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Urban Farm Magazine Deal

by Tiffany in Tidbits

urban farm magazineI must confess that I have a bit of a magazine obsession. I LOVE magazines and last year I went kinda nuts with deals on subscriptions. I ended up with way too many magazines arriving in my mailbox but it was a valuable lesson for me on what I actually read and what I don’t. Parenting magazines, no. Better Homes, no. Ladies Home Journal, no. Why did I even order those???

Mags like Oxygen, Health, Country Living, Mother Earth News, Mary Jane’s Farm, and Hobby Farms…yes, yes, yes. I keep them and re-read annually just to keep enjoying them. They are great insulators if you stack them against an outside wall. Though I am converting some to digital subscriptions so I can read them on my tablet from the comfort of my bed. The others I give away on Freecycle or I sell them at my mom’s annual garage sale for .10 cents a piece. They always sell so I guess lots of people like magazines as much as I do.

Well, another of my faves is on sale. I just HAD TO. Today only you can get a one year subscription to Urban Farm magazine for the amazing price of only $4.50 (normally $15.00+).

Just add the coupon code 2479 and it will reduce the price in your cart. Can’t beat that!

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

4 Comments on Urban Farm Magazine Deal

  • Emmalibs0510

    Ha ha …the same thing happened to me. I subscribed to a bunch of Mag’s after getting my kindle fire not realizing they were print subscriptions also!…iamb scaling back…this looks like a great deal. THANKS!

  • Keparsons70

    Just tried to order a subsription with the coupon code and the message said the code is expired even though it should have been good for the whole day. 

    • It was good on Jan 24th only.