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Weekending with Sushi, Flowers, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

by Tiffany in Tidbits

We had a busy, busy weekend. On Saturday the husband and I dropped the kids off to spend a day and night at Grandma’s house. Then we were off for date night… or day I guess. We started out by going to hang out with Arnold Schwarzenegger at The Arnold Sports Festival. Okay so we didn’t actually hang out with Arnie but we did see him! The festival was awesome and for the most part we hung out in the CrossFit room watching the CrossFit Games but we also checked out the Fencing, Martial Arts, Boxing, Gymnastics, Weight Lifting, Fitness Modeling, and Body Building. The expo was also fun.. if you liked being squished against muscle bound men and women. And I mean squished… the expo was so packed that you were pressed body to body with other people almost at all times. When you happened to be standing next to a bikini model you got to see her up close and personal!

I honed in on some good booths though. I scored some free Lara Bars and coupons at their booth and I found another Vibram shoes wearer at the theYogaToes booth. I plan to buy one their products too, the rep really sold me. I also discovered the most insanely awesome lunchbox called the Six Pack Bag and had to get one. I will review soon but it will be perfect for summer outings when we need to bring our own food… road trips, zoo trips, picnics, hiking/camping. The top shelf has room for loose snacks like dried fruit, nuts, and bars. It also has a tray for supplements so that when you travel everyone’s fish oil pills or multi-vitamins have a safe secure place. The bag is designed for weight lifters but I saw it and thought it had “family trips” written all over it. It has three trays that can be filled with a complete meal and I have 3 kids, perfect! There is also a bigger bag with 5 trays (for all of us) but I figured the smaller bag could also double as hubby’s lunchbox during the week and the big bag would be overkill for that purpose. Alongside the middle section that holds the trays are two slits for ice bags and there are two side compartments that can hold fresh fruit, yogurt cups, reusable bottles, etc. I am not sure why but I just have this lunchbox fetish and this bag just sent me over the moon.

After The Arnold we went out to eat at a sushi bar. We totally went off our paleo diets (rice) but oooh it was good. Raw fish, wasabi, and pickled ginger… does it get any better???! Then we went to see Safe House at the movies and I loved that as well. It was a wonderful psychological thriller. Date night was a success.

On Sunday I went with the kids and my parents to see The Columbus Home and Garden Show while hubby got some work done around the house. I have wanted to go for years but I think it is geared toward people with massive amounts of disposable income they can sink into marble countertops, hot tubs, and sleek patio decks. It was fun to look but even if I had the kind of money most of this stuff cost, I wouldn’t spend it that way. So, I mostly just enjoyed walking through the gardens and seeing the spring flowers. I am a pretty simple gal with simple tastes. I did get some pretty photos though! The first is my mom with my two youngest.

What did you do this weekend?