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A Magical and Green Halloween

by Tiffany in Green Holidays

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My favorite holiday is just around the corner… Halloween! Every year I see more and more retailers offering products that are reusable and natural instead of the disposable plastic Halloween junk at big box stores. This year has been no exception.

Of course my BEST tip for a green Halloween is to buy used. Thrift stores are packed this time of year with trick or treat baskets, Halloween decor, and second hand costumes. We use the same stuff again and again to decorate and celebrate Halloween and my kids usually wear the same costumes for 2+ years. Everything stays in good condition because we package everything carefully and store it in the garage each year.

In searching for a costume for my 4 year old this year… I went to Magic Cabin for ideas. Here are some of my fave picks:

The Countdown Calendar:

A felt wall hanging featuring a spooky felt house with 30 little pockets for treats…

Halloween Wax Candle Rolling Kit

Each kit contains twelve square sheets of sweet-smelling beeswax in rainbow hues or autumnal colors, plus 6 yards of wicking and detailed instructions with decorating ideas. You’ll find everything you need to make 12 straight-sided or 24 tapered candles for yourself or to give as gifts.

Nyokki Halloween Plant Pet:

LOVE these! Let imaginations “grow” along with any hairstyle for their pets. Each 2″ egg-shaped ceramic pet come with soil mixture and rye grass seed that sprouts green “hair” in about 2 weeks (nyokki means “grow” in Japanese).

Lyra Face Paint Pencils:

With a few lines here and there, your child’s shining face becomes a cat’s or a clown’s or a scary witch’s. Sets of 6 vivid Theater Pencils have wood casings to keep fingers clean, and nontoxic oil pigments that go on easily. Easy cleanup with soap and water.

Zid Zid Kids Masks and Capes:

The machine-washable, 100% cotton capes have an animal design on one side, reversing to a big metallic star for superhero and other make-believe exploits. Masks are full of detail and printed on sturdy cardboard.

Click here for other Green Halloween ideas… candy, treats, parties, decor, etc.

Monday, September 20th, 2010

6 Comments on A Magical and Green Halloween

  • Heidi

    Thanks Tiffany!
    Halloween is my favorite holiday also. It’s the one holiday where I always wish I’m still a kid. Thanks for the great tips. I definitely need to visit some thrift stores this year.

  • andiscandis

    We need Halloween decorations and I hadn’t even thought about getting some at the thrift stores! Thanks!

  • Yes, buying a used costume is definitely the best way to stay “green” on Halloween. Those little plant critters are way too cute too, by the way.
    Good advice all around.
    -Deb for Ecover

  • What a great article. I love the idea of the Wax Candle Rolling Kit. Lately, I have been allowing my kids to have a Halloween party at the house because it keeps them in doors and out of trouble. The Wax Candle Rolling Kit is a perfect activity for my 12 year old daughter and her friends to make while at the party. Thanks for the great Halloween tips

  • Liz

    Those candles are beautiful!!! WOW!! If only I was that talented!

  • Sarah

    You offer so many great tips. I’ve done all my holiday shopping from websites that you’ve recommended over the past year. Thanks so much.
    Sarah from NY