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Kinda Miss My Diaper Making Days – Wordless Wednesday

by Tiffany in Tidbits

It was sooo much fun…sniff. ;)

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  • They are so cute!

  • Jeanette

    Oooh, so adorable! I was lucky enough to have a girl who decided her dolls needed them to, so I got to make some out of a preemie pattern for her. But now… those days are gone too, it seems. I miss it. :)

  • Those are freaking awesome!  You really should sell them.

  • elana

    these look so nice. what pattern did you use? i’ve never sewn any but would love to try. i’m just about to buy bigger size for my 7 month old girl. if i can sew them it will be great money saver!

  • Crystal B

    I’m really wanting someone to teach me how to sew these. I am not sewing savvy at all.

  • SherlogHolmes

    My wife would love these! I just don’t know if I could see myself paying for more than 2 or so. They can get so expensive. We’ve also looked at the cloth diaper option. I think these are pretty awesome though and I wanted to let you know it.