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Natural Ways to Relieve a Head Cold

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

Natural Ways to Relieve a Head ColdWhen we natural/green mamas get sick and are down for the count it might be tempting to go to the drugstore and grab the nearest over the counter medication for some quick relief. Let’s face it, there might not be anyone around to take care us…make us soup and fluff our pillows. Heck, we are lucky if we can take a nap when we have little ones running around. We still have to take care of our families and take care of the home, even while sick. Such is the life of a mom right? Still when we do get sick we need to remember that over the counter medications do not help us to heal, they simply mask the symptoms and divert our immune system to another crisis…the ingestion of a nasty chemical cocktail!

It sucks to be sick but there is no need to be making the situation worse and teaching our children that you pop a pill or grab a bottle of medicine if you are under the weather. Here are a few natural ways to relieve a head cold and sinus pressure…

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and honey

Hot water w/ lemon, ginger + cayenne pepper and honey to sweeten

Hot lemonade (REAL lemonade from fresh lemons, not a mix)

Sinus rinse with a Neti Pot

Hot tea

Hot compresses (can add essential oils)

Hot shower with essential oils (peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary thyme)

Steam inhalation over a bowl of water and essential oils

Head and sinus massage

Fenugreek capsules (natural decongestant, thins out mucus)

Fresh or capsulized thyme (anti-microbial, helps with mucus)

Run a diffuser with some of the essential oils mentioned above

What do you recommend for head colds and sinus pressure?