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Does Your Child Have Zombie Mouth???!

by Tiffany in Green Holidays

Every parent probably worries just a little about how much candy their kids are eating at Halloween. This is especially true since it seems to get stretched out beyond just the one day…parties at school, community parties, and of course the night you all go Trick or Treating and you literally go door to door begging for candy. Add it all up and they consume tons of candy this time of year.

We can of course get creative and come up with alternatives and I have many of these tricks in my arsenal to help reduce the candy loot in my own’s children’s lives whilst not being seen as an ogre mom. One of those tricks this year revolves around one of their favorite video games and a clever partnership between the ADA and PopCap Games. I happen to love this game as well so I was more than a little psyched to see this campaign.

Anyone wishing to give away PopCap’s hit game Plants vs. Zombies instead of sweets for Halloween this year can download free game coupons (redeemable for the full PC/Mac edition of Plants vs. Zombies) here. The game sells for almost $20 normally so this is a fabulous “Treat”! The download code can be used any time between October 30th and November 10th.

As you can see above they also have packets of trading cards you can give out too. They have the game code and various cards. I’m stocked up for Halloween. How about you?

Visit: Stop Zombie Mouth  |  Zombie Mouth Twitter Party on October 24th.