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The Easiest Facial Scrub Ever & You Can Eat It Too

by Tiffany in Beauty

A few nights ago I was noticing that my facial skin was rather dull and needed a little exfoliation badly. I thought about running out to the store and looking to see what they had but I knew I would stand there and agonize over the ingredients in the cleansers and then ultimately come home empty handed. So I looked through my pantry and spied some almond meal thinking that might work on its own or with other ingredients. I picked up my copy of the book Organic Body Care Recipes: 175 Homeade Herbal Formulas for Glowing Skin & a Vibrant Self and saw that almond meal was the main ingredient in several different exfoliating cleanser recipes. In fact one recipe was easy peasy, just a couple teaspoons almond meal and water.

I went up to the shower straight away and was delighted to find that it works quite well AND it tastes good too! It reminds me of baby cereal. I am excited to dig deeper into the book and see what else I can make. ;) In fact it spurred me to make a bunch of my own house cleaners the next day too and I want to post about that but I am trying to locate the email addy for the gal who sent me the essential oils I used in them. If that rings any bells with someone, please give me a holler!


  • Jamie

    I love this book. I have been making lotions face washes and soaks for about 3 years now. I usually do almond and oatmeal scrub, and use plain old white clay for a wash. I’m not that fond of castille soap, just doesnt work well with my skin, so I try to avoid those recipes. The bug spray works, I added some extra EO to up the insect repelling abilities, but living in Louisiana you need all the help you can get. Enjoy!

    • Mommy’s Organics

      Hi Jamie I also use homemade oatmeal and almond scrub. It exfoliates and leaves me skin feeling great. I also go to for additional recipes. Have a great day. E. Palencsar -Mommy’s Organics. I’ve got to take a look at this book too:)

  • how great! wonderful post!

  • Odette Swan

    I’m totally going to do this.

  • Diane

    I’ve borrowed that book from my sister a few times. Seeing your blog reminds me I really should buy my own!

  • Farmer’s Daughter

    I like to use coconut oil and brown sugar for exfoliating, thanks for the reminder to mix some up!

    I just started using a lemon slice with a drop of honey rubbed on my face to get rid of black heads and it works great. I saw it on Pinterest, and I had to try it. I don’t have any almond meal but I may have to pick some up now!

    Thanks for joining the Homesteading Link Up!

  • Kristen

    Hello, I just ran out of my scrub and was looking for something I could make at home, but is almond meal just almonds ground up for a few seconds in a grinder?  I have a coffee/spice grinder…