When Doctors Try to Blackmail Parents

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

When Doctors Try to Blackmail ParentsIt has been a rough few weeks moving into our new digs. Part of the issue was getting the kids registered for school. The process was so tedious I thought we would be asked for DNA samples. AND getting my preschooler back into a special needs preschool was like pulling teeth. They were all but ready to refuse him because they wanted a doctor’s note saying he was healthy despite our decision not to vaccinate… which I am pretty sure violates the law since I had given them a copy of a form stating that I was invoking the philosophical exemption law guaranteed by the state of Ohio.

BUT I decided to take him to a doctor to speed up the process and that was yet another disaster. The doctor told us he would be happy to fill out our paperwork but would never see us again because we refuse to vaccinate. Then the man held the paperwork hostage for 30 minutes or so until he could lecture me about my poor choices. I related to him that my oldest had been injured and almost killed by a vaccine and that this was confirmed by two pediatric neurologists AND we were told not to vaccinate him again. This new doctor, who has never met my older son and has never looked at his medical history said this was all lies. Either I was lying or these doctors were quacks.

I was quite angry after that and went on tirade about vaccine risks. The doctor replied that vaccines have NO risks. ZERO risk. At that point I started to think the man was a blooming idiot. I politely asked why it was that each vaccine comes with an insert outlining all the CONFIRMED risks associated with each vaccine as documented in drug trials. His response… the flyers are full of made up stuff so that vaccine companies can cover their bases. Really? Death is listed as a risk just for kicks and giggles? Yes, despite this man’s medical degree he was an idiot… who had clearly never researched vaccines beyond the one week he went through them in class or the indoctrination he managed to absorb at medical conventions.

I asked why he felt that refusing to see unvaccinated kids was ethical. Did they not deserve medical care? He declared that medical doctors are banding together and refusing to see these families because they feel it will force parents to reconsider their bad choices. Oh blackmail? No, he said with a smug smile, it isn’t blackmail if what they are doing is BEST for the children. Wow…

Of course by that point I knew the guy was a total creep and never wanted my kids to see him again either. Yet this is the second time we have been booted out of a practice for failure to vaccinate. This is definitely an alarming trend.

I still want to establish a relationship with a family doctor so my kids can participate in organized sports and other recreational programs that require annual physicals. And since medical society is steadily leaning towards the idea that non-vaccinating parents are neglectful parents, it never hurts to make sure you have one your side to establish that you ARE in fact making educated choices and that you do care very much about your kids health. We may just look for a family doc instead of a pediatrician and Dr Sear’s web site has several suggestions for my state.

The whole experience had me feeling kind of low, as I am sure this man intended, but then I remembered all the ways I am working to keep my kids healthy:

* By not injecting them with chemical cocktails called vaccines!

* By letting food be their medicine.

* By feeding them a nourishing diet that is short on grains and refined sugars, and full of things like pastured eggs, pastured milk, grassfed meat, daily batches of dark leafy greens and fruit in green smoothies, healthy fats and proteins from nuts, seeds, seaweed, and cultured and living foods like fresh yogurt and kefir.

* By feeding them local foods and raw foods that have more of their nutrition intact and organics that do not have pesticides whenever I can.

* By avoiding processed foods that have preservatives, dyes, and other chemical nasties that do not belong in food.

* By providing them with daily opportunities to play out in the sun and fresh air.

* By treating illnesses and injuries with homeopathics.

* By not sterilizing their environment with antibacterial products. Kids need to get sick and build a good immune system!

* By providing them with a green and natural home that does not use toxic cleaners or other products that leach into the air as pollution or into their food.

After remembering all of that, which the doctor had no knowledge of and frankly didn’t care about… I finally remembered that Mom does know best. My kids are very healthy and that is precisely because we choose NOT to go along with conventional wisdom in regards to food and medicine.

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Minimalist Toys

by Tiffany in Natural Toys

Dominoes. Simple, fun, open ended, fast clean up, and very easy on the wallet, especially if you buy them up at auctions like me. ;)

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

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Farmer's Market Trend Spurs Tricksters

by Tiffany in Eating Local

I ran across two separate articles today that essentially shared the same alarming trend. Unethical farmer’s, agricorp, and chain grocery stores all want to cash in on this Farmer’s Market – Local Food craze. Those of us who love greener living and natural foods LOVE our farmer’s markets and when I read this stuff I  get REALLY pissed.

