2010 – A Very Good Year

by Tiffany in Tidbits


1. Borax Crystal – Purple Swirl, 2. Borax Crystal Ornaments for Christmas – Candy Cane, 3. Dominos, 4. Sourdough Starter and Kefir in Ball Jars, 5. Dinosaur, 6. Fairy Princess, 7. I Heart Wool, 8. First Day of School, 9. First Day of School, 10. Titanic, 11. Woodland Wonderland, 12. In a Cessna, 13. Playing in a Fountain, 14. Lincoln Memorial, 15. The US Capitol Building, 16. Playful, 17. Stuffed in a Locker, 18. I LOVE Hot Tubs!, 19. Dirty Hands, 20. Little Boy Big Tree, 21. Garbage Clean Up Crew for Earth Day, 22. Last Child in the Woods, 23. Playing Piano, 24. KISS!, 25. Tree Climbing Girl, 26. Child’s Play, 27. Softball!, 28. Spring Flowers, 29. Warming up with Soup!, 30. Toddler Hiking

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

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The Bucolic Plague

by Tiffany in Book Reviews

Strange title unless you are familiar with the book of the same name. No, I didn’t come down with the Bucolic Plague over the holidays but I did read some books. I ate too much, smiled very often, snapped lots of pictures, cozied up in front of a fire, crocheted until my fingers ached, and read 4 books. I was busy, busy and happy, happy.

I read a finance book, a Feng Shui book (which helped me decide on a headboard to make for my bed),  and I read one of the best dang non-fiction books I have read in years called… The Bucolic Plague. I was laughing out loud by the third or fourth page and refused to put it down until I had soaked up every last delicious morsel.

It is essentially the story of two professional guys living in New York City. One is a former doctor who took a job with Martha Stewart’s empire. The other is a former drag Queen turned ad executive. They both had rural upbringings so they took an annual country drive to soak up the country and buy apples. It was on one of these trips that they discovered the 200 year old Beekman Mansion for sale quite a ways away from the city. They decide to buy and become gentlemen farmers. So begins their journey to growing their own food, decorating a mansion, maintaining a farm with 80+ goats, starting a business, and reviving the local economy in the sleepy little town they now call home. Oh and they try to do it all with a Martha Stewart like perfection after they appear on her show and she mentions that she would like to stop by and see their new abode.

It is a really great story with many twists and turns… from buying the farm, to bringing in a co-farmer, to acknowledging they may lose the farm and mansion during the economic collapse of 2008 when they both lost their jobs. It gives you a look into a world you would very much like to visit with people you would love to call friend… which I guess is why these two gentlemen ended up getting their own series on Planet Green called The Fabulous Beekman Boys. Season two of the show will begin early in 2011 so be on the lookout for it.

Monday, December 27th, 2010

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Wean Green Glass Cubes Baby Food Containers!

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby

Wahoo! It is so darn easy to be a green parent these days. Seriously ya’ll having babies nowadays are really lucky. I missed all the adorable glass baby bottles with silicone sleeves, the BPA free baby gear, and now these glass baby food storage containers from Wean Green. They are stylish, safe, and green. How good will that homemade baby food look in these babies?

They come in a four pack and they have plastic locking lids so there is a bit of plastic but it is BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and Plasticizer free. Also made of 100% durable recyclable and sustainable glass with a silicone-sealed lid. Measuring lines at 30 mL, 60 mL and 90 mL to help you monitor food intake. Love the company name to… Wean Green… how cute is that?

Anyone tried these yet?


8 Reasons Personal Change Matters

by Tiffany in Environment

My fellow green blogger and Green Moms carnival member Beth Terry of My Plastic Free Life gave an AWESOME lecture at the TEDx Conference in LA last month. Go Beth! The video is amazing and Beth is amazing. She is an inspiration. Enjoy!


The Curious Garden – Green Books for Kids

by Tiffany in Book Reviews

Its been awhile since I reviewed a green kids book… though we certainly haven’t stopped reading. This particular book I stumbled upon at the library. I was rushing through to pick up some of my reserved books and saw the cover on display. I could tell it was about kids and nature so it only took 2.5 seconds to scoop it up and check it out. It is a mix of The Secret Garden and Johnny Appleseed with the modern twist of a child greening desolate urban areas. The book is The Curious Garden by Peter Brown.

It tells the story of a little boy named Liam who lives in a very urban, factory town where little to no greenery exists. The opening visual is of a dreary looking city with large smokestacks, an abandoned railroad bridge, lots of abandoned buildings, and badly maintained homes and skyscrapers. Everyone stays indoors except Liam who likes to explore outside. One day when he is exploring he is run under the railroad bridge by rain and he discovers a door with stairs that goes up to the tracks. There among the broken tracks he sees a spot where a little moss and a small tree are growing and he falls in love with this tiny little garden.

Liam becomes the city “gardener” and helps this little spot to grow. During the long hard winter he makes plans and he prepares to welcome his greenery back. Well long story short he helps the garden grow so that it takes off like crazy and when the other city folk see how beautiful it is they all start gardening and the city ends up with rooftop gardens, planter boxes on their skyscraper windows, trees, bushes, and the old and forgotten buildings and abandoned vehicles are overrun by greenery. The most lovely feature is the railroad bridge. Since there is no train, the bridge is a green belt of gorgeousness that weaves it way through the whole city. My kids (4, 6) and I loved the story and the pictures.

Of course I thought it was a bit unrealistic that the smokes stacks were allowed to be overrun with greenery. Do these people not have to work anymore? LOL. It is nice idea but that bit of fantasy didn’t seem right to me somehow. I love the idea of greening our most urban and economically depressed areas but greening the landscape does not mean industry goes away. That is my only criticism though.

I highly recommend this book for you and your kiddos! Great story, great pictures, and a great message.