… which I am REALLY looking forward to.

These bottles are available at Amazon.

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

8 Comments on Glass Water Bottles

  • Shira

    Actually, stainless steel bottles (like Kleen Kanteens) don’t have any epoxy coatings! They don’t need one. Stainless steel is perfectly food safe.

    Its aluminum (think of the SIGG debacle) bottles that have a lining. Used to be plastic containing BPA, then switched to Epoxy, which may or may not have BPA – the epoxy formulas are secret. The linings are there to prevent your drink from taking on a funky metallic taste (which does not occur in stainless steel).

  • I use glass bottles with my youngest daughter and LOVE them. These look amazing.
    Thanks for the referral.

  • We switched to glass baby bottles a few months ago (got tired of the nasty smell of plastic bottles besides glass being safer anyway). Cool to find out that we can get glass bottles for ourselves as well!! I have a couple stainless steel water bottles that will still be good for times we can’t have glass (like at the pool)…but I am definitely stoked about getting our hands on glass bottles!!

  • Thanks for introducing your readers to glass water bottles. These washable, reusable types of bottles are definitely the way to go! And the idea of it carrying hot beverages is pretty neat too!
    -Deb for Ecover

  • PureMothers

    Those look great. My husband sent me a link the other day about a new glass water bottle with a bamboo sleeve/jacket. It goes on sale Oct. 15th. I’ll look for the link and send it to you. You may like it too!

  • Michelle M.

    My husband hates the small of stainless steel water bottles, so this would be a great alternative for him.

  • Jmama

    I bought this bottle for myself and my husband 6 months ago at a local green store. We absolutely love it! The first poster is incorrect because our stainless steel bottles leach into our water. We know cause after a few hours it taste like metal. We also bought Born Free glass bottles and the conversions to turn them into sippy cups later. LOVE GLASS!

  • I think this is the most appropriate glass water bottle for everyone. I’ve seen a lot, but they are not good for children. This one is different. It has protection. Nice.