Farmer’s markets are one of the number one ways we have to tap into local food. I myself also use a local food delivery service but other than that.. the farmer’s market is the way to go. Our local Whole Foods is great but when I want food that is grown within 50 miles of my house then I go to the Farmer’s Market. I know from speaking to the vendors there that my apples were grown nearby and that the booth next door is selling apple butter that incorporates their apples. I know that the lady who sells the honey has bee boxes on her property and you can go and see them yourself. All that is sold there can be verified as local by simply getting in the car and taking a drive. We HAVE to be connected to our food chain. We just HAVE to be. When we allow a disconnect then we eat processed mystery foods that have questionable ingredients and nutrition. You know the whole phrase about when you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. As a society we have made some hugely BAD decisions in regards to food and for many us, local food has been just what we needed to get back on track. But now even that is under attack.

In Seattle, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon lately… some chain grocery stores posted signs with the term “Farmers Market” above produce displays in front of their stores. Even if the food is local this is just plain wrong. The beauty of the market is that you buy direct from the farmer without the middle man. You get to talk to the person who grew your food AND they get decent pay for their food. With chain grocery stores you have to take their word on how the food was grown and the farmer may have gotten paid a few pennies out of the deal. These companies are recognizing certain power words like Farmer’s Market and are trying to get in on the action when the very essence of what they represent goes against these terms.

In bigger cities you may also have something else to worry about… that your favorite market may have been corrupted. In Southern California some Farmer’s Markets have been caught in false claims and outright lies. A group of NBC investigators recently discovered that some of the “local farmers” are in fact getting their produce from major agricorp and even from out of the country while their own farms were nothing but dirt lots. The group also tested some of the produce they got for pesticides after the farmers promised that no pesticides were used. 3 out 5 had pesticides and too much for it to be cross contamination, which was the lame excuse given by the farmers when they were confronted. I guess it shows that if some farmer’s cannot hack it, they will get creative with their truth telling.

All of us need to be vigilant when we attend our local markets. We need to talk to the vendors, question them, and even do our investigative homework by taking farm tours and driving by their operations. Ethical farmer’s will welcome our inquiries because we have to protect the one system that exists to keep us connected to our food. We can also help them by spreading the word about wonderful farmers.

So what do you think? Are these isolated incidents or is this just the beginning of big agri-business trying to co-op our local food chain?


Country Living Fair

by Tiffany in Tidbits

Have you ever seen the children’s cartoon Dora the Explorer and wished you could jump into the pages of a book the way Dora and Boots do? Or have you wished you could jump into a framed photo the way Blue can from Blue’s Clues? Or maybe it is just me that always had this secret childhood desire to actually go into the world I see on book pages and in photos, I don’t know.

Well, this week I got to jump into the pages of one of my fave magazines… Country Living. I went to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio. And it REALLY is like stepping into the magazine for a day. There were hundreds of tents there with vendors, decorators, boutique owners, artists, ect that have been featured in the magazine. It was held in a historic little area that used to be a small Ohio town… where all the old buildings and homes have been preserved and left as they were in the 1800s. So while you shopped around and admired the reclaimed barnwood tables or the primitive Halloween decorations, you could stop and take a walk around the kitchen of an 1800’s farm family. Among all the tents were large apple trees so I guess the area used to have a large orchard too.

I took pictures galore of cool decorating ideas that I saw and I managed to keep my wallet in my purse for the most part, although it was HARD. I had some delicious mushroom soup and some divine pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting too. All in all it was a perfect Fall day and I can’t wait until next year…

I WANT this Halloween Tree!

Monday, September 27th, 2010

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Sisters on the Fly

by Tiffany in Enjoying Nature

Met one of the Sisters on the Fly this weekend. It is basically a Cowgirl Caravan 1400 members strong that go camping and fly fishing in their adorable girly travel trailers. Most of them are vintage trailers that have been restored and this particular one is a called ‘Lil Junie’. It is ADORABLE inside and out. I came home and immediately started looking for older Serro Scotty Sportsmen trailers. These photos make my heart happy. ;)

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

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