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Countertop Kitchen Compost Collectors

by Tiffany in A Green Home, The Homestead

Kitchen Compost Bin

After my post about our Worm Factory I got an email from a reader that asked if we put all our scraps from the table immediately into the worm condo AND if we microwave them first. I guess microwaving kitchen scraps to soften them up is a common practice.

The answer to both is no. We collect our kitchen scraps in a smaller compost collector because we don’t want to overwhelm our worms and we will very likely be generating more waste than they will be able to handle anyway, at least until we start having generations of worms babies. We also want to soften up our scraps and start the decomp process so that it will be faster and easier for the worms to tackle but we do not have a microwave. Nor do we want one, microwaves are not good for your health.

Kitchen Compost Bin

To that end we first collect food waste in a kitchen compost collector. This allows us to collect any excess food waste that can’t go in the worm bin yet and it gets the compost brewing in the meantime. We chose the Exaco Trading ECO-2000 2.4 Gallon Kitchen Compost Waste Collector for a couple reasons. Firstly because it was one of the biggest ones for the money (less than $20). Yes, I would have preferred a stainless steel or ceramic collector but we are a family of five… the rinky dink one gallon size on those models would be filled in a week… or less. Larger ones cost more than we wanted to invest. And of course any plastic that helps us in our greener living journey overall gets a pass from me.

Right now it sits on top of the worm bin but it could easily go under the sink as well. Our old collector was a big mixing bowl that was open and visible every time you passed by… yuck. I like this system much better. We mix it occasionally with a wooden mixing spoon or I dump it into a bowl and then dump it back in the composter to reverse the top/bottom.

Another aspect of our composting system is the fact that I collect a lot of scraps and freeze them. When I get a nice large bunch I will make my homemade vegetable broth and this is even better than microwaving. The scraps are super soft and I have broth to boot. Easy peasy!

  • I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for a while now. There are a few that are made from recycled plastic.

    I’d also recommend blending up your food scraps too. That will help with the decomposition.

    Have their been any odors associate with it yet? How was cleaning it been?

    • Blending… yes. Never thought about that. No odors yet unless you stick your nose in but even then it is mild. This unit has a filter you can replace, though we probably won’t. Cleaning is very easy too. I usually just scrub a bit with hot water and soap.

  • Great information. Absolutely going to check out that container.
    I am co-hosting a Greem Mama Blog Hop today and I would be honored if you would stop by and join in!

  • This is such a great idea. Keep up the great work.

  • Andi

    I got a 1 gal ceramic one (it cost about $14) and love it. We do have to empty it every 2-3 days, but that’s how I prefer to operate.

  • Delena Silverfox

    I’ve been thinking about composting; the time to sit down and research just hasn’t been available, though. This was a really good review!

    I, too, save up scraps and freeze them for veggie stock. I’ll freeze the whole batch in smaller containers to use as needed, and it’s sooo tasty! But the scraps have still just gone into the garbage, and I hate it.

    If composting containers are so cheap, I have no excuse now!

  • We’re using a bamboo one. We don’t do worms, just a garden compost and take ours out every 2-3 days as well.

    The bamboo pail looks awesome and has a removable plastic bucket to take the compost out., plus replaceable double filter.

    Also, for veggie stock, we save the water from steaming/boiling potatoes and other veggies, as well as pasta. Just let it cool then put it into the fridge and we usually use it the next day. In our house it’s usually pasta one day, then soup the next. :o)

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