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8 Reasons Personal Change Matters

by Tiffany in Environment

My fellow green blogger and Green Moms carnival member Beth Terry of My Plastic Free Life gave an AWESOME lecture at the TEDx Conference in LA last month. Go Beth! The video is amazing and Beth is amazing. She is an inspiration. Enjoy!

  • Thank you, Tiffany! I was so nervous before going on that stage, I thought I would pee on myself. :-)

  • Brittany

    Beth YOU ROCK!!!

  • Leah

    This is amazing and made me really think. We use Cloth diapers and glass bottles and cups but I know we can do more as a family and inspire others now. Thank You so much for opening my eyes wider on this matter

  • Val

    Love this video – thanks for sharing it! This reminds me of an audiobook I recently listened to – The Art of Non-Conformity. It basically has the same message, to determine your values and fashion your own path in life by questioning what you’re “supposed to” do. Many times we do things because of what people or society expects of us instead of thinking about what actually adds value to our lives.

  • Sarah C

    So inspiring, especially during a time of resolution making! Thanks for sharing!